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Call & SMS Settings

Add operators

Add or edit operators and consultants from your calls and schedule their availability.

Caller ID

Choose the number you want your customers to see when you call.

Custom company SMS

Send messages with your company’s name on them.

Custom SMS

Edit and write all the SMS you send to your clients.

Dashboard calls

Place calls straight from LimeCall’s dashboard.

Dialing time

Set a time for connecting with any client who has requested a callback.


Set an interactive voice response and automate your telephony system so it interacts automatically with your clients. 

Order calls

Set calls for later and send notifications to your clients so you can talk to them when you need to. 

Queue calls

Hold your customers on the line when your operators are busy.

Retry calls

Set up callback times for your visitors in case your call didn’t go through. 

Routing algorithm

Set random or simultaneous dialing sequences.

Schedule calls

Let your customers book their calls in real-time.

Schedule holidays

Set a timer for when your company or employees are on holidays or breaks.

Set working hours

Set office hours during which your consultants are available with a few clicks. 

Voice messages

Record and send autoresponder and custom voice messages to your clients.

Call Analytics

Access leads data

See all your data, even who spoke with your client and your client’s location. 

Call analytics

Show call status, numbers, and time period. Analyze missed calls, see who is busy, and who calls.

Call recording

Record your conversations with your clients for further analysis.

Conversion data

See how well your clients are converting in any period.

Customizable analytics

Choose your most important metrics and see them at a glance

Export data to CSV

Quickly export your data so you can use it elsewhere.

Sales rep reporting

Get timely insights and detailed data analysis.

Display Settings

AI-powered scoring

Automate AI-scoring rules and decide when to call your clients.

Button triggers

Determine when to show a callback button on the website.

Callback from website

Reach out to your prospects on the website regardless of the platform.

Data autofilling

When a lead lands on your website, a form fills automatically. 

Exit intent trigger

Set a callback form so it appears when your client is leaving your website. 

Geo & IP trigger

Check your clients’ location and IP at a glance. 

Inaction trigger

Send your clients a callback form if they’ve been inactive for a while. 

Merge widgets

Combine different widgets and display them in multiple subpages.

Mobile triggers

Activate triggers depending on your client’s actions. 

New/Old Trigger

Assign a score to your website’s visitors.

Night mode

Set a widget for after-hours.

Page targeting

Only show your callback widgets to the web pages you decide.

Switch to tab

Display the widget only when you’re clients have changed to a different tab.

Text interaction trigger

Score your visitors based on the actions they perform on your website.

Time trigger

Set your callback forms so they appear only after a certain amount of time.

Trigger upon click

Set a code so your clients get a form only after they click on certain parts or buttons.

UTM click

Track your source, mediums, and campaigns. 



Make notes with all the information your sales reps need about your leads so they can close their sales. 


Get info about your calls (missed, ongoing, ended, or scheduled) straight to your inbox.


Add your company departments to a custom widget and connect with your prospects and consultants. 

User roles

Give granular permissions to every member of your team. 


Blacklisted numbers

Add numbers to the blacklist so they can’t use your widget and request a callback.

Country blocking

You can block countries you don’t want to receive calls from.


Use permissions that we have prepared for you as required by GDPR.

IP blocking

Block the IPs that you don’t want to grant access your widget.

User permissions

Block access to certain data from unauthorized consultants.


Dedicated account manager

We help you with a dedicated account manager who will help you use LimeCall and set it up.

Help center access

Access our knowledge base at any time and get answers to your questions

Live chat support

Let our dedicated chat support help you if you ever need us. We’re here for you.

Personal onboarding sessions

We offer you individual onboarding sessions to walk you through the process. 

Phone support

Call us at any time and get timely advice about LimeCall.

Service-level agreement (SLA)

Our services are 100% guaranteed.

Widget Settings

Button animations

Animated buttons to attract the attention of your visitors

Custom button

Create your own buttons.

Custom eye-catching images

Attract your visitors with eye-catching images.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to collect relevant information about your customers.

Custom styles

Use CSS to customize your widgets to the fullest.

Dynamic text

Set up a dedicated text so you can track how your widgets are performing. 

Personalized popups

Personalize your popups with custom graphics, logos, or images. 

Personalized text

Edit your text to adjust to your business.

Personalized tooltips

Decide which content yo display before your customers click on the widget.

Personalized widgets

We help you personalize your widgets to get the most of your buttons.

Sound effects

Switch on the sound effects and get your customers’ attention.