Lead Generation Software for Real Estate Agents

Attract potential house buyers, sellers, and tenants,
and reel in more leads. Assist potential customers
at every stage with an automated callback.
Turn a casual browse into a solid lead
and cut down your response time.

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Generate More Qualified Leads For Real Estate

Capture ready-to-buy leads instantly

Turn your website into a lead magnet with real estate lead software. Capture ready-to-buy prospects who are actively searching for properties like yours. Stop chasing shadows and start connecting with highly motivated leads who are eager to move forward.

Buyers Expect A Quick Response Time

Cut your response time to 28 seconds, increase conversion by +140%

Don’t let slow response times kill your deals! LimeCall is here to help. Unlike traditional methods, we streamline communication into one central hub. LimeCall powers teams to answer inquiries within seconds, keeping leads engaged and moving them closer to a conversion.

Schedule Property Viewings

Buyers can book meetings from any device with LimeCall’s Meetings

Capture valuable information about interested properties and seamlessly connect leads with your agents for a convenient viewing experience. LimeCall Meetings integrates with your team’s calendars, allowing for one-click scheduling in seconds. Both the buyer and agent receive instant confirmation via email or SMS, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

Never Miss Another Opportunity

Automated callbacks, the after-hours mode, and our schedule-a-call feature

Capture every inquiry with automated callbacks after-hours, 24/7 website activity capture, and the ‘schedule-a-call-later’ option for leads. LimeCall’s dashboard keeps it all organized, so no lead slips through the cracks. Every contact is a golden opportunity waiting to be converted!

How LimeCall's Real Estate Lead Generation Software Works


Schedule a Property Viewing

With LimeCall Meetings, buyers can easily book a meeting
from their computer
or mobile device.


No More Missed Opportunities

Try out automated callbacks, the after-hours mode, and the


Details Of Anonymous Visitors

LimeCall collects phone numbers and customer contact details 24/7, and can help you identify
anonymous users.


More Time For Viewings

Your time is best spent showing
your customers their dream
homes. Leave the lead
generation to us.


We pair well with all your platforms.

Customer Testimonials

Samuel Greaves


The LimeCall widget lets us reach users who visit our website within seconds. Thanks to LimeCall, we now have the chance to talk to people interested in our company’s services. It’s excellent support for our sales department.