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Automatic Lead Distribution. Get Started Quickly.

No more juggling lead sources! Our system automatically sends leads from Facebook, Google, your website, TikTok, and more directly to your clients’ phones. This ensures instant access and faster response times, allowing them to follow up with leads in just a tap.


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Why choose LimeCall's Automatic Lead Distribution?

Boost Efficiency

Eliminate manual sorting, match leads to the right rep based on pre-set criteria, freeing up your sales team for what they do best – closing deals.

Faster Response Times

Every second counts! Leads get routed instantly, allowing reps to connect with potential customers while their interest is high.

Improved Lead Fit

Automatic distribution considers factors inquiry type, location, ensuring each lead gets matched with the best person to convert them.

Scalability Made Easy

As your business grows, so do your leads. Automatic systems adapt to handle increasing volume without missing a beat.

Smart Lead Routing Rules

LimeCall puts you in control. Distribute leads based on their source or use round robin to ensure even distribution among your team. Customize the number of leads each rep receives for a perfect fit.

Track Lead Journeys

Stop guessing! See exactly what happens to leads after you send them. LimeCall’s dashboard provides real-time insights into your lead management, giving you peace of mind and valuable data for improvement.

Fair & Flexible Lead Distribution with Shifts

Get even distribution for consistent leads! LimeCall balances lead assignment while respecting agent schedules. Integrate it to exclude off-duty agents for ultimate control.

Performance Dashboards & Reporting

LimeCall’s Analytics with the data that matters most.  Track key lead source information at a glance. Make informed marketing decisions based on real-time business insights.

Start Using LimeCall's Automatic Lead Distribution In Minutes

Connect Your Lead Sources

Connect LimeCall to your website, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Lead Forms, Zapier, and many other
lead sources.

Setup is simple and takes less
than a minute!

Configure Lead Distribution

Create rules to automatically forward leads to your teams. LimeCall’s lead distribution allows you to distribute leads based on lead sources.

Everyone gets the leads instantly, there’s no manual forwarding needed!

Connect With Leads Instantly

Your teams will instantly receive leads via the LimeCall app, which supports one-touch calls, personalised
WhatsApp and SMS.

No need to type, copy + paste, or even save to your contact list!

LimeCall's Automatic Lead Distribution To Instantly Increase Conversions


Increased Lead Conversion Rates

Improve lead conversion rates by up to 80%. Turn more leads into paying customers.


Improved Sales Team Productivity

Boost sales team productivity by +40%. Close more deals in
less time.


Shortened Sales Cycles

Shorten sales cycles by 25%. Faster time to close deals and generate revenue.

24/7 Customer Support

Real support from real people! We are available via live chat and email throughout the day to help you with anything you need.

Contact Support

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

LimeCall is efficient and easy to use. So, if you are not completely satisfied after the first month, we’ll refund your payment.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Click to Call and what is LimeCall?

Click to Call is a feature on LimeCall, a marketing platform for businesses that rely on quality phone calls, leads and new customers to grow and succeed. Click to Call allows you to easily place calls to your website visitors through the LimeCall dashboard, which is designed to give you insights about your marketing efforts.

Can I increase sales with LimeCall & Click to Call?

Yes! Decrease the time it takes to reach out to your potential customers by connecting with them while they are still on your website. This allows you to contact them while they are still interested in your product and increases your conversion rates.

Is Click to Call free?

LimeCall offers you a free 14 day trial period, after which you can choose any one of the paid plans we have.

Can customer use Click to Call via phone?

The Click to Call button is compatible with all devices. Be it a computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile, your customers can instantly launch calls from any device.

Will I be able to access calls later?

All calls are recorded and can be easily accessed. This not only helps you monitor the quality of your conversation but also protects you against fraudulent claims.

How do I install Limecall on my website?

You can use a simple code on your website or directly integrate with LimeCall. Reach out to our Support team for more information.