Two way SMS

Two-way SMS means that you can send SMS from your account, and you can receive responses to the same account.


Connect with your customers around the globe

SMS Service

Send Instant Messages To Clients and Subordinates

Enhances Communication

Immediately inform and communicate to your clients or teammates.

Time Efficient

Personalize your daily communication and save time.


Integrate with your calendar app

Don’t ever miss a call. Integrate LimeCall with your favorite calendar app and keep track of who’s calling and who you need to call. You don’t even have to schedule an event because LimeCall does it automatically for you.


Get a Dedicated Number

Build your brand awareness and improve recall. Send and receive SMS from the same number every time.


Boost customer interactions

Remain anonymous with our solid phone masking technology and protect your privacy

Major Features of 2-way SMS Text Messaging

Incoming Text Message Analytics

Access to advanced analytics that will display all incoming and outgoing text messages.

Real-time Text Message Replies

Our 2-Way SMS Platform allows customers to hold 1-on-1 text message conversations in real time.

Custom Local Long Code SMS Vanity Number

Select a local area code and phone number to use as your Long Code SMS vanity number when using our texting platform.

Text Message Reply Notifications

Make sure you do not miss their replies by setting up notifications from within your account

Get better results with LimeCall


Improve caller engagement

Double your caller engagement by keeping a closer eye on your calls


Convert more callers

Increase your sales reps’ conversion rates when calling your prospects


Increase your reps’ efficiency

Boost your efficiency and never miss a single call

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