Customer Support Software

A Modern Help Desk That Helps You Do More With Less.

Chatbots, self service tools, automated campaigns, and more. That’s what we call a customer service dream team.

I Want To…


Use A Shared Inbox To Respond More Quickly


Automate Replies With The Help Of Chatbots


Build A Self-Service Knowledge Base To Minimize Requests

Automate Replies And Provide Instant Answers Using Chatbots

Use Chatbots To Answer Standard Questions

Customer wants to know about your pricing plans, or set up a product demo? Set up a chatbot to deal with that – no coding experience required.

Point Customers To Relevant Help Docs

You’ve spent all that time and effort on crafting help docs, so don’t let these go to waste. Connect your docs with your help desk and start recommending relevant articles to your customers.

Auto-Assign Conversations For Fast Follow-Ups

Set up auto-assign rules for customers who have questions that are outside the scope of your chatbots.

Build A Self-Service Knowledge Base To Minimize Requests.


Allow Customers To Search Your Knowledge Base Using Messenger

To minimize friction, give customers the option to search your knowledge base within the Messenger Home, before they initiate a chat.

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Find The Right Articles Within Seconds

Search your knowledge base from within your team inbox, and share relevant articles with your customers in a matter of seconds.

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“With LimeCall’s help, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in support volume, a 46 minute faster response time and our CSAT score is up to 89%.

Jared Morris,


Import your existing docs to get up and running

Migrate your public knowledge base from Zendesk, Help Scout and Desk with a click of a button.

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Track And Improve Customer Support Efforts.


Generate Help Desk Reports Filled With Actionable Insights

How long does it take your team to respond? When is your team slowest to respond? How can you improve your response quality and speed? Help desk reports tell you all that, and more.

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Limecall helps us build a better customer experience. It resolves 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations!”

Andrey PM,


Get Customer Feedback On The Helpfulness Of Your Articles

Encourage customers to share feedback on your help docs with easy-to-use reaction features.

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Track And Oversee Chat Volume

Keep an eye on the number of chats started by customers, the number of sent replies and closed conversations, and more.

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Learn Where Your Help Docs Are Falling Short.

Identify the topics that people searched for but didn’t find. Address the gaps in your knowledgebase, so that you know what to write about next.

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“Limecall helps us build a better customer experience. It resolves 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations!” Andrey PM, LimeVPN


Can more than 1 person work on something simultaneously?

Yes, Need a colleague to take over? @mention them and they’ll get notified immediately.

Does Limecall support Group Conversations?

There’s no need to be a messenger pigeon. Add multiple people (both customers and colleagues) to a conversation, so that you can work through issues faster. Speed Up Support Requests With Group Conversations.

So how does my price compare to a normal Pro plan?

Normal pricing for the Pro plan is $150 per month, which comes with three seats. When you add that up, its a total of 1800$ for the year. On the startup plan, you only pay $188 for the year. That’s a 93% discount!

Can I Reply To Messages From Multiple Channels In The Same App?

Log into your Limecall help desk to reply to messages from all channels, including email, chat, social, and more.

Does Limecall support Easy Access To Chat History And Background Notes?

Your team inbox shows you the customer data of whoever you’re talking to, plus the team’s last three conversations with them. So, Easy Access To Chat History And Background Notes