Lead Generation for Higher Education

Make it a breeze for potential students to connect with you,
putting them in touch with a real person who can address all
their questions. Boost the number of sign-ups for
your courses or programs. Perfect for universities,
private schools, and courses.

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Boost Education Enrollment with LimeCall

One click allows potential students
to get in touch with your team

Prospective students get discouraged by application processes, leading to missed opportunities for both them and your facility. LimeCall offers a game-changing solution. With a single click on the widget, students can request a callback, knowing they’ll connect with a knowledgeable team member within seconds.

Guide students through the application process, and capture valuable leads – all in one user-friendly platform.

Turn Ad Clicks into Enrollments

Bridge the gap between
ads & enrollment

Investing in Facebook and Google Ads to reach potential students is a smart strategy, but low conversion rates can be frustrating. Many students hesitate to take the next step after clicking on an ad, leaving valuable leads unconverted Students can request a callback directly through the ad, connecting with a real person within seconds.

Capture prospective students directly from your ads and forms. Boost engagement, convert clicks into conversations.

Capture Student Inquiries 24/7

With automated callback, the ‘after-hours’ scheduling, and the ‘call later’ feature

Students often research educational opportunities outside of traditional business hours. We ensure you never miss a valuable lead, no matter the time of day! With the ‘after-hours’ and  ‘call later’ features lets them to choose a convenient time to discuss their academic goals directly with admissions.

Custom Form Fields - Collect More Student Details

Capturing the right details will drive enrollment success

Understanding your prospective students’ needs is key to crafting successful enrollment strategies. Gather valuable data beyond just a phone number, enabling a more personalized approach.

LimeCall goes beyond basic lead capture. It provides the insights you need to personalize your outreach, address specific needs, and ultimately, increase your enrollment rates.

How LimeCall helps with Lead Generation for Education?


No more missed opportunities from prospects

Thanks to automated callbacks, after-hours mode, and the call-later feature.


Collect more details with custom fields

Add additional custom fields to gather crucial details about your leads.


Route student inquires to teams

Route inquiries to the right teams to ensure questions are answered swiftly.


Keep your prospective student data secure

No need to fret about losing data – it’s securely stored in your database.


We pair well with all your platforms.

Customer Testimonials

John Marks

Head of Admissions

Faculty love the ease of use. Students can request callbacks with a single click, eliminating phone call hesitation and fostering real-time engagement. Customizable forms capture vital details about student needs, allowing for personalized program recommendations. 24/7 lead capture ensures we never miss a potential applicant, and a central dashboard keeps our admissions team organized. LimeCall has transformed our admissions process.