Call segmentation

Provide voice support when it’s needed.

Receive relevant calls from your recognized customers.

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What LimeCall resolves for you:

Identified customers

Focus on the right audience to offer a direct voice support.

Customers Segmentation

As your customers are connected or authenticated in your site. You can easily segment, e.g.: VIP, 2nd priority or minor priority. Then assign the best support channel to each segment.

Journey Segmentation.

Select relevant journeys or pages to offer a voice channel: added value product, shopping cart, conversion funnel, and more.

Take your pipeline to the next level

Grow your pipeline faster with our Call Segmentation:

  • Set your availability to receive calls when an agent is working.
  • According to the customer segment, calls will be routed to the right agent.
  • Agents receive calls requests directly in Zendesk with the customer’s information before picking up the call. Leverage the use of Google Analytics to gather more data for each call.
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