E-Commerce Lead Generation

Don’t let website visitors browse away! Capture every
lead and turn clicks into sales. Our user-friendly
platform offers multiple options to suit every customer,
from requesting a callback to scheduling
a booking or downloading a brochure.

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LimeCall's Lead Generation For E-Commerce Stores


The Widget

Install in 3 minutes. Trigger a popup when a store visitors land on your site


Instant Connect

Visitors enter their phone numbers or connects in
the popup.



Increased Qualified Leads

LimeCall connects the visitor to the first available agent
by phone


Boost Sales Instantly

Congrats! You just converted your inbound visitor into a sale within 28 seconds.

Ecommerce Store Optimization

Effortless engagement, increases conversions

Converting site visitors into paying customers is crucial. LimeCall ensures online businesses to bridge the gap, with real-time engagement and maximizing sales opportunities. LimeCall’s strategic pop-up displays, you can capture their attention at the perfect moment, offering them a convenient way to connect directly with your customer support through an instant webcall and callback.

Our automated click to call and callback feature ensures you connect with website visitors while their interest is high, converting them into valuable leads and ultimately, loyal customers.

Boost Your Checkout Page Results

Reduce abandoned carts,
increase customer satisfaction

Remove friction points, address customer concerns in real-time, and convert more website visitors into buyers.

Answer last-minute questions about sizing or products. with LimeCall strategically placed on your checkout, shipping, and payment confirmation pages, you can proactively offer a helping hand. Customers can connect with a friendly representative through an instant callback, clarifying any doubts and ensuring a seamless checkout experience.

Deliver 5 Star Customer Support

Effortless resolution,
increased satisfaction

Provide a VIP level of support, building trust and brand loyalty while streamlining the resolution process.

Remove lengthy email exchanges or waiting on hold, leaving customers frustrated and dissatisfied. Your support team can easily transform these time-consuming interactions into efficient phone conversations. Customers can request an instant callback directly from your website or support portal, connecting them with a representative within seconds.

Drive Sales With SMS Marketing

Direct marketing with
measurable results

Email inboxes are overflowing, LimeCall powers stores to cut through the noise and connect with customers directly through SMS.

Seamlessly integrate SMS marketing into your strategy. Capture customer phone numbers during the checkout process or offer exclusive promotions in exchange for signing up for text alerts. Targeted SMS campaigns deliver high open rates and engagement, your messages land directly to your most interested customers.

Customer Testimonials

Jackie Prasad


Their instant callback feature lets website visitors connect with a friendly rep directly, resolving hesitations and reviving abandoned carts. Plus, 24/7 lead capture ensures we never miss a lead, even outside business hours. LimeCall’s helped personalize customer experiences, boost conversions, and ultimately, skyrocket our sales. Highly recommend it for any e-commerce business looking to recapture lost sales and grow!


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