LimeCall for Slack

Receive callback requests in Slack

Integrate LimeCall and Slack in seconds and get all call notifications in your preferred work space. 

Features and Benefits:

1 . Turn your Slack workspace into lead management engine

Do you hate leaving your primary workspace, Slack, to engage with leads? Not anymore! LimeCall integrates with Slack to allow you and your sales teams to engage with your leads when they are live on your site without having to switch between apps. Here’s what you can achieve with both the applications working together:

2. Get lead notifications where you are

You don’t have to be logged in to LimeCall always to get notified on new leads. You’ll be notified of new leads and their activities like callback requests or new chat, right inside Slack – helping your sales teams respond quickly. 

<Screenshot of notification from Limecall in Slack>

3. Capture leads on LimeCall and qualify them from Slack

Not all leads are created equal. LimeCall sends your most qualified leads to specific Slack channels segmented by salesperson, projects, regions, or any other condition relevant to your organization. This ensures your sales team focuses on the most pertinent leads and reaches out effectively.

<Screenshot of lead sent to a particular slack channel>

4. Make call conversations frictionless

LimeCall lets your website visitors call from the browser, request an instant call back, or schedule a call later. Respond to these call requests within 28 seconds. Avoid time-consuming app switching 

<Screenshot of a call request>

5. Know who’s calling

All your Slack contacts, leads and company details are synced with LimeCall’s database. This helps you refer to previous interactions – text, calls, notes – to ensure you continue the conversion from where they were left off.

<Screenshot of a call request>

6. Track call activities

View your daily call requests, calls made, and leads created for your business every day.

<Screenshot of a call request>

7. Access call recordings

LimeCall will keep a record of all your sales calls to ensure no crucial detail of your customer is missed after the conversation.

<Screenshot of a call request>

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Make and receive calls on your business cloud phone system 

Setup LimeCall’s callback widget on your website in less than two minutes and start getting lead notifications in Slack. If you’re currently using a callback software with limited features, we’ll help you migrate effortlessly. 

1 . Capture customers across geography: Sign-up now to enable web calls and callback requests from anywhere in the world.

2. Get dedicated numbers: Redirect calls to a specific sales function or region to get the best sales associate talking to the right prospect.

3. Get call notifications: Get notified in your favourite workspace – Slack, Hubspot, or any other CRM

4. Record calls: Track sales conversations to identify shortcomings and train sales associates.

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A phone call system that integrates with sales tools you already use

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Features built to take care of every business need

What our customers say

“I was able to have LimeCall and Slack integration up and running on our website within 5 minutes. Our team got the first call notification in Slack within 2 hours. This helped us convert 40% more sales per month.” – Anastasia Negru, Sales director, Outreach Plus.

Frequently asked questions about LimeCall + Slack integration:

1 . How can I integrate LimeCall and Slack?

A. Please refer to this step-by-step guide to integrate Slack and LimeCall.

2. Can I select the actions for which I need notifications?

A. Yes, LimeCall lets you choose criteria for which you need notifications. 

3. Does the integration come along with my plan?

A. You can enjoy Slack notifications with our Freemium plan.

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