Billing Address Validation

How to Use the Billing Address Validation Tool

For most online businesses, a bad address represents the end of the road. Before you ship a product or extend trust to a subscriber, you must ensure that the personal information they submitted is correct. This also includes their street address. You can check the validity of an address or check a ZIP code using our free address checker. Here’s how:

  • Step #1: The free address lookup tool has five fields that you can fill out: “Address”, “Town/City”, “Region/State”, “ZIP Code” and “Country”. Filling in all the fields will increase the accuracy of the results, but you can also just fill in one, two or three fields and let the software suggest the closest match for you.
  • Step #2: Click on the “Check Address” button to extract information about the address. The Address Checker residential address lookup tool will first check the validity of the address.
  • Step #3: From the “Main Info” section of the tool, you can also view the coordinates of the address and its location on a map. To perform a new search, simply input new data and click on “Check Address” again.

Why you should use the address checker

There are several reasons why you should use the address validator. First of all, it is recommended to confirm the information provided by a user, because trust can only be built through honesty. Second, address validation will help you sort between valid and invalid addresses, thus helping you reduce unnecessary costs associated with unsuccessful product shipping. Lastly, knowing the whereabouts of your clients will help you develop a more targeted marketing strategy in the future.

Why we created this tool

Impeccable customer master data is required to successfully reach out to customers. Street addresses will arrive in your company through different channels: telephone conversations, text messages, transactions, correspondence, social media, emails, etc. These addresses will usually include typing mistakes or incomplete information.

We created the free address lookup tool to help our customers standardize addresses, fill in missing information and access important metadata. The Address Checker can be used to check a ZIP code (by submitting the name of the address) or to obtain information about approximate location (by submitting ZIP code data).

Benefits of using the address checker

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of using the free address lookup tool:

  • Perform address validation by accessing a database of 246 countries and addresses.
  • Instantly perform a ZIP code check or address validation and extract the location’s coordinates.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud by comparing personal information with credit card information.
  • Reduce unwanted costs by performing address validation prior to product shipment.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns based on geolocation intelligence to increase engagement.

What does a correct postal address include?

Postal address information help to determine the location of a user. A correct street address should include the name of the street, the number of the property, the post town, country name and ZIP Code. The country name is especially important because many streets share their name with those of other countries (You wouldn’t want to send a shipment destined for Ireland to the United States).

How does address validation work?

To achieve the necessary quality level, our street address validation and zip code check tool is supported by an extensive reference database that is constantly updated. Once you write down your details and click on the “Check Address” button, we will run your information against the database and display the most relevant results. Minor typing mistakes are automatically corrected by our system.

Why am I not getting any results for the specified address?

There are several reasons for the address to show up as invalid: maybe it does not exist, or you wrote the wrong address or it doesn’t exist in our database. The latter scenario is less likely for countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia or the European continent. Nevertheless, remote locations may not have been mapped correctly, thus resulting in errors. Double-check the spelling of the address or try to search by ZIP code if you’re having problems.

How accurate is the address checker?

The address lookup map was never intended to be used as an accurate position locator. The map simply provides an approximate indication of where the specified address is located. Because the main purpose of the tool is to address validation, it has an accuracy of 60-95% (depending on how much information you provide for the database to work with).

The accuracy increases as you add more information in to the given fields. For example, specifying the address, country and region will help the database narrow down its search and provide a more accurate result, while specifying only the address might result in the extraction of results from a different country.

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