An event attendee who is hosted by the organizers and often includes travel and accommodation.

In the context of trade shows and business events, a Hosted Buyer is a pre-qualified, high-potential customer who is invited and sponsored by the event organizers to attend the event specifically to meet with exhibitors [1, 2, 3].

Here’s a deeper look at the concept of Hosted Buyers:

Benefits for Hosted Buyers:

  • Free or Discounted Attendance: Hosted Buyers typically have their travel, accommodation, and meals covered by the event organizers, making it a cost-effective way to connect with potential vendors.
  • Pre-Arranged Meetings: Organizers facilitate pre-arranged meetings between Hosted Buyers and exhibitors most relevant to their needs and buying power. This saves them time and ensures they connect with the right companies.
  • Efficient Networking: The structured format allows Hosted Buyers to have focused and productive meetings with multiple vendors in a short timeframe.
  • Access to New Products and Services: Hosted Buyers gain exposure to the latest offerings from a range of exhibitors in their industry.

Benefits for Exhibitors:

  • Qualified Leads: Meeting with pre-qualified Hosted Buyers increases the likelihood of encountering high-potential customers with genuine buying power.
  • Targeted Interactions: Pre-arranged meetings ensure exhibitors spend their time connecting with relevant decision-makers.
  • Increased Sales Opportunities: The focused interactions with Hosted Buyers can lead to more sales leads and potentially closed deals.
  • Brand Awareness: Participating in a Hosted Buyer program allows exhibitors to showcase their products or services to a targeted audience and increase brand awareness.

How Hosted Buyer Programs Work:

  1. Selection Process: Event organizers typically have a selection process to identify qualified companies and individuals to participate as Hosted Buyers. This might involve considering factors like buying history, industry relevance, and potential deal size.
  2. Travel and Accommodation: The event organizers usually cover or significantly subsidize travel, accommodation, and meals for Hosted Buyers.
  3. Meeting Scheduling: Organizers facilitate pre-arranged meetings between Hosted Buyers and exhibiting companies based on compatibility and potential fit.
  4. Post-Event Follow-Up: Both Hosted Buyers and exhibitors might have access to follow-up resources or tools to facilitate further communication and potentially finalize deals.

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