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Patient Waiting Times: Connect in Seconds

28 Seconds to connect with your patients. No more missed calls.

LimeCall offers a friction-less solution for connecting with patients instantly. With just a click of the LimeCall widget, patients can request a callback, knowing they’ll be connected to a live healthcare professional within 28 seconds! This fast, efficient approach eliminates wait times, boosts patient satisfaction, and increases the likelihood of converting website visitors into booked appointments.


Book Appointments Directly on Your Website

Generate more high quality medical leads in seconds

LimeCall Meetings offers patients a seamless online booking experience. Patients can browse your availability and book an appointment directly. This eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls or back-and-forth communication, saving both you and your patients valuable time.

Connect LimeCall with Your Existing Tech Stack

Stay organized and efficient.
Keep all data in one place

LimeCall seamlessly integrates with your existing healthcare software, ensuring all your patient data is centralized and readily accessible.

Patient information and appointment details automatically flow into your team calendar, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This integration also allows you to route patients to the most qualified practitioner based on their chosen appointment type, ensuring they receive the best possible care.

The Best Healthcare 'Call to Action'

Try phone callback with a responsive CTA. Medical lead generation that works

Attracting new patients is crucial. While online booking is convenient, phone calls still play a vital role in patient acquisition. LimeCall’s Callback Widget offers a powerful solution. With a single click on the LimeCall widget, they can request a callback, knowing they’ll be connected to a live healthcare professional within seconds. This removes friction from the patient journey, keeps patients engaged, and ultimately, converts more website visitors into booked appointments.

Improve the Quality of Patient Care

Improved Communication, gather all patient data before the appointment

Creating a seamless patient experience is key to building trust and loyalty within healthcare. Deliver exceptional patient care at every touchpoint, from initial contact to appointment scheduling. Gather essential patient information to ensure they receive the most personalized care possible.

How LimeCall helps with Healthcare Lead Generation?


Integrate with your tech stack

Keep all your data in
one place for organized
and efficient workflow.


Add a call to action

Provide your patients with the best call to action such as
phone callbacks.


Enhance your patient care

Give your patients the best booking experience—let them choose a call now or later.


Track leads from dashboard

Track anonymous visitors and callers on multiple sessions, traffic sources, and keywords.


We pair well with all your platforms.

Customer Testimonials

Dr Graham B

Clinic Owner

At our clinic, we’re all about innovative solutions, whether it’s the quality of our services or customer care. When we heard about a tool that could supercharge our customer service, we had to try it. Thanks to LimeCall, we connect with website visitors in just 29 seconds—our customers love it.