LimeCall For Car Dealerships Lead Generation

Capture every lead in the competitive car industry.
LimeCall assists prospective car buyers instantly.
For dealerships, rental agencies, and repair shops,
provide instant callbacks and appointments, from sales
to service we’ve got you covered.

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Capture High-Intent Automotive Leads Instantly

Encourage buyers
to get in touch

With a single click on the LimeCall widget, buyers can request a callback, connect with a knowledgeable sales person within seconds with a positive first impression and keeping their interest high.

LimeCall empowers car dealerships to connect with high-intent buyers instantly, streamline the sales process, and ultimately, drive more sales.

Actionable Analytics

Real time insights
improves conversion

LimeCall provides detailed analytics on call volume and recordings, allowing you to identify top performers on your sales team and coach for continuous improvement. Take control of your dealership’s performance and convert more leads into sales.

Gain valuable insights, improve communication, and ensure no sales opportunity goes missed.

Scheduling Test Drives or Services

Simplify bookings with
LimeCall’s meetings

Offer a seamless online scheduling solution that keeps buyers engaged and drives sales. With LimeCall Meetings, customers book a test drive directly – all from their computer or mobile device. The system automatically captures their contact information and preferred vehicle details, streamlining the process for both the buyer and your sales team.

Seamless Communication With SMS Automation

Boost appointment confirmations
& service bookings

Customers receive a friendly reminders directly to their phone, ensuring test drives, sales meetings and those important annual services aren’t missed.

LimeCall’s SMS automation goes beyond confirmations. You can also send targeted campaigns to promote special offers, highlight new arrivals, or remind customers about upcoming maintenance needs.

How LimeCall's Lead Generation For Car Dealerships Works


Instant Callback

LimeCall encourages website visitors to request a call in real-time


Capture Lead Details

Website visitors provide their phone numbers within the popup


Smart Routing

Connects the lead to the right team and first available rep


Increase Conversion

Anonymous visitors are quickly converted into happy buyers


We pair well with all your platforms.

Customer Testimonials

Anthony Bates

Sales Director, NW

Since implementing LimeCall’s lead generation solution, we’ve witnessed a remarkable 140% increase in qualified leads. The key? Real-time connections via callback requests eliminate customer frustration and connect them directly with our sales team. Happy customers, a streamlined workflow with pre-populated custom call-back forms, and 24/7 lead capture have all fueled our success. LimeCall isn’t just a great tool, it’s a revenue booster, and we highly recommend it to any dealership looking to streamline sales and accelerate growth.