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Close more deals fast. Really fast.

LimeCall puts you on the phone with your lead in 28 seconds.

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What makes us different?

Decrease your Time to Lead

Missed calls, dropped calls, bad network, are a thing of the past. With our state-of-the-art technology reach out to your leads while they’re still browsing your website.

Deliver lead-specific communication

Ask your lead specific questions and have all the relevant information at your disposal when you’re on the phone with them. Customize your proposal based on the information they provide.

Introducing Departments

Waiting on the phone line to talk to the correct representative is a thing of the past. With LimeCall, your prospects can directly reach consultants based on their requirements and thus drastically reduce your time to lead.

Start talking to your Lead. Instantly.

When it comes to responding to your leads, every minute matters:

  • Making them wait longer than 5 minutes means an 80% decrease in lead qualification.
  • LimeCall connects you with your potential customer in 28 seconds.
  • Increase the number of quality leads instantly and watch your revenue jump off the charts.
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