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Boost Lead Generation for Web Designers

Capturing leads and converting them into paying clients is crucial. Here’s where LimeCall’s callback widget comes in. Discover how our innovative tool can transform your lead gen and grow your web design business.

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4 Reasons Why Web Designers Need LimeCall for Lead Generation?


80% Increase in calls

Increase the number of high
quality leads generated


200% Increase in conversion

Increase the conversion rate
of visitors to your site


400% Increase In satisfaction

Clients value responsive,
proactive designers


140% Increase in sales

Convert site visitors into
valuable new clients

Increase Conversions With Callback

Power your conversion
with a simple click

LimeCall’s automated callback feature ensures you connect with every interested visitor, eliminating missed leads and wasted opportunities. Maximize your responsiveness, supercharging your conversion rates.

Never Miss A Lead

Schedule-a-call, after-hours mode and automated callbacks

LimeCall keeps everything organized, no lead is missed. Capture every inquiry with automated callbacks after-hours, 24/7 website activity capture, and the ‘schedule-a-call-later’.

An Omni Channel CTA

Your site’s all-in-one solution

Empower potential clients to connect using their preferred channels, including callback, SMS, IM, email and forms. This omni-channel approach increases lead capture and conversion.

Shared SMS Inbox

Supercharges your teams

LimeCall’s Shared Inbox goes beyond a simple messaging tool. A collaborative hub that allows your team to connect seamlessly with clients. A central inbox to view, manage, and respond to all clients.

Slack SMS & Calls

Contact leads
directly from Slack

Keep your team in the loop and in sync across all projects. Client conversations organized in searchable threads. Keeping your teams on the same page and conversations flowing smoothly.

Fully Customize Your Widget

Designers love to design

We know just how passionate you are about brand specific designs. LimeCall’s widget is the only fully customized widget, from your preferred channels, to templates, colors, text and icons.

Customer Testimonials

Jason Blake

Head of Design

As Head of Design, I’m constantly looking for ways to optimize our client acquisition process.  Site visitors can now easily request a callback through our convenient widget. The benefits go way beyond just capturing leads. LimeCall’s business texting functionality streamlines communication with potential and existing clients. We can quickly confirm consultations, answer quick queon projects and keep them informed about the next steps – all through text message. This convenience keeps them engaged and eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth emails.

Significantly increased project inquiries and conversion into clients. Amazing for any web designer looking to streamline their client acquisition process.


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