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Get a Virtual Phone Number in Germany

A virtual phone number in Germany boosts your worldwide credibility and helps you build trust with German customers. Having a virtual phone number in Germany helps you establish a professional image,  improve communication and expand your business reach and target the German market.

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Get a brand new number

In case you don’t already own a number, get a new one with LimeCall, with access to phone numbers from 100+ countries.

Get multiple numbers

Use LimeCall to get as many numbers as you need. Setup multiple numbers and kickstart your phone presence.

Route incoming calls

Receive calls to any phone number of your choice. LimeCall enables you to route calls to any number to keep an active phone presence at all times.

Replace numbers easily

Change your phone numbers or rotate them with different ones if needed. LimeCall allows you to receive calls on any device, browser or app.

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How does it work?


Go to Dashboard

On the LimeCall dashboard, click on the widget and select ‘assign incoming number’.


Buy a number

Click on ‘buy number’ and choose a number by adding 4 digits of your choice.


Make the payment

Once you’ve selected a number, click on ‘next’ to make the payment.

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Features of a Virtual Phone Number for Germany

Business Hours

Update your availability to reflect seasonal changes, local customs, or individual preferences of your customers.

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Call Analytics

Leverage real time call analytics to make smart marketing decisions.

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Call Masking

Create a bridge between your team and your customers without disclosing any personal information.

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Call Recording

Monitor your conversations for training and quality purposes by listening to call recordings.

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Call Routing

Connect your customers to the right team as quickly as possible no matter where they are calling from.

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Call Staking

Never lose a call by allowing your customers to stay on hold until your team is available to answer.

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LimeCall vs other platforms


  • Incoming numbers
  • Call analytics
  • Call masking
  • Call recording
  • Call routing
  • Call stacking


  • Incoming numbers
  • Call analytics
  • Call masking
  • Call recording
  • Call routing
  • Call stacking

Real People — Real Results


Since moving to LimeCall , our conversion rates have gone up by 30% and our customers have a better user experience to connect with our teams

Ross Grant

Growth Marketeer


With LimeCall, I have everything I need to create, build and scale our SQLs. Our customers love the experience of receiving a callback within 15 seconds

Michael L



With LimeCall, I get all the tools I need in one platform. With the slack integration, our team can have all the qualified lead notifications and calls in one place

Jakob B

Sales Manager


Frequently asked questions about virtual numbers in Germany


How to buy a virtual phone number in Germany?

After logging in, click on the widget from the dashboard and assign an incoming number, click to buy, and choose a number. After making the payment the number is yours to use.

Why do you need a virtual phone number in Germany?

A German virtual phone number is a game-changer for your business. Wondering why? Well, it helps you build trust with German customers, make you look professional and amps up your comms. Plus, it lets you:

  • Expand your business and tap into the German market
  • Win over German customers with a local number
  • Open up more business opportunities and handle calls like a pro
  • Create a local presence and give customers a top-notch experience
  • Stay in the look with customers, prospects and competitors
  • Increase your conversion rates with more answered calls

Are Limecall virtual phone numbers in Germany free of charge?

No, the phone numbers are not free of charge. You can also strategically choose a number that corresponds with a specific geographic area in Germany.

The first few digits of your German number identify what region the phone number is based out of.

Phone numbers available in Germany:

  • Berlin: 30
  • Munich: 89
  • Hamburg: 40
  • Köln: 221
  • Frankfurt: 69
  • Stuttgart: 711
  • Leipzig: 341
  • Dortmund: 231
  • Dusseldorf: 211
  • Toll Free Numbers: 0800

Do I need special equipment or hardware with LimeCall?

No special equipment is needed to use LimeCall phone numbers.  You can make calls from laptops, computers, and mobile devices.

What if I lose the internet connection?

LimeCall is a cloud-based phone system. Thus it does not solely depend on internet connection. You can use call forwarding to route the calls to your mobile phone.

Can my customers call from any country?

Yes, the number you buy can be called from any country, but charges will apply. You also have the option to block calls from particular countries if you wish.