Lead Management System

Close more deals, faster. Grow your business.

Streamline sales efforts for faster deal closings, improved profitability, and stronger customer relationships by creating a centralized hub. Keeping your teams on the same page with LimeCall’s CRM.

  • Capture, qualify, and route leads
  • Visualize your sales pipeline
  • Customize, objects, fields, stages and more
  • Empower your teams with our mobile apps



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Why choose LimeCall's Lead Management System?

Smart Choice for Value

Get modern, powerful features in a platform,
but skip those enterprise prices.

Scale with Ease

LimeCall’s CRM is built to scale. It can grow with you
with unlimited possibilities.

CRM for Happy Teams

Easy to implement and use across your entire organization, every day.

Fully Customise Processes

Your CRM, your way. Boost sales by customising objects, fields, stages built for you.

Sales Pipeline & Lead Management

Start acting on leads and create more opportunities.

Capture every detail you need to qualify leads effectively. Smart Lead Distribution automatically assign leads to the right team. Real-Time Deal View, empower your team with a clear view of every deal’s progress.

Lead Tracking & Opportunity Management

Lightning-fast velocity through your sales process.

Gain valuable insights into what drives your business and identify potential risks. Manage opportunities in custom-built pipelines. Drive more velocity through every stage of the sales and delivery process.

Customer Relationship Management

Build Stronger, More Profitable Relationships.

Consolidate all customer information into a single source of truth. Streamline communication, empower all teams to deliver exceptional experiences. Build stronger relationships & accelerate business expansion.

Your CRM, Your Way

A tailored CRM solution for success

Configure your CRM to perfectly match your business processes. Intuitive tools allow you to easily personalize LimeCall. No need for expensive developers, saving you time and money. Achieve outstanding business outcomes with a system built for you.

Performance Dashboards & Reporting

Real-Time Insights, Drive Better Decisions

Charts and reports with the data that matters most.  Track key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance. Make informed choices based on real-time business insights. Eliminate delays with one central data hub.

Start Using Your LimeCall Lead Management System In Minutes

Add The Widget

Add a simple code to any website in minutes to instantly connect your Lead Management System.

Customise Your Sales Process

Customise every object, field, and tags to perfectly align your CRM and Pipeline to your business.

Ready To Go!

You’re good to go! Every lead and all data captured empowering team to effectively nurture deals.

Try LimeCall's LMS To Instantly Increase Conversions


Increased Lead Conversion Rates

Improve lead conversion rates by up to 80%. Turn more leads into paying customers.


Improved Sales Team Productivity

Boost sales team productivity by +40%. Close more deals in
less time.


Shortened Sales Cycles

Shorten sales cycles by 25%. Faster time to close deals and generate revenue.

24/7 Customer Support

Real support from real people! We are available via live chat and email throughout the day to help you with anything you need.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

LimeCall is efficient and easy to use. So, if you are not completely satisfied after the first month, we’ll refund your payment.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Click to Call and what is LimeCall?

Click to Call is a feature on LimeCall, a marketing platform for businesses that rely on quality phone calls, leads and new customers to grow and succeed. Click to Call allows you to easily place calls to your website visitors through the LimeCall dashboard, which is designed to give you insights about your marketing efforts.

Can I increase sales with LimeCall & Click to Call?

Yes! Decrease the time it takes to reach out to your potential customers by connecting with them while they are still on your website. This allows you to contact them while they are still interested in your product and increases your conversion rates.

Is Click to Call free?

LimeCall offers you a free 14 day trial period, after which you can choose any one of the paid plans we have.

Can customer use Click to Call via phone?

The Click to Call button is compatible with all devices. Be it a computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile, your customers can instantly launch calls from any device.

Will I be able to access calls later?

All calls are recorded and can be easily accessed. This not only helps you monitor the quality of your conversation but also protects you against fraudulent claims.

How do I install Limecall on my website?

You can use a simple code on your website or directly integrate with LimeCall. Reach out to our Support team for more information.