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Get a toll-free number for your business

Toll free phone numbers start with a specific three-digit code and don’t charge callers when they dial—whoever owns the toll-free phone number pays instead.

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Benefits of toll-free numbers for business

Use a communication channel that more and more customers prefer.

Be available to your clients everywhere with a national presence.

Confirm client appointment times in writing with text confirmations.

  • Present a professional image to your customers.
  • Easy to remember and better for customer service.

Respond to missed calls and voicemails, even when you can’t talk.

Keep your personal and professional communications separate.

How does a toll-free number work?

Toll-free numbers start with a toll-free prefix—800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833—and are assigned by an entity called a “Responsible Organization” (RespOrg). The FCC sets all rules related to getting and using toll-free numbers. They require toll-free numbers to be portable, so a subscriber can move their number to a new RespOrg if they switch providers.

Toll-free numbers are free of charge for the caller, even when calling long distance within the same country. Charges apply if you call a toll-free number internationally. You are not charged when receiving an international call.

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