LimeCall Integration with Google Adwords

Callbacks with Display Ad Campaigns Integrations To More Calls

Integrate with your display campaigns. Choose which audiences see the Limecall widget when visiting your landing pages. Take it further with custom widget and popup messaging per audience. You can simply do via Zapier integration.

In this article we’ll show you how to track certain events in Google Adwords.

Go to your conversions list in Google Adwords and click “add”.

Then select Website (as kind of conversion you want to track)

Then name your conversion e.g. LimeCall- callback request’ and fill in missing fields.

After clicking ‘create and continue’ you’ll be in ‘set up the tag’ section

It’s important that you select ‘click’ as the method to track conversions.

Copy the tag between <body> and </body> tags of the page to track and also insert

<script data-api-url=”” data-api-key=”$2y$10$c3dPHrHLvwKQw97sAgAtIOozUGf06GsUsQds7AoltMHIHTezBD3O” src=””></script>