Empowers Your Customers With Conversation Scheduling

With conversation scheduling, your customers can select a future time to receive a call-back. Easy for them. Easy for you.



Improving Customer Experience Has Never Been Easier

1 . Fully Customizable to Your Contact Center
2. Improves Customer and Agent Experience
3. Smooths Out Spikes in Call Volume
4. Differentiates You From the Competition
5. Promotes Agent-First and Customer-First Approaches
6. Prevents Long Lineups in Your Call Center Queue

When should you call a customer back? Let them make that call.


Minimize call volume. Maximize customer experience.

Offer scheduled call-backs up to 15 days in advance with LimeCall Visual IVR and Programmable Call-Backs.

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Make scheduling easy on the customer and your contact center.

Whether you regularly experience peak periods at your contact center, or occasionally have spikes in call volume, call-backs can defer calls until volumes are more manageable.

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Customers can schedule call-backs for a time that works for them.

Offer scheduled call-backs for 7 days in advance on the phone, or 15 days via LimeCall’s Visual IVR and Programmable Call-Backs.

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Smooth out call spikes in your call center.

Customize time-slots during business hours — or after hours — that customers can choose from. Limit the number of callers who can opt-in for each time slot.

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