Elevate Your Customer Experience With SMS Notify

Send customers custom SMS notifications at any point in the call‑back process.


Keep customers loyal by providing a reliable service.

‘Confirm’ Notifications

Send a message to customers confirming their call‑back request

‘Update’ Notifications

Let customers know they are still in the queue and can expect a call‑back from the next available agent.

‘Wrap-up’ Notifications

Thank customers for opting for a call‑back once their case has been resolved


Meet Your Customers on their Preferred Channels

1. For callers on mobile devices, LimeCall offers optional SMS capabilities that improve the call‑back experience.

2. Interactive SMS functionality allows callers who are waiting in a “virtual queue” to stay informed about their progress.

3. SMS alerts can be added to any new or existing LimeCall deployment, without installing any hardware or software.

The How and Why of SMS Notify



Communicate with customers in real-time via their mobile devices so they can stay informed while on the go.


Include URLs, phone numbers, and other meaningful data in SMS messages to your customers.

Fast Delivery

We’ll ensure any responses to notifications from customers are delivered back to you quickly and securely.