Customer Acquisition Software

LimeCall helps you put the customer at the center of your business with customer acquisition software and tools.

  • Provide lightning fast support to quickly solve customer troubles
  • Call when it suits them — let your customers request immediate callbacks
  • Boost customer retention and watch your business grow
  • Qualify leads automatically, saving your sales team time to seal the deal


“With LimeCall’s help, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in support volume, a 46 minute faster response time and our CSAT score is up to 89%.“ Jared Morris, Outreachplus

You Can Use Limecall For


Acquiring Leads


Qualifying Leads


Tracking Funnel

Want to generate leads faster than you can close?

Drill Down To Highly Specific Customer Segments

Target website visitors by how many pages they’ve accessed on your website, how long they’ve spent on your website, or their referring source.

Unlock The Power Of Account Based Marketing

Craft personalized messages to welcome your ideal customers, and fast-track their accounts to the sales team.

Enrich And Enhance Your Existing Data

Use Limecall’s data enrichment feature to reveal insights about leads, and gain valuable context.

Our Benefits will help you find your needs better


Increased Sales and Brand Loyalty

Live calls will speed up your customer service and positively impact your sales. Use Live Callback to assist your visitors exactly when they need it. This means more purchases and a higher average order value.

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Solve customer troubles Quicker

Instant solutions in actual time. Instant Callback and Live Web Calls are the quickest manner to assist your customers. And they’ll experience it, too.

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“With LimeCall’s help, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in support volume, a 46 minute faster response time and our CSAT score is up to 89%.

Jared Morris,


Boost customer retention

Customer retention is a key factor for the growth of any business.

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Identify Your Hottest Leads And Schedule Meetings.


Qualify Leads Automatically

Trigger pre-determined questions to your leads to qualify them, then route your hottest leads to the sales team.

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Limecall helps us build a better customer experience. It resolves 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations!”

Andrey PM,


Schedule Meetings With Zero Fuss

Automatically schedule sales meetings without any tedious back-and-forth.

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Sync Data And Updates Automatically

Sync all your data to Salesforce, HubSpot, or your CRM of choice.

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Delight Your Customers And Win Them Over For Life


Does Limecall Automatically Route Leads?

Based on account owner, location, and deal size, Limecall automatically routes and assigns leads.

Can I Jump On A Call Without Leaving Limecall?

Limecall comes with in-built call apps (including Aircall and Google Meet) to help you connect with your leads more efficiently.

Can I Follow Up With Personalized Pricing Information with Limecall?

Using the Stripe integration, one can send personalized pricing offers to your leads, and move them further down the sales funnel.

Can I Warm Up Leads Using An Automated Drip Campaign with Limecall?

Trigger hyper-personalized email campaigns to your leads, and immediately stop messages when a lead signs up.

Can I get Notifications, Even When I'm On The Move?

Use Limecall’s iOS and Android apps to get notified about hot leads (and respond to them immediately) while on the move.