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Engage Customers To Increase Deal Size, Boost Customer Lifetime Value, And Ensure Loyalty.

“Limecall helps us build a better customer experience. It resolves 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations!” Andrey PM, LimeVPN

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Segment Customers Effectively


Onboard New Customers


Track Customer Engagement Efforts

Track And Fine-Tune Your Customer Engagement Efforts.

Measure And Track Goals

Set goals, and track how many people convert after reading your messages.

A/B test messages

Come up with multiple variants of your messages, and test which one resonates the best with your customers.

Advanced Reporting

Get advanced analytics and data that tell you which messages are performing, and which are not.

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Increased Sales and Brand Loyalty

Live calls will speed up your customer service and positively impact your sales. Use Live Callback to assist your visitors exactly when they need it. This means more purchases and a higher average order value.

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Solve customer troubles Quicker

Instant solutions in actual time. Instant Callback and Live Web Calls are the quickest manner to assist your customers. And they’ll experience it, too.

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“With LimeCall’s help, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in support volume, a 46 minute faster response time and our CSAT score is up to 89%.

Jared Morris,


Boost customer retention

Customer retention is a key factor for the growth of any business.

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Delight Your Customers And Win Them Over For Life


Team management - Manage teams quickly

Manage your teams quickly and at a glance using LimeCall’s team management feature

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Limecall helps us build a better customer experience. It resolves 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations!”

Andrey PM,


Lead Routing - Connect the right agent to the right customer

Connect the right agent to the right customer as quickly as possible. Lead routing enables you to connect your customers faster and route them to where they have to be.

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Lead Qualification - Identify Best-fit Potential Customers

Send calls to the right place with LimeCall’s lead qualification software and keep your customers engaged and in the loop.

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Qualify leads based on different criteria

Avoid transferring your customers to multiple reps and give them a hassle-free experience so they’re never uncared for. Qualify your leads based on any criteria you choose

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Achieve More with Limecall


Can I Segment Customers using Limecall?

Target your customers based on the actions they took on your website, their browsing history, and more. Achieve Granular Targeting using Limecall.

Do I get a Message Editor with Limecall?

Craft beautiful, mobile-friendly messages to push across various channels. Dynamic Message Editor.

Can I send One Message via Multiple Channels?

Yes, you can Trigger messages via multiple channels, including email, text, push notifications, and more.

How does Message Delivery works?

Limecall Automatically sends messages at the most optimal time, without any guesswork. Optimized Delivery with Limecall.