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Generate more sales-qualified leads instantly and connect
with them within 28 seconds. Improve your conversion
rates with LimeCall’s automated callback plugin.

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Start Capturing Website Leads in Minutes


The Plugin

Install the WordPress Plugin
in minutes.


The Widget

Trigger a popup when visitors
land on your site


Instant Contact

Visitors enter their phone number
or connect instantly


Boost Conversion

Congrats! You can convert
visitors in seconds!

Connect Instantly with Callback

Effortless connection and
a 400% Conversion boost

LimeCall’s intelligent callback widget eliminates these roadblocks. With a single click, visitors connect with your sales team within 28 seconds, ensuring immediate attention and creating a positive first impression.

Effortless Conversions

Boost sales without
bombarding visitors

Our widget is smooth, not pushy. Visitors get a friendly nudge to connect, and you capture valuable leads with minimal effort. Plus, it integrates with your favorite tools and apps.

Schedule Meetings

Book meetings from any device
with LimeCall’s Meetings

LimeCall Meetings integrates with your team’s calendars, allowing for one-click scheduling in
seconds. Both the lead and  your team receive
instant confirmation via email or SMS.

Conversions On Any Device

A callback widget on any device

LimeCall’s optimized widget appears subtly on any device, enabling them to initiate a call with a single tap, using the device they already hold.

What WordPress Users Are Saying About LimeCall

Malik Mamdouh

Senior Product Marketing

Contact forms just weren’t cutting it for us. Filling them out felt like a chore for visitors, and responses were inconsistent at best. Then we discovered LimeCall’s WordPress integration. Their user-friendly widget allows visitors to request a callback directly, offering a smoother and less intrusive way to connect. This, combined with LimeCall’s automated callbacks that ensure I never miss a lead, has dramatically increased my conversion rate. More qualified leads, more closed deals – that’s the magic of LimeCall for my WordPress website.

Your WordPress FAQs

Is LimeCall easy to integrate with WordPress?

Absolutely! LimeCall offers a user-friendly WordPress plugin that can be installed and activated within minutes directly from your WordPress dashboard. No coding is required, so you can easily add LimeCall’s features to your WordPress website.

What features does LimeCall offer for WordPress users?

LimeCall supercharges your WordPress lead capture with a powerful toolbox: Install the user-friendly LimeCall plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard – no coding needed! A convenient callback widget lets visitors request conversations with a single click, while automated callbacks ensure you connect with every interested lead. Business texting keeps communication flowing through text messages for appointment confirmations, answering questions, and keeping clients informed. Plus, LimeCall integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM and marketing tools, centralizing your workflow for maximum efficiency.

How can LimeCall help me increase conversions on my WordPress website?

LimeCall removes friction from the lead generation process. By offering an easier way for visitors to connect (through callbacks and texting), you’ll capture more leads and nurture them more effectively.

Does LimeCall offer a free trial for WordPress users?

Yes! LimeCall offers a free trial so you can experience the benefits of integrating it with your WordPress website. Try it out and see the difference for yourself.

Will LimeCall slow down my WordPress website?

No. LimeCall is designed to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring it doesn’t impact your website’s loading speed!

Where can I learn more about using LimeCall with WordPress?

LimeCall offers extensive resources, including tutorials and documentation, to guide you through the integration process and help you get the most out of LimeCall’s features on your WordPress website. You can also visit their website or contact their Expert WordPress team for further assistance.

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