Unexpected sales opportunities stumbled upon by reps without actively seeking them.

In the world of sales, a Bluebird refers to an unexpected and highly profitable sale that falls into your lap with minimal effort. These deals are like the cheerful and beautiful bluebird compared to the hard work typically required to close most sales.

Here’s a closer look at the concept of a Bluebird sale:

  • Unforeseen Opportunity: Bluebird deals are not the result of extensive planning, cold calling, or lengthy sales cycles. They often arise unexpectedly, through chance encounters, referrals, or sudden changes in a prospect’s situation.
  • Highly Profitable: These are not just any unexpected sales; they are particularly lucrative deals that bring significant revenue or exceed sales quotas.
  • Minimal Effort: Compared to the time and effort usually invested in closing deals, Bluebird sales require minimal effort on the part of the salesperson. This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no work involved, but the process is significantly smoother and less strenuous.
  • Examples of Bluebird Sales:
    • A salesperson might meet a potential customer at a networking event and discover a perfect fit for their product, leading to a quick sale.
    • An existing customer might unexpectedly express interest in upgrading to a more expensive plan or purchasing additional services.
    • A competitor might go out of business, prompting potential customers to reach out to your company as an alternative.
  • Significance of Bluebird Sales:
    • Moral Boost: Bluebird deals can be a morale booster for salespeople, providing a sense of accomplishment and renewed optimism.
    • Meeting Quotas: These unexpected sales can help salespeople achieve their sales quotas more easily.
    • Positive Reinforcement: Bluebird sales can reinforce positive sales behaviors, encouraging salespeople to continue their prospecting efforts.
  • Bluebirds vs. Planned Sales: It’s important to remember that Bluebird sales shouldn’t be the sole focus of a salesperson’s strategy. Consistent effort, prospecting, and building relationships remain crucial for sustainable sales success. Bluebird sales are a welcome bonus, but a well-defined sales process is essential for overall sales performance.