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Use LimeCall to generate and capture qualified leads from
your site. Receive lead notifications and reply directly
from Slack. Manage and convert your valuable leads.

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The Widget

Install in 3 minutes. Instantly
Capture qualified leads
from your site


Integrate Your Leads

Slack integration takes less
than a minute. Your leads will
appear within Slack


Nuture Qualified Leads

Nature and qualify leads
directly from a dedicated
Slack channel


Boost Conversion

Congrats! You’ve successfully
converted those valuable leads
into sales from within Slack!

Captured And Manage Leads

Receive notifications from
site leads instantly

LimeCall’s widget bridges the gap between your website visitors and your sales team. Receive instant actionable notifications in any Slack channel. Assign, manage, qualify directly from the channel.

Call And Text Directly From Slack

Connect with external
contacts and leads

Make calls, send texts to contacts and leads from within a Slack channel. When they respond, you can read and reply to messages and calls in searchable threads.

Keep Your Team Focused

Assign people or teams to leads

Conversations and calls organized in searchable threads, assign team members for seamless collaboration – all within Slack. Make teamwork a breeze, and conversations flowing smoothly.

What Slack Users Are Saying About LimeCall

Andrew Bolton

Founder & CEO

LimeCall has become my secret weapon for boosting sales within Slack! The integration is seamless – no code needed – and lets me manage everything directly in my Slack channels. Call notifications ensure I never miss a lead, and automated callbacks take care of follow-up. Collaboration is effortless – all lead nurturing, discussions, and call details are kept in one place, fostering transparency within the team. LimeCall has transformed our Slack workspace into a sales communication powerhouse, saving us time and boosting our conversion rates. I can’t recommend it enough!

Your Slack FAQs

How does LimeCall integrate with Slack?

LimeCall offers a user-friendly Slack integration that can be set up in under a minute directly through your LimeCall dashboard. No coding is required, allowing you to seamlessly connect LimeCall’s features to your existing Slack workspace.

What are the benefits of using LimeCall with Slack?

LimeCall supercharges your sales communication and teamwork within Slack! Receive call notifications and manage conversations directly in your Slack channels, eliminating app-switching and streamlining communication. Collaborate seamlessly with your team – keep all lead nurturing, follow-up discussions, and call details centralized within Slack for maximum transparency. Never miss a lead with instant call notifications, and set up automated callbacks – all within Slack – to ensure you connect with every interested lead at the peak of their interest. LimeCall empowers your team to work smarter, not harder, by centralizing your entire sales communication workflow within your favorite collaboration hub.

Does LimeCall require any additional software for the Slack integration?

No. The LimeCall Slack integration functions independently within your existing Slack workspace.

Will LimeCall slow down my Slack workspace?

No. LimeCall is designed to integrate seamlessly with Slack without impacting its performance.

Where can I learn more about using LimeCall with Slack?

LimeCall offers extensive resources, including tutorials and documentation, to guide you through the integration process and help you leverage LimeCall’s features within your Slack workspace. You can also visit their website or contact our expert Slack integration team for further assistance.

Can I use the free trial of LimeCall with the Slack integration?

Absolutely! LimeCall’s free trial includes full access to their Slack integration. This allows you to experience firsthand how LimeCall can streamline your sales communication and boost team collaboration within your Slack workspace. Try it out and see the difference for yourself!

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