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Callback is a website widget that connects your customer with a sales rep in 28 seconds. Customise the Callback widget to fully match your site design and appears at the appropriate time, inviting your visitors to make a call.

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What does the callback widget solve?

Increases the number of call requests

Callback motivates your site visitors to connect with your company and increases the number of requests by an average of 80%.

Increases customer loyalty

You will instantly wow every customer and increase trust in your company as you promised to call back in 28 seconds, and you kept that promise.

Speeds up the processing of requests

Your team do not need to waste time processing requests via a form and call back each customer. With callback, the connection is automatic.

Reduces operating costs

Streamlining operations and reducing costs are crucial for success. Callback is a strategic approach can shave a significant 20% off your operating expenses.

Customize the appearance of your Callback Widget

Choose the style, size, location of the callback form, and add custom text. Choose the style, shape, size, location, and color of the icon.

Recording and listening to calls

All calls made via the callback widget are recorded securely in LimeCall. You can listen to them at any time to control how sales  Teams process requests.

Calls tagging

LimeCall automatically segments calls into categories. You can also customize your call categories and tag them manually.

Reports on calls via callback

Analyze statistics on calls made via callback using the call log and custom reports.

How does the callback widget work?

The customer visits the company's website

They have questions about
the product or service,
price, delivery terms, etc.

Enters the phone number in the widget

The widget doesn’t disturb the visitor as it appears at the appropriate time, offering to book a call.

28 seconds later, they talk to the sales team

And they immediately find out the answers to their questions, and in many cases, place an order!

Real Impact, Real Results


Improve Engagement

LimeCall’s callback widget can increase
your engagement by X3!


Improve Conversion

Capturing and instantly managing
leads will increase conversion rates.


Reduce Response Times

Shorten response times by instantly
interacting with new leads.

24/7 Customer Support

Real support from real people! We are available via live chat and email throughout the day to help you with anything you need.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

LimeCall is efficient and easy to use. So, if you are not completely satisfied after the first month, we’ll refund your payment.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Why add a callback widget to my website?

  • Convenience for Visitors: Skip the phone number hunt and connect instantly. No need to pay for the call either!
  • Boost Conversions: Increase leads by up to 80% (based on our case studies!). The callback widget is a great way to nudge hesitant visitors to reach out.
  • Warm Leads & Happy Customers: Callbacks connect you with highly interested visitors (9-10 calls are from warm leads!). It also reduces bounce rates by giving unsure buyers an easy way to get answers.
  • Wow Factor & Increased Loyalty: A quick callback offer builds trust and shows your commitment to customer service.
  • Data & Insights: Track callback requests and identify the best performing advertising channels with compatible call tracking services.
  • Secure More Sales: Don’t let “think-about-it-later” turn into forgotten leads. A callback option can help convert those considering a purchase.
  • Advanced Customization: Personalize the widget’s appearance, display conditions, and call routing with LimeCall.

How does the LimeCall callback widget work?

  • Visible During Business Hours: Set the widget to display only when your team is available.
  • Easy Request: Visitors click the widget button or a form appears after a set time on your site. They simply enter their number and choose to be called back within 28 seconds.
  • Smart Routing: Depending on your settings, the system calls your sales rep first, then connects them with the waiting customer.
  • Fast Connection: Your customer gets a call within 28 seconds of requesting a callback.

Can I use a LimeCall callback widget on social media forms?

Yes! The callback feature can be integrated with any link, button, or form, including social media. See our blog article or contact support for setup help.

Can I disable the LimeCall callback widget on certain pages?

Absolutely! Contact support to exclude specific website pages from displaying the widget or auto-callback form.

What happens if a rep is busy or unavailable?

No worries! The callback system uses multichannel numbers, so any available sales rep can answer the call. You can also set the widget to display only during business hours to avoid missed connections.

Still have questions?

Our live chat specialists are happy to help! Just reach out using the chat option on the right or email