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Use LimeCall’s Mobile App to generate and capture qualified
leads from your site. Receive lead notifications and reply directly
to your teams mobiles. Manage and convert your valuable leads.

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Install in 3 minutes. Instantly
Capture qualified leads
from your site


Get The App

Mobile integration takes less
than a minute. Your leads will
appear within your App


Nuture Qualified Leads

Nature and qualify leads
directly from any
mobile device


Boost Conversion

Congrats! You’ve successfully
converted those valuable leads
into sales on the go!

Captured And Manage Leads

Captured and manage
leads on the go

The App bridges the gap between your website visitors and teams, when not at your desk. Receive calls and messages from leads on your site, direct to any device. Assign, manage, qualify directly from a mobile.

Shared Team Inbox

Effortless distribution for teams

Make calls, send texts to contacts and leads from within the mobile app. Reduce response times in capturing valuable leads. Share and collaborate as a team.

Manage Callback, Meetings and Scheduled Calls

Never miss another lead,
respond instantly

Perfectly sync your Callback Widget on your site with the Mobile App, view callback requests, booked meetings and all inbound lead inquiries. Prioritize, action and share with the team.

What Mobile App Users Are Saying About LimeCall

Duncan Okoro

Founder & CEO

Keeping our sales team responsive to inbound leads was a constant challenge. Enter LimeCall’s mobile app. Now, our team can access, qualify, and connect with leads directly from their phones, significantly boosting our conversion rate. The app’s user-friendly design and CRM integration make it a breeze to use, the premium features have proven to be a worthwhile investment. LimeCall empowers our sales team, streamlines communication, and ultimately drives sales – a win-win for everyone.

Your Mobile App FAQs

Is there a LimeCall mobile app?

Yes! LimeCall offers a user-friendly mobile app available for both Android devices and any mobile web browser. You can download it for free from Google Play Store or check out the LimeCall Mobile Web App.

What features does the LimeCall mobile app offer?

The LimeCall mobile app puts your sales communication in your pocket! Make and receive calls directly from the app, ensuring you’re always reachable. Manage upcoming callbacks, listen to voicemails, and schedule follow-up actions – all on the go. Access lead details, call history, and notes to personalize your approach. Collaborate with your team by assigning leads, sharing call notes, and keeping everyone informed within the app. Plus, real-time notifications keep you on top of missed calls, voicemails, and upcoming callbacks, so you never miss a sales opportunity.

Does the LimeCall mobile app require a separate subscription?

No. The LimeCall mobile app is included with your existing LimeCall subscription.

Is the LimeCall mobile app secure?

Yes, LimeCall prioritizes data security. The mobile app utilizes industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard your data and ensure all communication remains confidential.

What devices are compatible with the LimeCall mobile app?

The LimeCall mobile app is compatible with Android devices and all modern smartphones and tablets. You can check the specific device requirements on the LimeCall website or app store listings.

Where can I learn more about the LimeCall mobile app?

LimeCall offers extensive resources, including tutorials and documentation, to guide you through the app’s functionalities. You can also contact their Mobile App Expert team for further assistance.

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