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Text more customers. Drive more revenue.

Send one message to multiple contacts, no one can see who else got it. Replies come back to you, not the group

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How Text Annoucements Works?



Compose your message using our inbuilt text editor and preview it


Select/upload contacts

Send announcements based on tags, phone numbers, or use a CSV upload.



Choose to send the announcement right away or schedule it for a later date.



Respond and manage all your conversations and reply from our unified shared inbox on web and app.

Messaging that cuts through the noise.

Contact Lists

Send to a few people, multiple lists, all of your contacts, or anywhere in between with just a few clicks.


Watch sending status in real-time, and get helpful data like delivery confirmations, responses, opt outs, and more.

Import and Export Contacts

Upload opt-in contacts from an existing database or CRM, including “Custom Fields” data. Export at any time.

Boost sales with mass texting

With 90% of messages being read within three minutes, our online messaging platform and SMS gateway provides unparalleled reach and scalability for large organisations all over the globe.

Increase conversions and revenue with text message marketing campaigns. SMS is fantastic for promoting your brand, product or service.


Send critical updates fast

Reach people super-fast with time-sensitive updates. Send instant alerts to your entire contact list with a mass SMS blast. Or you can automate replies based on customer actions, like confirming orders or supplying tracking details.

Build relationships

Don’t settle for one-sided conversation: send texts in bulk and receive replies at no extra cost. Receive replies straight to your email or choose where replies get sent. Manage all conversations from one inbox.


We pair well with all your platforms.

Frequent Asked Questions

How Does the Free Trial Work?

LimeCall is a sales platform for businesses that rely on quality phone calls, texts, and new customers to grow and succeed. Our software gives customers visibility into their marketing efforts, so they know what’s working and what isn’t.

Whats included in the plan?

In addition to the features listed in each plan. Each user gets an inbox and a phone number if needed. If your team has five users your Limecall subscription will include fives shared inboxes, each with a phone number. They can be setup at any time.

How it 10DLC registration handled?

There is a $10 per month per campaign charge that covers all 10DLC registration and compliance for your Limecall account.

What if i go over text quota?

Your messages are pooled across all inboxes. If you exceed the number of messages you purchased, you will not be charged overages, instead you will be moved to the next tier of messages based on your usage. If you ever need to change your messages allotments, you can modify your plan to do so.

Whats your cancellation policy?

Subscriptions can be changed or canceled at any time. Cancellation requests will take effect at the end of the current billing period. Changes will go into effect immediately, with a prorated charge or credit issued.

How does pricing work?

Limecall offers plans based on features, and all plans have a two user minimum. When upgrading, select the number of users in your team and any add ons.

Customer Testimonials

Jeff G

Director of Digital Acceleration and Marketing Operations

I can buy #s, track the volume of calls by the dashboard, record calls. I like the ever-evolving call tracking functionality which has begun to get traction with our business. This product is extremely versatile. The development and management team is very responsive, and this product – in its various iterations is certain to be a winner.

Mahinour S

Senior Product Marketing

Since the implementation, we noted a significant increase in the efficacy of our sales team. No more missed opportunities with clients thanks to the call tracking feature.