Top Tools for Customer Support (2021)

Team LimeCall

July 24, 2021
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How much do you invest in your tools for customer support

Even more than your marketing team? 

Probably, no. 

Hubspot’s data says 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a B2B company, the importance of good customer service is often overlooked – and that’s where all the mistakes take place. 

Did you know?

Businesses lose $2378 each second due to poor customer service.

Indeed, the importance of a great marketing strategy and sales goals cannot be overstated. However, if good tools for customer support don’t back such excellent strategies – everything is in vain. 

According to reports, approximately 76% of consumers look at customer service to test their value to a brand.

In case you are in a B2B, and your goal is to upgrade sales – customer service is going to be your ultimate backbone. In the long run, customer service will promote your strategies, retain customers, and generate prospects and ideal leads.

Here’s what you need to know about the tools for customer support. 

  • Most customer service tools have comparable highlights – knowing the channels your customers and backing specialists depend on are fundamental.
  • The right customer service software should supplement your customer experience and back them up with info – not confound them.
  • Your inbox and help desk software ought to be the highlight around which any remaining work processes circle, incorporate, and turn.

For example, you are starting a clothing brand – what do you need first?

Well, word of mouth. 

And who will give you that? 

Great marketing, along with good customer service.

Once your brand reaches people door-to-door, people will try to reach your brand. And, WHO they reach out to – makes all the difference.

If you have a customer service who is well-aware of your brand, greets customers well, and informs you regarding the services and products – then, congratulations – you just got a prospect!

In this article, we’ll talk about the significance of customer service. Then, we will consider the best customer service tools and customer support software that the start-ups and budding B2Bs can use to guarantee upgraded customer support and produce more grounded associations with individuals.

Why do we need tools for customer support?

Do you think it’s possible to walk without legs? No. Then how will it be possible to run a business without good customer support? 

However, without some good customer support tools, it is impossible to impart such a great service to your customers. 

These extraordinary customer support tools enable businesses to organize, manage and track requests made by customers by using only one platform.

The goal of any business is development and growth. But as the customer base grows, the number of problem reports also grows.

You need to know that it is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Statistics show that 51% of customers will never do business with the company again after one negative experience.

What makes a good customer service tool?

Following are some of the questions that you may ask yourself before choosing a particular customer support software for your business.

Is it effective enough?

How characteristically does the product resolve the issue it’s intended to settle? Is it an independent tool, or does it need any other service to support itself? 

Is it value for money?

Does the tool give you the right benefit for your investment? Does it satisfy a need, or is it just something that is a trend and popular to have? Will the product profit both your customers and your customer service group? 

Is it convenient?

Can the product be effectively set up? Is the product keen and easy to use? Will the product be simple and preferred by your customer service specialists to use as a component of their everyday work process? 

Whenever you have responded to these major inquiries and are happy with the appropriate responses, you can securely buy the tool without a second thought.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

  1. It helps to view the points of difference 

In a cut-throat commercial space where organizations seek customers, and customer fulfillment is viewed as a key differentiator. 

Organizations that prevail in these relentless conditions are the ones that make customer fulfillment a critical component of their business system. 

Here is an example of where customer fulfillment turns up at ground zero.

Picture two businesses that offer the same product. Which one will you choose over the other one? 

If you had one recommendation for a business, would you give away your option? Well, maybe. 

So, how does that recommendation initially begin? More likely, it’s on the back of a good customer experience.

Companies that offer amazing customer experiences create environments where satisfaction is high and customer advocates are plenty.

Not only can customer satisfaction help you keep a finger on the pulse of your existing customers, but it also works as a point of differentiation for the new ones.

2. It expands the customer lifetime esteem 

Fulfillment assumes a critical part in how much income a customer creates for your business. 

An examination by InfoQuest tracked down that a ‘completely fulfilled customer contributes 2.6 times more income than a ‘fairly fulfilled customer.’

Moreover, a ‘completely fulfilled customer contributes multiple times more income than a ‘fairly disappointed customer.’ 

For instance, you may have an expense for each obtaining of $500 dollars and a CLV of $750. 

That is a half ROI from the marketing endeavors. Presently envision if CLV was $1,000. That is an exact 100% ROI.

3. It lessens negative word of mouth

A troubled customer distinguishes between 9-15 individuals about their experience. 13% of miserable customers educate more than 20 individuals regarding their experience. 

What amount will that influence your business and its standing in your industry? 

Customer fulfillment is firmly connected to income and rehash buys. What frequently gets neglected is what customer fulfillment adversely means for your business. 

To wipe out awful informal, you need to gauge customer fulfillment on a continuous premise. Following changes in fulfillment will assist you with recognizing if customers are content with your item or service. 

4. It’s the main marker of buyer repurchase goals 

Customer satisfaction is the best marker of how reasonable a customer will buy later on. Requesting customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale from 1-10 is a decent method to check whether they will become rehash customers or even backers. 

Any customers that can give you a rating of 7 or more can be considered fulfilled, and you can securely anticipate that they should return and rehash buys. 

Customers who can give you a rating of 9 or 10 are your potential customer advocates who you can use to become evangelists for your organization. 

Scores of 6 and underneath are notice signs that a customer is troubled and in danger of leaving. These customers should be put on a customer watch list and followed up so you can decide why their satisfaction is low.

5. It’s less expensive to hold customers than secure new ones 

This is presumably the most announced customer satisfaction measurement out there. It costs six to multiple times more to secure new customers than it does to hold existing customers.

If the stats do not strike an accord with you, there’s not much else we could do in order to explain why the satisfaction of customers is so potential.

There’s a lot of costs to acquire customers. The marketing team and you probably spend a thousand dollars to get the attention of the prospects, nurture them into leads, and close them into sales.

Benefits of Choosing Exceptional Customer Service Tools

  • Promotes self-service 

Customer service stages empower your business to generate basic information and effective management, saving the assistant’s time and giving customers the information they need. 

Did you know that 63% of customers consistently or quite often begin looking for an organization’s online info when they have an issue? 

Additionally, you can follow how your customers utilize your insight base to assist with educating further self-service upgrades. 

  • It enables organizations to scale more 

Customer service applications give a business the force of a customer-driven approach. At the end of the day, they empower an organization to develop and scale considering the necessities of its customers. 

At one point, simple tools like spreadsheets aren’t sufficient to work with. However, without team effort among your group, keeping up with undeniable degrees of customer satisfaction as your business seems almost inconceivable. 

  • Empowers modest groups to accomplish more 

The speed of ‘first reply’ is one of the greatest influencers when it comes to customer satisfaction. With so many service channels and the eventual interest growth for personalization, service specialists need customer service applications to assist them with responding and resolving issues quicker.

  • Drives customer satisfaction and devotion 

52% of customers make a special effort to purchase from brands they’re faithful to; more devotion normally implies more deals. At the point when service specialists have the data and tools they need to give quick, customized reactions to customers – they can convey better service. 

With better service, your customers are less inclined to stir and bound to become steadfast purchasers. By working with further developed service, customer service software can assist your business with developing fulfilled, faithful customers. 

  • Encourages a consistent specialist experience 

Customer service tools help specialists access and utilize the customer data they need, when and where they need it. These tools additionally work with greater cooperation, including shared inboxes and more noteworthy productivity that eases out work processes. 

The outcome is – specialists that are more ready and inspired to give better customer care. All that prompts more prominent efficiency, saving the business’ time and assets.

What are some of the best customer support tools?

There is a wide range of support software options, so we broke down the best in each category.

Tools to Manage Email Tickets



$50/agent/month billed annually

$69/agent/month billed annually

It happens to be a great tool when it comes to managing the email tickets by the customers and also comes up with customized email responses. The application also lets you personalized website forms, which again generate email tickets containing every customer’s unique details.

Creating these forms is easy – and all you have to do is – drag and drop from the library’s relevant information. The particular application also allows the customer support team to take screenshots, directly embed them in emails, and record videos regarding issues.



$50/agent/month billed annually

$69/agent/month billed annually

Groove is an assistance platform that spotlights in aiding your customer service team to oversee email tickets and operate effectively. Team individuals can follow and focus on email tickets and record subsequent meet-ups.

Your support team can see the communication history of the customers, access an information base of the customers’ reactions, so they don’t need to raise new messages for each ticket, and even interact with the customer administration team to share assignments effectively.

Internal Resource Management Systems


Pricing: Starts from $19.65/user

Whatfix is a platform intended to make a typical customer information base. It happens to invest considerably more in making inner assets so you can utilize locally available new team individuals and make it feasible for your customer administration team to determine tickets. 

It can likewise make archives for customers to fix their issues yet in return for its more thorough interior data from the system.



KnowledgeOwl Subscription – $49/month (1 knowledge base and 1 user)

Additional Knowledge Bases – $30/month

Additional Users – $20/month

Making a typical knowledge base for your support team can be similarly imperative to customer satisfaction as a ticket management or software platform. 

Such a knowledge base permits your team individuals to effectively get to the assets they need to respond to the customers’ questions and resolve any issues your customers may have. 

KnowledgeOwl allows your customer to support team make inner assets and create guides at the same time and different archives to share with the customers to determine normal issues.

Live Chat Tools

HappyFox Chat


Starter- $29/mo, Unlimited Agents, 500 Chats per month

Growth – $49/mo, Unlimited Agents, 1,000 Chats per month

Scale – $149/mo, Unlimited Agents, 5,000 Chats per month

Scale Plus – $299/mo, Unlimited Agents, 20,000 Chats per month

HappyFox Chat is another basic, devoted chat for the executives’ management. It likewise offers an amazing assistance work area software platform that flawlessly incorporates their chat support programming. 

So, whether you are looking for both an assistance work platform and live chat, the HappyFox suite is a genuine competitor.



Starter (Small office/Home office) – $16/mo, per agent, billed annually

Team (Full-time support team) – $33/mo, per agent, billed annually

Business (Customer service department) – $50/mo, per agent, billed annually

Speaking with customers continuously, without facing any problems, is what every customer support dreams of. Additionally, customer satisfaction with live chat support brings the metrics higher. 

LiveChat is an extraordinary method to add live chat to your multi-channel support without purchasing totally different software assistance programming. 

It keeps the customer support measure as straightforward as could be expected, permitting your support team to visit with customers and produce tickets dependent on the conversation in one simple-to-utilize platform.

Call Management System



Free Trial

Pay-As-You-Go – Starts at $0.09/message

Monthly – Starts at $7.50/month

Proactive communication is crucial to genuine customer satisfaction, and Call-Em-All makes it simpler than at any other time. 

Call-Em-All allows your customer administration team to create mass calls and messages, which allow you to communicate with your customers rapidly and proficiently to take care of any customer support issues. 



ESSENTIALS – $30/user per month billed annually

PROFESSIONAL – $50/user per month billed annually

Indeed, even at an advanced age, numerous customers need to determine their issues with a call. Aircall is a virtual call community that associates your customer administration team with your customers progressively, regardless of their location area.

It hardly takes seconds to set it up and connect to your tools. Once done, it will surely gain you greater visibility and enable the estimated productivity of your team members.

Help Desk Tools



Suite Team – $49 per agent/month billed annually

Suite Growth – $79 per agent/month billed annually

Suite Professional -$99 per agent/month billed annually

Zendesk is the platform where every conversation converts into an experience. With the personalized Zendesk Suite, greeting customers anytime, anywhere is not anymore a great deal. Besides, the additional qualities of its customer support team and technical features ensure the smooth functioning of the information across channels. 



Sprout (For getting started) – FREE, UNLIMITED agents

Blossom (For standard support) – ₹999/agent/month, billed annually

  • ₹1,399/agent/month, billed monthly

Garden (For getting efficient) – ₹2,599/agent/month, billed annually

  • ₹3,299/agent/month, billed monthly

Estate (For stellar performance) – ₹3,599/agent/month, billed annually

  • ₹4,999/agent/month, billed monthly

Forest (Perfect for enterprises) – ₹7,199/agent/month, billed annually

  • ₹8,999/agent/month, billed monthly

Freshdesk not just makes it simple for customers to find support and for your colleagues to convey that assistance; however, it additionally urges your support team to exceed all expectations to guarantee utmost customer satisfaction.

What makes Freshdesk exceptional, however, is its capacity to connect with your customers. It has a unique system called Freshdesk Arcade, which highlights ticket goal leaderboards and customizable honorary rewards that let you put out objectives and compensations for your customer service team.


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to business and especially – when it comes to serving customers. Thus, you cannot indeed expect all from any one of the best customer support tools – because each one is best in its own arena. So, no matter which tool you end up choosing, make sure it is benefitting your business and keeping your customers satisfied. 

, July 24, 2021, Team LimeCall

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