Tips To Conduct A Stress-free E-Commerce Business in 2020

LimeCall Team

November 2, 2020
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‘’By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce.’’

It is of no surprise that E-commerce is a business that has the capability to flourish better with each passing year, however, despite this, there are still issues such as cart abandonments taking place.

Meir Fox, a content strategy writer shone light on this issue stating,

‘’With $4 trillion worth of merchandise predicted to be abandoned in digital carts next year alone, cart abandonment has become a burning issue that e-commerce organizations can no longer afford to ignore.’’

The E-commerce industry is not being taken seriously by multiple brands because with issues such as cart abandonment rising higher, an assumption is created sharing the common ideology that the world is going digital so prospects will buy and that it’s alright to skip one or few cart abandonment issues. 

Whether it is cart abandonment or another issue, you need to work on enhancing your e-commerce business better rather than your competitors and the years to come.

For this to happen, you have to change the way you exhibit and conduct your business online.

For this to take place, you will need an efficient guide that will help you understand better:

  • The purpose of your e-commerce action
  • And how to excel in pushing your e-commerce business as a top brand

This guide will be of help to you because it contains the information that can help you to get started on the right foot:

What to expect?

1 . Benefits of E-commerce

2. Examples of how to conduct efficient E-commerce actions in 2020

3. Tips to grow your E-commerce business better in 2020

4. Expert opinion/tips on the E-commerce industry

Let’s get started.

Before we can get started, it is important that you understand the purpose of this action which is why we will remind you once again of the purpose of your investment in the E-commerce industry.

Benefits of E-commerce

1. Engage with multiple prospects anywhere

The best factor about E-commerce is that it helps you to engage with multiple prospects no matter where they are. The restriction of engaging with only the local prospects will be eliminated. With e-commerce, you’re engaging with prospects across the globe which gives your brand the liberty to close more sales deals of potential prospects. 

Since the restriction of prospects is eliminated, your brand tends to grow better. 

2. Setting up a business is easier

If you had to set up your business via a physical shop, the costs would be double as you would have to pay for rent, electricity, maintenance, and more. With e-commerce all of these expenses are eliminated as all you need is a website and you are great to get started with. Your entire business is taken care of with prospects visiting your website and being captured with the information you exhibit about your brand and the product. 

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3. Expenses spent the right way

With e-commerce as stated earlier, the expenses are less. Your expenses will be focused more towards the advertisement and promotional sector. You will be spending on creating social media presence, showcasing blogs and posts, investing in ads such as Facebook ads, and more.

E-commerce business process
E-commerce business process
E-commerce business process

Also, your focus would be on how you can exhibit your website better to your target audience out there. 

4. No restrictions to purchase timings

Your prospects want convenience when it comes to making purchases. They should be able to have the time to make purchases when they want, have the time to see every item well, and compare prices. This all can’t be done in a physical shop but with e-commerce this is possible. You can go on to shop even at 3 am in the morning, mid-morning, and anytime you’re free to do so. 

E-commerce makes purchasing and investing in a brand better and more easier. With detailed information and no restrictions, e-commerce brands like yours can benefit well in terms of lead conversion rates. 

5. Convenient shopping experience

E-commerce business process

To achieve success for any e-commerce brands, providing better customer experience matters. Providing a better customer experience includes multiple factors in which one is catering to leads as and when they reach out to you. You need to be present or rather provide a solution that makes your prospects feel that you will assist them sooner.

With e-commerce, this is possible because with solutions such as callback solutions, live chats, and more, engaging with prospects as and when they arrive on your website is possible. With e-commerce websites, you even have the option to make shopping convenient by helping prospects add their purchase item to the cart immediately. 

Prospects also have the liberty to check out recommendations and suggestions to enhance their purchasing investments. All of these actions contribute to an enhanced and efficient customer experience which is exactly what e-commerce aims to deliver. 

Now that we have your purpose reminded about your investment in the e-commerce industry, let’s help you understand better how you can enhance your e-commerce selling better with examples you can learn. 

Examples of how to conduct efficient E-commerce actions in 2020


This is what your suggestion page should look like. The whole agenda of a suggestion page is to make the prospect invest more into your product. Hence using quality images and suggesting products that your prospects are searching for will compel them to explore and eventually make an investment. 


This is another great example of a good website design. The use of designs, quality images and colour makes the website refreshing and attractive to see. The colour white for fonts to add an extra impact on making the website better. The right use of colour is gentle to the eyes and captivating at the same time.


The content on the website itself describes well about the product. It helps to create better visualization and the short content is simple to understand, explains better about the product, and uses good visuals to give you a better understanding of the product. 

While these examples have given you a better impression and understanding of how you can exhibit and conduct your business, having a list of techniques that can confidently help you do better with your ecommerce business would also help. 

Tips to grow your E-commerce business better in 2020

1. Write the truth in your content

Do you know that multiple brands always write the wrong content?

The sell statements which are not true. Such as they would say that ‘’the product can help to solve this issue’ but in reality, it doesn’t. You need to exhibit to your prospects the true value your product holds. You need to frame content that will help your prospects understand what your product is all about and the value it holds. 

2. Make use of Ads

Facebook ads or Instagram ads conduct the process of exhibiting your product as seen in the example below. 

They help to exhibit and showcase your product in a great light. Have you caught yourself scrolling through a social media channel and then stopped to see an ad? This is exactly what will help your product receive more exposure from your target audience. 

Mike Pisciotta, Co-founder of Marketing Your Purpose stated on this topic,

‘’Take control of your Facebook Ads.

Use what I call the “ad stacking method,” which is a heavy focus on segmenting every single visitor based on actions they do or don’t take on your ecommerce store and then placing the right message in front of them at the right time based on where they are in the conversation, AKA your marketing funnel.

Instead of leaning on Facebook’s algorithm for advertising success, set up your ads using custom audiences, inclusions, and exclusions, so you can show an ad based on what action they have or haven’t taken yet.’’

In E-commerce promotional activities, ads are more effective as you can target your audience and customize accordingly based on multiple factors such as location, age, roles, and multiple other factors. 

3. Exhibit customer feedbacks and testimonials

If your friend recommends to you a brand saying that it is great and it works well, you would consider that brand. This is the same practice that is applied to your prospects as well. When you exhibit customer testimonials where the prospect is speaking about your brand and the experience they have shared with it, it works as a great factor to capture your new prospects. 

4. Create urgency in your content

Have you heard the taglines, buy right now or lose out on 50% discount, make your purchase soon, limited offer, shop right now?

These are all statements used to create urgency.

The purpose is to get prospects to make a purchase immediately so that they don’t change their mind. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that your prospects want to make a purchase but are not very sure about investing in a product, when they see such taglines, they will immediately make the investment because they will receive that product for less.

5. Offer Money back guarantee

If you believe that you can force your prospects to retain their attention towards your brand? This might not work well. You need to give your prospects the ability to take the risk and then if they are not satisfied they can receive their money back. While this may seem a loss for your brand, it actually isn’t.

What happens here is you are giving a better impression to your prospects, one being you are confident about your product that you are willing to offer a money-back guarantee to your prospects, and secondly, you prioritize your prospect’s satisfaction and your aim to deliver just that. 

6. Focus on selling to target audience only

There are multiple prospects that will come to your website. But not all those prospects will add value to your brand, only certain prospects will be converted as a sales lead for your business. It is important you research and understand who is your target audience and categorize them so that your content and marketing tactics will always be effective. 

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7. Work on your cart abandonment rates

‘’ E-Commerce Brands Lose $18 Billion in Sales Revenue Each Year Because of Cart Abandonment .’’ Cart abandonment is the process where prospects add the item to the cart but then walk away for multiple reasons such as their attention would have diverted, or they would have waited for long to make the purchase, and more.

E-commerce business process

This is one of the most common issues in e-commerce business but this can be eliminated by applying the following steps:

  • When you’re aware that a prospect has left the cart, you can send a personalized email asking them to complete the purchase. You can even mention the product they left behind so that they remember
  • You can even try to add a small discount to get your prospects to complete their purchase
  • You can have pop-ups to push the prospect to make the purchase
  • You can also create multiple different kinds of email follow-ups so that you can push your prospects to complete the purchase

8. Use great images for your website

When you use average images your product tends to look unattractive. 

Using high-quality images to exhibit your product can help to bring your product in the right light. It would capture your prospect’s attention and make them click the page to explore it more. 

E-commerce business process

9. Make use of better communication channels

There are multiple communication channels available which you can use at the bottom of your website so that when your prospects come to your website they can engage with you better and quicker. There are multiple communication channels that are being used such as cold calls, live chats, and even callback solutions.

E-commerce business process

These channels ensure that whenever your prospects have queries they are catered to quicker so that the prospect’s attention is retained to explore further. 

10. Sell the value of your products

Your prospects will never invest in your brand until and unless they see a value. If your prospects have a need and they realize that your solution doesn’t do the job, they won’t invest in your product. When you exhibit your product value you are increasing the chances of sales being closed quicker. 

While you have the tips and examples of performing better in your e-commerce business, we would like to share more information about you from the experts of the e-commerce world. Their success tips can help you achieve your e-commerce growth better.

Expert opinion/tips on the E-commerce industry

1. Lon Safko, CEO of,

‘’Be everywhere.

You need to have all of your pages SEO’d with great content and really good images that have been tested.

You have to have a strong presence on Facebook, and depending upon your product, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.’’ 

2. Eric Yonge, CEO of EYStudios,

‘’Use the full force of digital marketing to get people to your site but then make sure it is VERY easy for people to add to cart – the more buttons or steps it takes to checkout, the more likely people are to abandon their cart.’’

3. Emil Kristensen, CMO & Co-founder of Sleeknote, 

‘’My top piece of advice would be to continually look to grow your email list with quality leads.

Ecommerce companies are often at the mercy of Facebook and Google, and if they decide to make changes to their policies you could end up significantly worse off.

Another benefit of having an email list of relevant leads is that it supports repeat purchases.

In a world where competing on price is becoming the norm, being able to directly contact customers to encourage repeat purchases is more important than ever.

Finally, qualified email leads allow for abandoned cart emails to be sent out.

Not only does this reduce the amount of revenue lost due to a purchase not being completed, but it also enables you to take advantage of further upselling opportunities.’’

4. Shayla Price, B2B Marketer,

‘’Email marketing holds the answer for online brands with a desire to increase their sales.

Right now, most companies possess tangled email systems with stale subscriber lists and poor follow-up sequences.

Start by segmenting your lists to send personalized messages to your audience.

You also want to create workflows that adjust with the subscriber’s behavior.

There’s power in your email list.

Use it to boost your sales.’’

5. Casey Armstrong, CMO of Shipbob,

‘’Make the purchase and checkout process as easy as possible.

With so many 1-click buy options, such as PayPal, Amazon, and Apple, you need to reduce as much friction as possible.

After that, make sure you offer next-day or 2-day shipping.

For more complex sales, using electronic signature software can boost your average sale price by 18%.

Don’t give people reason to not buy when you can control these factors and don’t give them a reason to start searching elsewhere.’’

6. Cory Barnes, Digital Marketing Manager at Kelty stated,

‘’Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

You can drive all the traffic in the world to your site, but if your conversion rate sucks, it’s all for naught.

Take a hard look at every aspect of your site.

  • What could be better?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • How does it look on mobile/tablet?
  • How fast is it?
  • What do your customers/users think?

Get unbiased opinions.

Not everyone’s going to agree, so test.

Test, test, test.

Keep the process going all the time.

It isn’t good enough to redesign your site every few years.

You must be making improvements all the time.’’

7. Ryan Mckenzie, CMO at My Passion Media stated,

‘’Work on increasing your average order value and lifetime value of your existing customers.

Focus on the ascension process in your ecommerce business.

This process is critical for maximizing sales from customers.

Here are 4 ways that you can do this:

  • Optimize the uptake of your order bump.
  • Optimize the conversion of your upsell sequences.
  • Create and sell continuity programs to your customers, like “subscribe and save” offers.
  • Consistently send bonding/storytelling emails with soft sells.

When you can get the ascension process optimized and performing well in your business, you can now afford to pay more per customer, making it easier to advertise, scale, and outbid your competition on ads.’’

8. Alex Birkett, Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot,

‘’This is commonly spouted advice but it’s rarely followed: get to know your customers better.

Talk to them, or at least survey them.

Invest in strategic measurement and analysis work.

Find the gaps in your user experience and run experiments to try to fix them.

More generally, become customer-centric (and not just by saying you’re customer-centric, but by making this the cornerstone of any tactic you implement).

I don’t know how you could possibly go wrong with this approach.’’ 

9. Jason Boyce, Co-founder and CEO of Dazadi,

‘’In this day and age you cannot spend enough time reading your own product reviews and improving your products based on that “boots on the ground” feedback.

If you aren’t iterating with every reorder of your product, you’ll never build a brand online.

The days of spending massive amounts of money for brand awareness to push mediocre products is over.

Listen to the customer and improve your products so that your product ratings and sales improve.

Having great products with great service will build your brand.’’

10. Vladimir Gendelman, Founder and CEO of Company Folders, Inc.

‘’The No. 1 tactic to increase sales for online brands is to form a connection with your customers.

So many businesses miss out on this because they are too busy thinking of themselves.

Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by providing content that helps your audience to be more efficient and effective at their jobs or in other aspects of their lives.

Provide articles, infographics, videos, etc. that answer their questions in a comprehensive in-depth way no one else is doing.

Because our content provides information that’s in high demand, it establishes trust so that more and more of our online audience members come to us as customers.

Storytelling is at the Heart of Scaling Your Success.’’

The Bottom Line…

‘’93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online.’’

And will continue to do so with the rise in the online business world.

Your E-commerce business is bound to grow with the tips and information stated above, so what do you have to say about this article?

What technique do you intend to get started with first?

We would like to hear from you, to reach out to us, just tweet.

, November 2, 2020, LimeCall Team

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