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Use LimeCall to generate and capture qualified leads from
your site. Our HubSpot Integration will help manage
and convert your valuable leads.

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Drive More Sales With Lead Capture HubSpot Integration


The Widget

Install in 3 minutes. Instantly
Capture qualified leads
from your site


Integrate Your Leads

HubSpot integration takes less
than a minute. Your leads will
appear within HubSpot


Nuture Qualified Leads

With an 80% increase in qualified
leads, nature them through
your HubSpot pipelines


Boost Conversion

Congrats! You’ve successfully
converted those valuable
leads into sales!

Capture Leads - Make it Simple

Respond to leads before
their interest cools

LimeCall’s widget bridges the gap between your website visitors and your sales team. From a callback in just 28 seconds, a scheduled call, a text message, or even a meeting booking. All leads flow seamlessly into HubSpot to be nurtured.

Streamlined Lead Management

Keep all lead data in one place

LimeCall’s powerful HubSpot integration provides call details, meeting specifics, contact information, location data – everything automatically populates within your HubSpot CRM. This unified view empowers you to track every lead touch point.

Schedule Meetings

Book meetings from any device
with LimeCall’s Meetings

LimeCall Meetings integrates with your team’s calendars, allowing for one-click scheduling in
seconds. Both the lead and  your team receive
instant confirmation via email or SMS.

Conversions On Any Device

A callback widget on any device

LimeCall’s optimized widget appears subtly on any device, enabling visitors to initiate a call with a single tap, driving valuable leads into your HubSpot pipelines.

What HubSpot Users Are Saying About LimeCall

Jeff Simpson


As a HubSpot user, keeping our sales funnel flowing was a constant struggle. Manual data entry slowed everything down, missed leads due to delayed follow-up. Enter LimeCall! The HubSpot integration has been a game-changer. Call details, meeting specifics, and even UTM parameters automatically populate within my CRM, saving the team tons of time. Now, we have a complete picture of every lead touch point, allowing us to optimize our marketing strategy and nurture leads more effectively – all within the familiar HubSpot interface.
LimeCall and HubSpot have boosted our sales communication,
conversions, and overall efficiency.

Your HubSpot FAQs

Is LimeCall easy to integrate with HubSpot?

Absolutely! LimeCall offers a seamless integration with HubSpot that can be set up in seconds directly through your LimeCall Dashboard. No coding is required, so you can easily connect LimeCall’s features to your HubSpot CRM.

How does LimeCall benefit my HubSpot lead management?

LimeCall streamlines your HubSpot workflow by automatically capturing and storing lead data within your CRM. This includes call details, meeting specifics (like contact information, location, or event data), and even UTM parameters to track lead source. With everything in one place, you gain a complete overview of your sales communication and conversions within HubSpot.

How can LimeCall help me close more deals with HubSpot?

By capturing leads at their peak interest and offering them multiple ways to connect (calls, texts, meetings), LimeCall increases your chances of reaching leads when they’re most engaged. Additionally, the consolidated lead data in HubSpot empowers you to personalize communication and tailor your follow-up strategy for each lead, ultimately boosting your conversion rates.

Does LimeCall offer a free trial for HubSpot users?

Yes! LimeCall offers a free trial so you can experience the benefits of integrating it with your HubSpot CRM. Try it out and see how LimeCall can streamline your lead management and boost your sales communication.

Will LimeCall slow down my HubSpot CRM?

No. LimeCall is carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with HubSpot without impacting its performance.

Where can I learn more about using LimeCall with HubSpot?

LimeCall offers extensive resources, including tutorials and documentation, to guide you through the integration process and help you leverage LimeCall’s features within your HubSpot CRM. You can also visit their website or contact their HubSpot Expert team for further assistance.

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