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Generate More Leads for Contractors, Remodelers, & Builders

Homeowners want to connect with your construction business with ease. A kitchen remodel, a new roof, an extension, or another construction project. Capture more leads, increase quotes and boost sales.

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4 Reasons Why Your Construction Business Needs LimeCall


80% Increase in calls

Increase the number of high
quality leads generated


200% Increase in conversion

Increase conversion rates
of the website


400% Increase In satisfaction

Increase your review scores with positive fast responses


140% Increase in sales

Convert site visitors into
valuable projects

Connect to leads Instantly with callback

Cut your response time to 28 seconds, increase conversion by +140%

LimeCall powers teams to answer inquiries and quote requests within seconds, keeping leads engaged and moving them closer to a conversion.

Business SMS with Web to Chat

SMS makes connecting
with leads easy

Send texts to customers from within LimeCall. Answer questions direct to their phone from your website, even automate booking confirmations and follow ups.

Pre-Construction Scheduled Calls

Simplify bookings with
LimeCall’s meetings

Keeps clients engaged and drives sales. Clients book call directly – all from their computer or mobile device. Capture their project details in advance, streamlining the process for both the client and your team.

Instant Slack Notifications

Maximise efficiency between
clients and teams

Keep your teams in the loop and in sync across all projects. Client conversations organized in searchable threads. Keeping everyone on the same page and conversations flowing smoothly.

Customer Testimonials

Ian Sinclair

Founder & CEO

Before LimeCall, missed calls, lost voicemails, and a chaotic communication flow plagued our firm. LimeCall’s magic lies in its automatic callbacks ensuring we connect with every lead, its business text messaging keeping client communication clear and efficient, and its seamless Slack integration keeping our entire team on the same page with instant notifications. LimeCall’s transformed the way we connect with clients, collaborate internally, and ultimately win more business.


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