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How To Grow Your SMS Subscriber List 2024

In 2024, SMS marketing remains a powerful tool for connecting with customers on a personal level and driving sales. But with an overflowing inbox and countless notifications vying for attention, building a robust SMS subscriber list is more crucial than ever. This guide equips you with cutting-edge strategies and best practices specifically tailored for the current digital landscape, empowering you to cultivate a thriving community of engaged SMS subscribers in 2024 and beyond. Get ready to unlock the full potential of SMS marketing and watch your brand-customer relationships blossom!

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Growing your SMS subscriber list is the bedrock of a successful text marketing campaign. Unlike impersonal email blasts, SMS allows you to connect with a highly engaged audience directly on their phones. But how do you build this valuable list quickly and compliantly? Here’s your A to Z guide:

A is for Awareness: Make sure potential subscribers know you offer SMS marketing! Promote your program on your website, social media, and even in-store signage.

B is for Benefits: Clearly communicate why people should sign up. Highlight exclusive deals, product updates, or loyalty rewards they’ll receive via text.

C is for Call to Action (CTA):  Make subscribing easy! Include clear CTAs with instructions on how to opt-in (e.g., “Text JOIN to 12345”).

D is for Double Opt-in: Ensure consent and reduce spam complaints. Have subscribers confirm their sign-up via a reply text after submitting their number.

E is for Easy Opt-in Options:  Offer multiple ways to subscribe – website forms, in-store sign-ups, or keyword texting promotions.

F is for Focus on Value: Don’t just send marketing blasts. Provide valuable content like appointment reminders, shipping updates, or discount alerts.

G is for Grow Organically: Encourage existing customers to subscribe through loyalty programs or post-purchase incentives.

H is for Highlight Referrals:  Offer incentives for existing subscribers to refer friends and family – a win-win for both parties!

I is for Integrate with Existing Marketing: Leverage your email list or social media audience to promote your SMS program.

J is for Join Forces: Partner with complementary businesses to cross-promote SMS campaigns and expand your reach.

K is for Keep it Legal: Always comply with SMS marketing regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Obtain clear consent, offer clear opt-out options, and avoid spammy practices.

L is for Leverage Data: Analyze subscriber behavior to understand what types of messages resonate and optimize your strategy accordingly.

M is for Monitor Results: Track key metrics like open rates and click-through rates to measure success and identify areas for improvement.

N is for Nurture Relationships:  Go beyond promotions. Send birthday greetings, special occasion offers, or loyalty rewards to foster brand loyalty.

O is for Ongoing Optimization: Don’t set it and forget it!  Continuously test different strategies and refine your approach to maximize list growth and engagement.

P is for Permission-Based Marketing:  Respect your subscribers’ privacy.  Only send messages they signed up for and provide a clear way to opt-out at any time.

Q is for Quick Response:   Respond to inquiries and feedback promptly.  This builds trust and encourages further interaction.

R is for Relevancy:  Personalize your messages whenever possible.  Segment your list and tailor content based on subscriber interests and purchase history.

S is for Stay Compliant:  Refresh your knowledge of SMS marketing regulations.  Industry best practices and compliance rules can evolve over time.

T is for Transparency:  Be upfront about how you’ll use subscriber data and the frequency of messages.  Transparency builds trust and reduces opt-outs.

U is for Utilize Automation Tools: Streamline your SMS marketing efforts with automation tools to manage opt-ins, schedule messages, and personalize content.

V is for Value-Driven Content:  Remember, it’s all about providing value.  Focus on sending messages that subscribers genuinely want to receive.

W is for Win-Win: A thriving SMS list benefits both you and your customers.  They receive valuable updates and offers, while you drive sales and build stronger brand loyalty.

X is for Experiment! Try different tactics and see what works best for your audience.

Y is for Your Turn!  Now that you have the A to Z, put these tips into action and watch your SMS subscriber list flourish!

Z is for Zero Spam:  Avoid sending unsolicited messages.  Always prioritize building a permission-based list for a successful SMS marketing campaign.

By following these steps, you can build a robust and engaged SMS subscriber list that fuels a thriving text marketing program. Remember, list growth is an ongoing process.  Continuously optimize your strategy and prioritize providing value to your subscribers for long-term success.


Craft High-Converting Sign-Up Units to Grow Your SMS List

Sign-up units, the forms where potential subscribers enter their contact information, are the linchpin of your SMS marketing success. They act as the welcoming handshake that invites visitors into your mobile marketing world.  In essence, these units are your first impression, and a strong first impression is crucial for converting website visitors into engaged SMS subscribers.

This guide equips you with all the essentials for designing captivating sign-up units that incentivize sign-ups and propel your list growth.  Let’s delve into the key ingredients for crafting high-performing sign-up units and explore the different formats you can leverage to maximize your impact.

Building a Foundation of Compliance:

Before we dive into design specifics, it’s paramount to establish a foundation of trust and transparency.  After all, fostering a healthy SMS subscriber list hinges on respecting user privacy.  Here at [Your Company Name], we ensure your sign-up units adhere to industry regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and CTIA guidelines.  This meticulous approach translates to several key benefits for you:

  • Clear, Up-to-Date Legal Language: Our team stays abreast of the latest legal and carrier requirements, ensuring your sign-up units are compliant. This protects you from potential legal issues and fosters trust with your subscribers.

  • Easy-Access Terms & Privacy Links: We prioritize transparency by providing readily accessible links to your terms and privacy pages. This empowers subscribers to understand how their information will be used, further building trust in your brand.

  • High-Contrast Design: Accessibility is a core value. Our platform incorporates built-in tools to flag potential ADA accessibility issues, specifically regarding color contrast between backgrounds, buttons, and text. This ensures everyone has a seamless sign-up experience.

Crafting Compelling Sign-Up Units:

Now that we’ve established a strong foundation of trust, let’s get creative!  The design of your sign-up units plays a crucial role in capturing attention and enticing visitors to subscribe.  Here are some key elements to consider when crafting compelling sign-up units:

  • Match Your Brand Identity: Maintain a cohesive brand experience by incorporating your logo, fonts, and color scheme into your sign-up units. This visual consistency fosters brand recognition and strengthens user trust.

  • Captivating Headlines: First impressions matter. Grab attention with action-oriented headlines that pique subscriber interest. Think verbs like “Unlock Exclusive Deals” or “Save Big Today.” These headlines spark curiosity and set the stage for your enticing offer.

  • Irresistible Offers: Incentives are powerful motivators. Offer discounts, free gifts with purchase, or loyalty points to entice visitors to sign up. Tailor your offers to your target audience to ensure they resonate and provide real value. For instance, a clothing store might offer a discount on a first purchase, while a restaurant could incentivize sign-ups with a free appetizer.

  • Clear Calls to Action: Don’t leave subscribers guessing. Tell them exactly what they’ll receive in exchange for signing up. Use clear and concise calls to action like “Sign Up for 15% Off” or “Get Early Access & Text JOIN to 12345.”

  • Seamless Sign-Up Process: Minimize the number of steps required to sign up. The easier and quicker the process, the more likely visitors are to convert. Streamline your sign-up units by requesting only essential information, such as phone number and (optionally) email address.

Choosing the Right Format:

The format you choose for your sign-up unit can significantly impact its effectiveness.  Here are three popular options, each with its own strengths:

  • Fullscreen Sign-Up Units: These high-impact units take up the visitor’s entire mobile screen or appear prominently on desktops. Their size makes them hard to miss, making them ideal for grabbing immediate attention and promoting special offers or product launches.

  • Bubble Sign-Up Units: These discreet units typically appear at the bottom of your website screen on both mobile and desktop. They are ideal for later page loads, offering a subtle reminder to visitors who may have scrolled past your initial sign-up unit. The limited space necessitates a concise offer, often mirroring the one featured on the fullscreen unit. When clicked, the bubble expands to reveal the full sign-up form.

  • Spin-to-Win Sign-Up Units: This format can be particularly effective for younger demographics. However, it’s important to ensure the gamification element doesn’t overshadow the core value proposition. Clearly communicate the types of offers available on the wheel, and ensure they align with your target audience’s interests.

Tailored Sign-Up Units for Maximum Impact:

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach!  By personalizing your sign-up units, you can significantly enhance their effectiveness and capture more qualified leads.  Here are some ways to tailor your sign-up units for maximum impact:

  • Seasonal Promotions & Product Launches: Capitalize on seasonal trends and exciting product launches by customizing your sign-up units to highlight these special events. For instance, during a summer sale, your unit could offer “Exclusive Summer Savings – Text JOIN to 12345.” This approach leverages the excitement surrounding the sale to incentivize sign-ups.

  • Holiday-Themed Campaigns: Holidays present a fantastic opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Create engaging sign-up units that celebrate holidays like Black Friday or St. Patrick’s Day. Infuse your units with festive cheer while maintaining a clear call to action. This strategy injects personality into your brand and encourages holiday shoppers to join your SMS subscriber list.

  • Gather Valuable Zero-Party Data (Optional): Gain deeper insights into subscriber preferences by incorporating optional input fields into your sign-up units. This zero-party data allows you to segment your list and send more targeted messages in the future. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance. While collecting valuable data is beneficial, an overly lengthy sign-up process can deter subscribers. Limit the number of fields and focus on collecting information that will significantly enhance your marketing efforts. Consider options like:

  • Text Input: Capture general information like first and last name or zip code.

  • Radio Buttons: Allow subscribers to choose from predefined options related to interests, content preferences, or demographics.

  • Dropdown Select: Similar to radio buttons, this format provides a list of predefined options for subscriber selection.

  • Checkboxes: Enable subscribers to select multiple options, allowing them to express a wider range of interests or preferences.


As you craft your sign-up units, keep these important considerations in mind:

  • Focus on Value: The key to successful SMS marketing is providing value to your subscribers. Tailor your offers and content to resonate with your audience and address their needs.

  • Personalization is Key: Segment your list based on the data you collect and send targeted messages that cater to subscriber preferences. This personalized approach fosters stronger relationships and increases engagement.

  • Keep it Simple: Don’t overwhelm potential subscribers with a lengthy sign-up process. Request only essential information and streamline the sign-up flow for a seamless experience.

By following these guidelines and leveraging the various sign-up unit formats, you can design high-converting units that propel your SMS marketing efforts forward.  Remember, a thriving SMS subscriber list is the foundation of a successful text marketing campaign. Invest time and effort into crafting compelling sign-up units, and reap the rewards of a loyal and engaged subscriber base.


Craft Enticing Incentives to Fuel Your SMS List Growth

The key to building a thriving SMS subscriber list lies in incentivizing potential subscribers to take the leap and join your mobile marketing community.  Our in-depth consumer survey results illuminate a clear winner when it comes to effective sign-up incentives – discounts!  Shoppers overwhelmingly respond to the allure of saving money, making discounts a powerful tool for driving SMS sign-ups.

However, understanding your budget and brand identity is crucial.  If offering discounts isn’t currently feasible, fret not!  There’s a treasure trove of alternative incentives that can entice subscribers to join your SMS fold.  Here are some creative strategies to consider:

  • Highlight Your Loyalty or Rewards Program:  Do you have a loyalty program brimming with benefits?  Showcase this valuable program in your sign-up unit!  This approach taps into the inherent desire for rewards and incentivizes subscription by offering points, exclusive perks, or early access to sale events for loyal members.

  • Hint at Exclusive Content and Products:  Spark a sense of anticipation by hinting at exclusive content or product launches available only to SMS subscribers.  This strategy piques subscriber interest and positions your text messages as an “inner circle” experience, fostering a sense of exclusivity.

Beyond these general strategies:

  • Dollar-Off Discount:  Offer a fixed dollar amount off a shopper’s next purchase.  This straightforward incentive is easy to understand and can be particularly effective for higher-priced items.

  • Percentage-Off Discount:  Provide a percentage discount on a purchase.  This option offers flexibility and can be tailored to specific product categories or minimum purchase amounts.

  • Limited-Time Offer:  Infuse your incentive with a sense of urgency by creating a limited-time offer.  This strategy encourages immediate action and leverages the “fear of missing out” mentality.

  • Free Gift with Next Purchase:  Sweeten the deal by offering a free gift with the next purchase.  Carefully select a gift that complements your products and resonates with your target audience.

  • Free Shipping:  Eliminate a potential barrier to purchase by offering free shipping for SMS subscribers.  This incentive can be particularly enticing for customers who typically hesitate due to shipping costs.

  • Loyalty or Rewards Points:  Award bonus points to incentivize sign-ups for existing loyalty program members.  This reinforces the program’s value and encourages deeper engagement.

  • First Access to Exclusive Content:  Offer early access to product launches, blog posts, or behind-the-scenes glimpses to entice subscribers.  This strategy fosters a sense of exclusivity and positions your SMS community as a privileged group.

  • Entry into a Giveaway:  Create a buzz with a giveaway exclusive to SMS subscribers.  Highlight the attractive prize and clearly communicate the entry mechanics to incentivize sign-ups.

Remember, keeping your incentive strategy dynamic is vital!  Experiment with different offers and track their effectiveness to determine what resonates most with your audience.  

A/B testing various incentives allows you to optimize your sign-up units and maximize your list growth.

Case Study: Dorsal Bracelets Leverages Incentives for SMS Success

Lifestyle brand Dorsal Bracelets exemplifies the power of effective sign-up incentives.  

By leveraging Snapchat ads to drive traffic to their website, they immediately greeted visitors with a compelling proposition – a 15% discount in exchange for subscribing to emails and text messages.  This dual-pronged approach not only captured email addresses but also jumpstarted their SMS subscriber list.

The results speak for themselves.  By employing mobile and desktop sign-up units featuring attractive incentives, Dorsal Bracelets witnessed rapid growth in their SMS subscriber base.  Within a mere seven months after launching their text messaging program with Attentive, sales attributed to text messages skyrocketed, accounting for a remarkable 30% of the brand’s total revenue.  This impressive case study underscores the transformative power of strategic incentives in building a robust and profitable SMS subscriber list.

Beyond Incentives:

While incentives are a crucial element, we recommend taking things a step further by utilizing dynamic coupons.  These intelligent coupons generate unique discount codes for each subscriber.  This approach offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Performance Tracking: Unique codes enable you to track individual subscriber behavior and measure the effectiveness of your specific SMS campaigns.

  • Eliminating Business Intelligence Gaps: Dynamic coupons ensure there are no gaps in your data, providing a clearer picture of your SMS marketing ROI.

  • Frictionless Checkout: Combine dynamic coupons with auto-apply URLs to create a seamless checkout experience. This eliminates the need for manual code entry, streamlining the purchase process for your customers.

**By exploring various discount code options, including shared, unique, and auto-apply formats, you can optimize your SMS marketing efforts and provide a friction

Set Display Rules to Maximize Results

Once you’ve meticulously crafted captivating sign-up units, the next step is to leverage display rules.  These powerful tools grant you granular control over  exactly when and where your units appear on your website, ensuring they reach the right visitors at the most opportune moments.  By strategically deploying display rules, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your sign-up units and accelerate your SMS subscriber list growth.

Leveraging UTM Parameters for Targeted Sign-Up Units:

Display rules empower you to personalize the sign-up unit experience based on a visitor’s UTM parameters.  UTM parameters are snippets of text appended to URLs that track specific marketing campaigns.  

For instance, if your brand has a thriving presence on TikTok, you likely have a link to your website in your bio that includes UTM parameters.  

By creating a display rule based on these parameters, you can choose to showcase a specific sign-up unit tailored to visitors who clicked your TikTok link. 

This approach personalizes the offer and increases its relevance, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.  Furthermore, this display rule automatically hides all other active sign-up units on your website, preventing information overload for visitors who arrived through different channels.

Optimizing Timing with Pop-Up Timers and Scroll Delays:

Pop-up timers provide you with an unprecedented level of control over the timing of your sign-up unit’s appearance.  With granularity down to the very second (in increments of one second, up to a maximum of 30 seconds), you can determine the precise moment when your sign-up unit will grab a visitor’s attention.  

This level of control allows you to conduct A/B testing and identify the optimal timing for your audience.  However, it’s crucial to strike a balance.  Showing your sign-up unit too early can be disruptive and lead to higher bounce rates.  

The goal is to capture visitor attention with your offer before they leave your website, but not at the expense of a positive user experience.

Scroll Delays: Tailoring Sign-Up Unit Appearance Based on Visitor Engagement:

Scroll delays offer an alternative approach to optimizing sign-up unit timing.  

This feature allows you to establish a threshold for how much of a page a visitor must view before the sign-up unit appears.  You can choose from increments of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.  

For instance, if you select a 50% scroll delay, the sign-up unit will only appear once a visitor has scrolled through at least half of the page.  This approach ensures that your sign-up unit reaches visitors who are demonstrably engaged with your content, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Finding the Perfect Timing Sweet Spot:

To achieve the optimal balance for displaying your sign-up unit, a data-driven approach is essential.  Analyze your website traffic patterns and the average time visitors spend on your pages.  This information will guide you in determining the ideal timing for your sign-up units.  Remember, the goal is to capture visitor attention before they leave your website,  but without hindering their user experience.

Exit-Intent Pop-Ups: Capturing Visitors at the Last Moment:

Don’t let website visitors slip away without a final opportunity to subscribe!  Exit-intent display rules allow you to present a compelling sign-up unit as a visitor exhibits cursor movements or scrolling patterns that indicate they are about to leave your site.  

This final reminder serves as a last-ditch effort to convert them into subscribers.  Our platform’s sophisticated tracking capabilities analyze visitor behavior and trigger the sign-up unit at the pivotal moment when a visitor is most likely to abandon the site. 

This strategic approach not only bolsters your SMS subscriber list but can also contribute to reducing cart abandonment rates.  

By setting up an exit-intent rule for your checkout page, you can display a sign-up unit with a time-sensitive incentive (such as “Limited-time offer” or “Save an extra 5%”) that encourages visitors to complete their purchases before they leave.

Beyond the Options Discussed Here, Explore a Rich Arsenal of Display Rules:

In addition to the display rules explored above, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of additional options to tailor your sign-up unit presentation:

  • Immediately: Showcase your sign-up unit the moment a visitor lands on your website.

  • URL Contains: Display sign-up units based on specific keywords or phrases within a URL. For instance, you could configure a sign-up unit promoting a new collection to appear whenever a visitor lands on a page containing “collections” in the URL. Conversely, you can also use this rule to prevent sign-up units from appearing on specific URLs.

  • Referrer Domain:  This display rule enables you to tailor sign-up unit visibility based on the website that referred a visitor to your page.  This differs from “URL Contains,” which focuses on the URL structure of the visitor’s current page.  

Using the referrer domain rule, you can create targeted sign-up unit experiences for visitors arriving from specific sources, such as social media platforms, partner websites, or email marketing campaigns.  

For instance, you could configure a display rule to showcase a sign-up unit offering an exclusive discount for visitors referred by a specific influencer partner.  This personalized approach fosters stronger relationships with referral sources and incentivizes sign-ups through targeted offers.

  • Cookie-Based:  This display rule grants you granular control over sign-up unit visibility based on the presence of specific cookie values.  Cookies are small data files stored on a visitor’s device that track their browsing activity on your website.  

By leveraging cookie-based display rules, you can create sophisticated sign-up unit experiences.  For instance, you could configure a rule to display a special re-engagement sign-up unit only to visitors who haven’t interacted with your website in a specific timeframe.  

This targeted approach allows you to win back lapsed visitors and reignite their interest in your brand.  However, it’s crucial to comply with data privacy regulations when using cookie-based display rules. 

Ensure you have explicit opt-in consent from visitors for cookie storage and usage.

  • A/B Testing:  While we’ve discussed the importance of analyzing website traffic patterns and visitor behavior, A/B testing provides a powerful tool to fine-tune your display rules and identify the most effective configurations.  

A/B testing allows you to create multiple versions of your sign-up unit and display rule combinations.  These variations can encompass different timing settings, targeted audiences, or offer types.  

By monitoring subscriber growth and conversion rates for each variation, you can identify the optimal display rule configurations that yield the most significant results.

Harnessing the Power of User Behavior and Context:

By strategically combining the various display rules we’ve explored, you can create a dynamic sign-up unit experience that adapts to user behavior and website context.  

This approach ensures that the right message reaches the right visitor at the right time, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and a thriving SMS subscriber list.  Here’s an illustrative example:

Imagine a visitor arrives at your website after clicking a social media ad promoting your latest shoe collection.  Through a display rule based on referrer domain, you can trigger a sign-up unit offering an exclusive discount on shoes featured in the ad.  

Furthermore, by incorporating a scroll depth rule, the sign-up unit wouldn’t appear until the visitor has scrolled past the homepage banner showcasing the same shoe collection.  This ensures the sign-up unit complements, rather than competes with, the existing website content.

Display rules are a powerful toolset that empowers you to elevate your sign-up unit strategy to new heights.  By leveraging these functionalities, you can create a targeted and dynamic sign-up unit experience that resonates with your audience and fuels your SMS marketing efforts.  

Remember, consistent optimization and data-driven decision-making are key to maximizing the effectiveness of your display rules.  Experiment, analyze, and refine your approach to continuously optimize your sign-up units and build a robust and engaged SMS subscriber list.

Create a Compelling Welcome Flow

The final step before unleashing the power of your SMS sign-up units lies in crafting a captivating welcome flow.  

This meticulously designed sequence of messages serves as the initial interaction subscribers have with your brand’s text message channel, setting the stage for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.  

Consider the welcome flow as the digital handshake that introduces new subscribers to the exciting world of your SMS marketing program.

Laying the Groundwork: Transparency and Expectations

The very first text message in your welcome journey should establish a foundation of transparency and trust.  Clearly outline the program’s terms and conditions.  

This includes disclosing that message and data rates may apply, outlining the frequency of messages you plan to send, and providing clear instructions on how subscribers can access help or opt out of the program entirely.  

Additionally, incorporate a link to your privacy policy, ensuring subscribers are fully informed about how their data is collected and utilized.  

This upfront transparency fosters a sense of security and encourages long-term engagement with your SMS marketing efforts.

A Warm Welcome and Setting Expectations

Following the initial informative message, extend a warm welcome to your new subscribers!  Express your appreciation for them joining your SMS community and provide them with a clear understanding of what to expect from future text message communications.  

If your sign-up unit enticed subscribers with a special offer, such as a discount or free shipping, be sure to reiterate this enticing incentive in your welcome message.  

By reiterating the offer details, you jog their memory and nudge them towards making a purchase.  This reinforces the value proposition of subscribing and incentivizes immediate action.

Boost Brand Recognition with Virtual Contact Cards (Optional)

If you’ve activated a virtual contact card for your brand, the next step in your welcome flow involves sending this digital 名片 (meishi – Japanese for business card) to new subscribers.  Encourage them to save your contact information in their phones.  

This seemingly simple step yields significant benefits. 

When you send future text messages, your brand’s name and logo will appear on their phones instead of just a short code or toll-free number.  

This visual branding element elevates the subscriber experience and fosters stronger brand recognition.

A Gentle Nudge to Maximize Offer Utilization

We recommend incorporating an additional step into your welcome journey to gently nudge new subscribers towards redeeming their initial offer, if applicable.  

Wait a reasonable timeframe of 24 hours after sending the final welcome message.  

This provides subscribers with ample time to browse your website and familiarize themselves with your offerings.  

However, if they haven’t yet redeemed their offer by the end of this period, send a friendly reminder that it’s still available and waiting for them.  This gentle nudge can rekindle their interest and incentivize them to take advantage of the exclusive offer.

A Streamlined Journey with Long-Term Benefits

The beauty of a well-designed welcome flow lies in its automated nature.  Once you’ve meticulously crafted it, this sequence automatically triggers each time a new subscriber joins your SMS program.  

There’s no limit to the number of messages you can incorporate into your welcome flow, allowing you to comprehensively onboard new subscribers and set them on the path towards becoming loyal customers.  However, striking a balance between informative content and promotional messaging is key.  

Aim to encourage purchase decisions before subscribers become classified as “unengaged.”  With this in mind, we recommend crafting a welcome flow that spans approximately 14 days.  

This timeframe provides ample opportunity to showcase the value proposition of your SMS program, provide essential information, and incentivize initial purchases.

Elevating the Experience with Two-Way Journeys

As your SMS marketing program matures and your understanding of subscriber preferences evolves, consider incorporating Attentive’s innovative Two-Way Journeys™ into your welcome flow.  

This advanced feature empowers new subscribers to tailor their SMS experience from the very beginning.  Imagine a culinary brand like Momofuku leveraging Two-Way Journeys.  

They could present new subscribers with a welcome  message offering a choice: respond with a specific number to receive weekly updates featuring enticing new recipes and exclusive offers; or opt for a more relaxed communication frequency with “only the most exciting stuff” delivered via 1-2 text messages per month.  Based on subscriber selections, Momofuku can then segment them into targeted groups, ensuring each subscriber receives messages aligned with their preferred frequency and interests.  

This level of personalization fosters a more engaging and mutually beneficial relationship between brands and their SMS subscribers.

By carefully crafting a compelling welcome flow that prioritizes transparency, sets clear expectations, and incentivizes action, you can effectively onboard new subscribers and lay the foundation for a thriving SMS marketing program.  

Remember, this initial interaction sets the tone for future communication, so invest time and effort into creating a memorable and positive welcome experience.

Launch your Multi Channel SMS growth strategy


You’ve meticulously crafted captivating sign-up units, strategically determined their placement on your website, and constructed an engaging welcome flow to greet new subscribers.  

Now, it’s time to unleash the full potential of your SMS marketing program by launching a comprehensive growth strategy across various channels.  

This multi-pronged approach will enable you to connect with your audience wherever they interact with your brand, both online and offline, and seamlessly invite them to join your thriving SMS community.

Your Website: The Foundation of Growth

Your website, encompassing both mobile and desktop versions, serves as the cornerstone of your SMS list growth strategy.  

You’ve already invested time and resources into attracting organic and paid traffic to your website.  Now, leverage these efforts to your advantage by capturing the attention of website visitors with strategically placed sign-up units that incentivize them to subscribe to your SMS program.  

Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the sign-up process on mobile devices.  With our two-tap sign-up functionality, website visitors simply tap the sign-up unit button, which pre-populates a text message on their device.  

A single tap on “send” finalizes the opt-in process, welcoming them to your SMS subscriber base and opening the door to future brand interactions.

Expand Your Reach with Instagram Stories

Amplify your SMS subscriber growth efforts by leveraging the captivating world of Instagram Stories.  

Our innovative SMART links seamlessly integrate our signature two-tap sign-up flow directly within your captivating Instagram Stories.  

This user-friendly approach enables your engaged followers to effortlessly join your SMS marketing program in just a few taps.  When a follower interacts with your SMART link, it automatically pre-populates a “join” message within their text message inbox.  

A simple tap on “send” completes the opt-in process, adding them to your subscriber list.  If you choose to utilize Instagram Stories for SMS list growth, remember to incorporate the necessary legal language within your Story to ensure compliance with regulations.

Landing Pages: Targeted Opt-In Destinations

For even greater control and flexibility, consider creating dedicated landing pages specifically designed to capture SMS sign-ups.  

These targeted web pages provide shoppers with a comprehensive overview of your SMS marketing program’s benefits and entice them to subscribe. 

Landing pages offer an additional avenue for sign-ups beyond your website’s homepage, allowing you to strategically direct traffic from various sources, including paid advertising campaigns, social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, and more.

Checkout Page: Capture Enthusiastic Customers at the Perfect Moment

The checkout stage presents a golden opportunity to significantly expand your SMS subscriber base.  Shoppers at this stage have already demonstrated a strong interest in your brand by making a purchase.  

Capitalize on this momentum by incorporating a clear and convenient sign-up option directly on your checkout page.  This approach simplifies the subscription process by allowing shoppers to opt in with a simple checkbox selection as they submit their shipping information.  

Shopify users can leverage a built-in functionality to collect consent for sending marketing text messages alongside transactional messages during checkout.  

If you don’t utilize Shopify, fret not!  Our comprehensive API documentation empowers you to create a custom feature specifically designed to collect SMS opt-ins at checkout, ensuring you don’t miss this valuable opportunity to connect with highly engaged customers.

Leverage Your Existing Email List: A Synergistic Approach

Don’t neglect the email subscribers you’ve meticulously cultivated!  Reach out to your existing email list and extend an invitation to join your SMS program.  

This strategy capitalizes on your current audience and allows you to offer them even more timely updates and exclusive discounts directly through text messages.  

For optimal results, consider pairing this strategy with the creation of dedicated sign-up landing pages.  Include a compelling call to action within your emails, directing subscribers to your landing page where they can effortlessly join your SMS community.

Embrace Offline Opportunities: Text-to-Join Makes It Easy

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial to recognize the power of offline interactions.  Ensure you’re capitalizing on every opportunity to capture SMS sign-ups, both online and offline.  

Encourage potential subscribers to join your SMS community by inviting them to text a unique keyword to your brand’s designated SMS shortcode.  

Make the Text-to-Join (TTJ) process seamless by prominently displaying this information on in-store signage, checkout kiosks, packaging materials, physical mailers, business cards, receipts, event collateral, and any other relevant touchpoints.  

When crafting your TTJ keyword, prioritize brevity and memorability.  Opt for a keyword that directly relates to your brand name or core products and services.  This will make it easier for consumers to remember and participate in the sign-up process.

Analyze, Refine, and Optimize

The health and size of your SMS subscriber list directly translates to the potential revenue you can generate through your SMS marketing efforts.  

Therefore, prioritizing subscriber growth should be an ongoing endeavor.  

By consistently analyzing the performance of your list growth tactics and adapting them based on subscriber behavior, you can ensure your SMS program thrives.

A/B Testing: Optimizing Sign-Up Unit Performance

A/B testing serves as a powerful tool for identifying the most compelling variations of your SMS sign-up units.  

This method involves creating multiple versions of your sign-up units, each featuring distinct variations in copywriting, imagery, and calls to action.  

These variations are then presented to a representative sample of your audience, allowing you to  measure which version resonates most effectively with your target demographic.  

For instance, you could test a sign-up unit featuring a vibrant beach background against one showcasing a serene mountain landscape.  Similarly, you could experiment with different incentive offers or calls to action to determine which combination yields the highest conversion rates.  

By continually A/B testing and iterating on your sign-up units, you can ensure they consistently capture the attention of potential subscribers and effectively communicate the value proposition of joining your SMS program.

Leveraging Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

Regularly analyzing your subscriber growth metrics equips you with invaluable insights into the effectiveness of your list acquisition strategy over time.  

Our intuitive Analytics tab empowers you to effortlessly assess what tactics are yielding positive results and identify areas for improvement.  

Without the need for manual report generation or complex data analysis, you can gain a clear understanding of your subscriber growth performance.  

The platform allows you to filter data by pre-defined date ranges, such as the last 30 days or the previous year, or establish custom date ranges for a more granular analysis.  

Furthermore, you can compare subscriber growth performance across different time periods, enabling you to track progress and identify trends.  

Metrics like the number of new subscribers acquired and the rate of unsubscribes are particularly crucial for pinpointing areas for optimization based on your specific goals.  If you observe a decline in subscriber growth, don’t hesitate to revitalize your sign-up units.  

Consider refreshing the background imagery, experimenting with different incentive offers, or crafting alternative call-to-action phrases.  Even minor adjustments can yield significant improvements in conversion rates.

Harnessing the Power of the Subscribers Tab

The Subscribers tab within the platform offers another valuable treasure trove of subscriber-related data.  By delving into this section, you can identify patterns in subscriber join dates, enabling you to understand when specific marketing campaigns or promotions yielded the most sign-ups. 

This knowledge empowers you to replicate successful strategies in the future.  Additionally, you can track which sign-up sources are driving the most conversions, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the channels that generate the highest return on investment.  

The Subscribers tab provides a comprehensive overview of your active subscriber base, total unsubscribes, and performance metrics for all active sign-up sources.  

This central hub also empowers you to manage existing sign-up units and craft entirely new sign-up flows, ensuring your SMS marketing program remains dynamic and adaptable.

SMS Subscriber List: Best-Practice

Building a robust and engaged SMS subscriber list is the cornerstone of a successful SMS marketing program.  

This comprehensive guide equips you with a treasure trove of best practices designed to supercharge your list growth efforts.

Crafting High-Converting Sign-Up Units: The Power of Design and Personalization

The design and functionality of your sign-up units play a pivotal role in converting website visitors into enthusiastic SMS subscribers.  

Ensure your sign-up units seamlessly integrate with your brand’s overall aesthetic, incorporating consistent branding elements such as colors, fonts, and logos.  Visual consistency fosters brand recognition and establishes trust with potential subscribers.  

Furthermore, incorporate an enticing offer that resonates with your target audience.  This could encompass a discount on their first purchase, exclusive early access to new product launches, or free shipping on their next order.  

Clearly articulate the value proposition of joining your SMS program through a compelling call to action.  Phrases like “Sign up for exclusive offers!” or “Text JOIN to get 15% off!” leave no room for ambiguity and motivate visitors to take the next step.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sign-up unit formats.  

Consider incorporating interactive elements like Spin-to-Win games or 2-in-1 sign-up options that combine email capture with SMS sign-up functionality.  

Personalization can also be a powerful tool.  If you have access to customer data, tailor your sign-up unit messaging to reflect past purchase history or browsing behavior.

For instance, a visitor who has viewed athletic apparel on your website might be more receptive to a sign-up unit offering a discount on sports clothing.  

By strategically designing and personalizing your sign-up units, you can significantly elevate subscriber opt-in rates.

Optimizing Sign-Up Incentives: Experimentation is Key

Incorporating enticing incentives within your sign-up units serves as a powerful magnet, attracting potential subscribers and encouraging them to join your SMS program.  

Discounts, early access to upcoming sales or product launches, and free shipping offers are all effective strategies to incentivize opt-ins.  

However, remember that the most effective incentive may vary depending on your target audience and brand identity.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different incentive types and track their performance.  A/B testing allows you to compare the effectiveness of various offers and identify the ones that resonate most strongly with your audience.  

For instance, you could test a sign-up unit offering 10% off versus one that promises early access to a new product line.  By analyzing the results, you can determine which incentive yields the highest conversion rate. 

Remember to periodically refresh your incentive strategy to maintain subscriber interest.  Introducing new and exciting offers can rekindle enthusiasm and encourage existing subscribers to share your SMS program with their friends and family.

Harnessing the Power of Display Rules: Tailoring Sign-Up Unit Visibility

Display rules empower you to strategically control when and where your sign-up units appear on your website.  

This level of control ensures your sign-up units reach the most receptive audience.  Leverage UTM parameters  present in a visitor’s website address to tailor sign-up unit content based on the marketing campaign that referred them to your site.  

For instance, a visitor arriving from a social media campaign promoting a specific product line could be greeted with a sign-up unit showcasing that particular product line and offering a relevant discount.  

Employ pop-up timers and scroll depth triggers to control the timing of your sign-up unit appearances.  

Presenting your sign-up unit too early in a visitor’s browsing journey may disrupt their experience.  Conversely, waiting too long might cause them to leave your website without encountering the sign-up unit altogether.  

Experiment with different timing settings to identify the sweet spot that maximizes opt-in rates. 

Consider employing exit-intent technology to display your sign-up unit as a visitor exhibits signs of abandoning your website.  

This last-ditch effort can capture subscribers who might otherwise be lost. 

By strategically deploying display rules, you can ensure your sign-up units reach the right visitors at the right time, significantly boosting your chances of securing their opt-ins.

Crafting a Compelling Welcome Flow: The First Impression Matters

The welcome flow serves as the initial interaction subscribers have with your SMS marketing program.  

First impressions are crucial, so ensure your welcome flow is warm, informative, and engaging.  

Greet new subscribers with a friendly “hello” and express your appreciation for them joining your SMS community.  Set clear expectations by outlining the frequency of messages they can expect to receive and the types of valuable content you’ll be sharing.  

If your sign-up unit included an incentive offer, reiterate the details within your welcome message to jog their memory and encourage them to take advantage of their offer.  

Consider incorporating your virtual contact card within your welcome flow.  

This digital business card allows subscribers to easily save your brand’s contact information in their phones.  

By doing so, your brand name and logo will appear on their phones when you send future text messages, fostering brand recognition and strengthening the connection between your brand and your subscribers.  

Don’t underestimate the power of a gentle nudge.  

While you don’t want to bombard new subscribers with messages, including a reminder within your welcome flow  after a reasonable timeframe (such as 24 hours)  can encourage them to redeem their initial offer before it expires.  

A well-crafted welcome flow sets the stage for a positive and long-lasting relationship between your brand and your SMS subscribers.

Launching Your Growth Strategy Across Channels: A Multi-Touchpoint Approach

SMS marketing thrives on a multi-channel approach.  

Don’t limit yourself to website sign-up units.  Extend your reach and connect with your audience wherever they interact with your brand.  Leverage the power of social media platforms like Instagram Stories. 

Utilize our innovative SMART links to seamlessly integrate our two-tap sign-up flow directly within your captivating Instagram Stories.  

This user-friendly approach enables your engaged followers to effortlessly join your SMS program in a matter of seconds.  

Additionally, consider creating dedicated landing pages specifically designed to capture SMS sign-ups.  These targeted web pages provide a platform to comprehensively explain the benefits of your SMS program and incentivize visitors to subscribe.  

Don’t neglect the checkout stage of your website.  

This critical juncture presents a golden opportunity to capture highly engaged customers who have already demonstrated purchase intent.  Incorporate a clear and convenient sign-up option directly on your checkout page, allowing shoppers to join your SMS program with a simple checkbox selection during the checkout process.  

For brands that utilize Shopify, you can leverage a built-in functionality to collect consent for sending marketing text messages alongside transactional messages during checkout.  If you don’t use Shopify, fret not!  

Our comprehensive API documentation empowers you to create a custom feature specifically designed to collect SMS opt-ins at checkout.

Finally, don’t forget about the potential of email marketing.  Reach out to your existing email subscribers and invite them to join your SMS program.  

This strategy capitalizes on your current audience and allows you to offer them even more timely updates and exclusive discounts directly through text messages.

Embrace Offline Opportunities: The Power of Text-to-Join

The digital world isn’t the only space where you can cultivate your SMS subscriber list.  

The power of offline interactions shouldn’t be underestimated.  

Encourage potential subscribers to join your SMS community by inviting them to text a unique keyword to your brand’s designated SMS shortcode.  

This Text-to-Join (TTJ) approach is both convenient and memorable.  Prominently display TTJ information on in-store signage, checkout kiosks, packaging materials, physical mailers, business cards, receipts, event collateral, and any other relevant touchpoints.  When crafting your TTJ keyword, prioritize brevity and memorability.  

Opt for a keyword that directly relates to your brand name or core products and services.  This will make it easier for consumers to remember and participate in the sign-up process.  

By embracing a multi-channel approach and extending your SMS sign-up efforts beyond the digital realm, you can significantly expand your subscriber base and reach a wider audience.

Stay Consistent, Analyze, and Iterate: The Never-Ending Cycle of Growth

Remember, subscriber list growth is an ongoing process.  

The best practices outlined above serve as a springboard, but continuous analysis and adaptation are essential for sustained success.  A/B testing your sign-up units is a powerful tool for identifying the most compelling variations in terms of copywriting, imagery, and calls to action.  

By regularly analyzing your subscriber growth metrics within our intuitive Analytics tab, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your list acquisition strategy.  

Pay close attention to metrics like new subscribers and unsubscribe rates to pinpoint areas for improvement.  

The Subscribers tab within the platform offers a wealth of data, enabling you to track subscriber join dates, identify high-performing sign-up sources, and manage existing sign-up units.  

Don’t hesitate to leverage Smart Recommendations for personalized suggestions on how to optimize your SMS program and accelerate subscriber growth.

By consistently analyzing your data, testing different tactics, and embracing a data-driven approach, you can ensure your SMS subscriber list flourishes and fuels the success of your marketing initiatives.