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Integrate LimeCall with Slack to:

  • text directly within Slack
  • collaborate with your team
  • route messages to any channel
  • all without ever switching apps

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Read & Reply to SMS in Slack

Send texts to customers from within a Slack channel. When they respond, you can read and reply to their message in the channel feed to send SMS from Slack. Or, move the conversation to a private thread to keep your Slack channel organized.

Keep Your Team Focused

Keep all customer conversations organized in searchable threads, choose which channels get SMS enabled, and assign team members for seamless collaboration – all within Slack. LimeCall makes teamwork on customer texts a breeze, keeping everyone on the same page and conversations flowing smoothly.

Bring Over Your Phone Number and Messaging Channels

LimeCall lets you text directly from Slack, using your existing number, a landline, or even a brand new one they provide. Plus, LimeCall isn’t just for SMS – connect your favorite messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google’s Business Messages – all routed to Slack for seamless team communication. It’s your one-stop shop for messaging, all within your favorite platform.

The Best Slack Phone System with SMS, Phone and SIP Integration

Connect to many contacts at once

Need to reach a large group of leads or customers quickly? We’ve got you covered! Send a single message to your entire list with just a click. Individual replies come back as private conversations, so you can maintain confidentiality while keeping the conversation flowing.

Business Text Messaging

LimeCall powers Business SMS for Slack teams. Work faster, smarter, and at scale. Personalize customer conversations, improve response times, boost customer satisfaction, close more deals, and engage more leads – all within your favorite platform.

Track success with reports and analytics

Go beyond basic texting with our built-in reporting suite. Analyze your team’s performance, track response and resolution times. Use these valuable insights to make data-driven decisions, continuously evolve your service and track improvements.

SMS as a Slack Command

LimeCall integrates seamlessly with Slack commands. Simply use the /limecall command to initiate text conversations with customers or search past interactions – all within the familiar Slack interface. Effortless communication, a seamless experience for customers.

Your Slack SMS FAQs

Can Slack send SMS?

Yes, and LimeCall makes it easy!

LimeCall seamlessly integrates SMS directly into your Slack workspace. No need for third-party services. Send and receive texts, collaborate with your team, and manage everything from one central location. LimeCall is the all-in-one solution for powerful SMS in Slack.

How do customers text my Slack channel?

Just give them your business SMS number, and LimeCall will take care of the rest. Texts magically appear in your designated Slack channel, no extra apps or juggling needed. Plus, LimeCall works with all your favorite messaging channels, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, keeping all your customer conversations in one place!

How do I receive SMS in Slack?

Setting it up is a breeze. Just connect LimeCall to Slack, pick your designated channel, and voila! Incoming texts magically appear there. No need for complicated integrations or extra apps. LimeCall keeps everything organized and in one place, making your life (and customer communication) way easier.

How do I set up a Slack SMS integration?

Setting up Slack SMS is easy. You’ll need a LimeCall account to get started. Inside account, head to the Integrations tab, which is under Settings. Then, scroll down to the Slack Integration section. Click on Connect, where you’ll give both Slack and LimeCall permissions, allowing the two platforms to interact with one another. From there, decide which LimeCall inbox should direct to which Slack channel. You’ll be ready to connect with your leads and customers directly through Slack!

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