Lead Generation for Business Services

Lead Generation for B2B Service Providers with Limecall

Don’t let website visitors browse away! Capture every
lead and turn clicks into sales. Our user-friendly
platform offers multiple options to suit every customer,
from requesting a callback to scheduling
a booking or downloading a brochure.

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4 Reasons Why Business Services Need LimeCall


80% Increase in calls

Increase the number of high-quality leads generated


200% Increase in conversion

Increase conversion rates
of the website


25% Reduction in costs

Reduce the cost of
managing leads


140% Increase in sales

Convert site visitors into
happy customers

A Quick Response Time Closes More Deals

Cut your response time to 28 seconds, increase conversion by +140%

Don’t let slow response times kill your deals! LimeCall is here to help. Unlike traditional methods, we streamline communication into one central hub. LimeCall powers teams to answer inquiries within seconds, keeping leads engaged and moving them closer to a conversion.

Effortless Meeting Scheduling

Faster appointments, more qualified leads

With LimeCall Meetings, your website visitors can fill out a short custom form directly in a pop-up, choosing their preferred time and briefly outlining their project requirements, providing valuable upfront information.

Automatically routing leads to the most qualified salesperson based on their chosen criteria. This ensures a faster response time and a more relevant conversation from the very first interaction.

Boost Sales Performance with Call Management

Empower your team, drive results

Call Management empowers you to take control, track key metrics, and unlock valuable insights that drive sales performance.

With LimeCall Call Management, every interaction is meticulously tracked and analyzed. Record all calls to identify areas for improvement and coach your team for success. Detailed reports provide insights into conversion rates, sales pipeline health, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Customer Testimonials

Jonathan Holden

Founder & CEO

Our focus on increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction has paid off! We’ve seen a significant improvement in both areas, leading to a more positive customer experience and a boost in sales. This approach has been key to our success, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.


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