Call Masking

Create a bridge between your agents and your customers without disclosing personal information


Connect your campaigns

Connect your your campaigns

Get the most from your campaigns with our masked phone numbers. LimeCall enables you to keep tabs on where your customers have found your contact details.

Revenue leakage

Avoid revenue leakage

Never share your numbers with anyone, always in the loop, and don’t get cut out of the deal

Increased security

Increases security

Remain anonymous with our solid phone masking technology and protect your privacy

How does it work?

Customer places call via a common number

Your customers call you to your regular number

Call masking allocates a common number to the customer

The call masking tool gives you a number

Agent receives a call via this common number

Your sales rep gets a call and your number is safe

Limecall is a complete solution to increase your Revenue Everything you need to grow faster built right in…