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Strike While Hot: Capture Leads with Lightning-Fast Responses

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  • callback leads in seconds
  • boost conversions
  • route leads to the right agent
  • enhance team efficiency

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How We Supercharge Your Leads with Lightning-Fast Responses?

Add a simple code to your website

Add a simple code to your website or for WordPress users, simply integrate your site with LimeCall.

Customize and personalize your button

Customize your button to match the look and feel of your website. Choose to optimize your marketing campaigns to generate more leads.

Ready to go!

You’re good to go! Your leads can now contact you with just one click.

How LimeCall's speed to lead empowers your business

A callback in seconds

A new lead fills a form on your website. The phone rings! It’s a sales agent, ready to chat with that hot lead in under 28 seconds. Talk about striking while the iron’s hot!

Or as soon as they’re free

Double the chance to connect! If a rep misses the call, LimeCall follows up with a text, keeping your lead engaged and ensuring they hear from you fast.


The right sales agent

Got a team of sales superstars? LimeCall can help you match the right rep with each lead based on their schedule, territory, expertise, and more. Think of it as a smart matchmaker for your sales team.

Data driven insights

Level up your sales strategy with LimeCall’s intel! You’ll get detailed reports on your lead routing, call recordings, response times, and contact rates. Plus, it all syncs with your CRM for a supercharged sales machine!

Click to Call: Instant Lead Capture

Gone are the days of forcing website visitors to navigate complex contact forms. Click to Call empowers your potential customers to initiate a conversation with a qualified sales rep with a single click. This removes friction from the lead capture process, allowing for a seamless and immediate connection.

Call Routing: Effortless Distribution

Imagine a world where incoming calls automatically reach the most qualified team to handle them. With Call Routing to Teams, this becomes a reality. This feature allows you to set up intelligent rules that distribute calls based on various criteria like departments, locations and time of day.

Automated Responses: Never Miss a Call Again

The fear of missing an important call during peak business hours is a thing of the past with Automated Responses. This feature empowers you to create custom messages sent to callers when all agents are unavailable.

Inform callers of your business hours and provide alternative contact methods like email or online chat, ensuring their inquiry doesn’t go unanswered.

Results that speak for themselves.


Improve caller engagement

By leveraging the data from LimeCall, you can increase your caller engagement by 2x.


Improve conversion

By immediately calling prospects, your sales reps increase conversion rates.


Improve efficiency

Boost your efficiency by never missing a single call.

24x7 Customer Support

Real support from real people! We are available via live chat and email throughout the day to help you with anything you need.

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30 day money-back guarantee

Limecall is efficient and easy to use. So, if you are not satisfied after the first month, we’ll refund your payment.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Click to Call and what is LimeCall?

Click to Call is a feature on LimeCall, a marketing platform for businesses that rely on quality phone calls, leads and new customers to grow and succeed. Click to Call allows you to easily place calls to your website visitors through the LimeCall dashboard, which is designed to give you insights about your marketing efforts.

Can I increase sales with LimeCall & Click to Call?

Yes! Decrease the time it takes to reach out to your potential customers by connecting with them while they are still on your website. This allows you to contact them while they are still interested in your product and increases your conversion rates.

Is Click to Call free?

LimeCall offers you a free 14 day trial period, after which you can choose any one of the paid plans we have.

Can customer use Click to Call via phone?

The Click to Call button is compatible with all devices. Be it a computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile, your customers can instantly launch calls from any device.

Will I be able to access calls later?

All calls are recorded and can be easily accessed. This not only helps you monitor the quality of your conversation but also protects you against fraudulent claims.

How do I install Limecall on my website?

You can use a simple code on your website or directly integrate with LimeCall. Reach out to our Support team for more information.