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Double Your Inbound Website Conversions

Our intelligent callback platform takes just minutes
to set up and will quickly help your business double
inbound calls and website conversions instantly

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How To Double Website Conversions Instantly

Start receiving calls with our Callback Widget


The Widget

Install in minutes. Trigger a popup when store visitors
land on your site


Instant Connect

Visitors enter their phone numbers or connects in
the widget


Increased Conversion

LimeCall connects the visitor to the first available team member
by phone


Boost Sales Instantly

Congrats! You just converted your inbound visitor into a sale within 28 seconds!

Connect Instantly with Callback

Effortless connection and
a 400% Conversion boost

LimeCall’s intelligent callback widget eliminates these roadblocks. With a single click, visitors connect with your sales team within 28 seconds, ensuring immediate attention and creating a positive first impression.

Unlock Hidden Insights

Know your callers, personalize interactions with data

Real-time data, including the caller’s source (Google, Facebook, organic), browsing history, search keywords, and location details. Your sales reps tailored approach, builds rapport faster, and addresses specific needs.

Power Up Your Marketing Team

Measure performance, maximize ROI,
drive targeted marketing efforts

Our seamless integration with Google Analytics ensures all activity is meticulously measured and readily available within your marketing plan. Gain a holistic view of customer behavior, develop targeted marketing strategies that drive qualified leads & boost sales.

Mobile-Friendly Conversions

A callback widget on any device

LimeCall’s mobile-optimized widget appears subtly on their screen, enabling them to initiate a call with a single tap, using the device they already hold. Integrating LimeCall’s mobile widget will increase the likelihood of your lead calling to book by 80%!

Customer Testimonials

Anika Jain

Director of Digital Acceleration and Marketing Operations

We were constantly losing leads with website visitors who hesitated to call. Since implementing LimeCall’s instant callback feature, those worries are gone! Now, website visitors can connect with our super team within 28 seconds, and our conversions have skyrocketed by 80%. LimeCall has been a game-changer, turning website lookers into loyal customers. Highly recommend!

Malik Mamdouh

Senior Product Marketing

LimeCall has been a marketing goldmine! Abandonment rates used to be our biggest challenge, but their instant callback feature has completely transformed our conversion funnel.  It’s a must-have for any marketer looking to boost sales and maximize ROI!

Integrations with All Marketing Platforms

We pair well with all your platforms.

Your LimeCall FAQs

How does the free trial work?

Try before you buy! LimeCall’s free trial lets you experience core features like call routing and pop-up design for 14 days.

Sign up, verify your email and number, receive a quick call to activate your account and launch LimeCall on your site in less than 3 minutes!

Then watch us boost your sales, instantly!

Can I use the numbers I already use at LimeCall?

Great news! Since you can transfer your existing numbers to LimeCall, you won’t need to worry about updating any contact information or disrupting your current communication flow. This seamless transition lets you leverage LimeCall’s powerful features with the phone numbers your customers already know and trust.

How many tracking numbers do I need?

The number of virtual numbers you need with LimeCall depends on your business size and goals. One might suffice for a small team, while multiple locations or high call volume benefit from dedicated numbers. Toll-free options add national reach. We have unlimited options to find the perfect fit for your needs and our expert team will help!

Which countries does LimeCall support?

You can receive calls and leads from anywhere in the world! Our free trials offer a US and UK number. Upgrading unlocks 46+ countries. Contact our helpful support team if you have any specific country questions.

How will I get billed?

We offer monthly and annual subscriptions and lets you choose a payment method during signup. Automatic renewals mean you don’t have the hassle of remembering to pay (we know how busy you get!) Built with a ‘one click to cancel’ for additional piece of mind!

Can I change plans after I sign up?

Upgrading your needs shouldn’t be a hassle! We know your business needs change, scale up and down at any point during your billing cycle and it will come in effect as your new cycle starts.