Google Analytics

Analyze Your Conversions with Google Analytics

Evaluate your conversions with Google Analytics events via Zapier. Send call conversion data to Google analytics to have a holistic picture. 

Using this integration allows sending specified data to your account in Google Analytics. All data sent by CallPage can be accessed in Google Analytics: Behavior > Events > Overview > CallPage.

Google Analytics helps you to get a deeper understanding of your customers. It gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.

Step 1: Go to the customer panel in CallPage, choose integrations >> Create new integrations. Pick an app, which you want to integrate with your account.

Step 2: Choose Google Analytics from the list of available integrations, and select the widgets, on which you want to install the integration.

Step 3: Select a Property from the Account

Step 4: Select events which you want to be sent to your Google Analytics account, and click ‘Save’. 

Call failed
New message
Button hidden
Widget closed
Widget opened
Button clicked
Call completed
Call in progress
Live call created
New scheduled call
Digital call created

All data sent by CallPage can be accessed in Google Analytics:  

Behavior >> Events  >> Overview >> CallPage >> Event Action

Please note that the integration with Google Analytics varies depending on GA version There are three possibilities:

Google Analytics Universal

Global Site Tag

Google Analytics Legacy.  

If you need any more instructions with interaction, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.

We will help you with that.