Lead Distribution Systems – How Different Industries Use Different Systems?

LimeCall Team

October 29, 2020
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‘’80% of marketers that use automation software drive increased leads (as much as 451% more), and that 77% of them convert more leads than those that don’t use automation.’’

Technology is growing and it will continue to grow by providing multiple unique solutions that will help your brand grow in a refined and efficient manner in the year you’re currently residing. 

Lead generation is a common topic and one of the most prioritized sections for any business. Your leads are important but as the years pass by, capturing leads, and then convincing them to invest in your brand becomes difficult.

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The most common reason for the lack is not being able to cater to prospects at the right time. 

Imagine, you come online and you have to wait for an hour and a half just to get one small reply for your query. Wouldn’t this create a bad impression of the brand in your eyes?

This is exactly what you need to avoid if you’re looking to excel in your lead generation tactics.

‘’Leads are 9x more likely to convert when businesses follow-up within 5 minutes’’ and if this was achieved, there is no turning back for your brand.

Luckily for you, we have one ultimate solution that can help you cater to your leads quicker as well as get their query answered on spot without any hassle.

This article exhibits that solution and much more:

1. What is Lead Distribution?

2. Benefits of using Lead Distribution for your brand

3. How do different industries use lead distribution systems?

Let’s get started.

What is Lead Distribution?

Lead distribution is the process of assigning a lead to the right sales rep.

lead distribution

Let’s understand this with an example:

Now you have a query, you contact the brand to seek a solution. How many times have you stayed on call for long just to connect with one sales rep? 

When you connect with one sales rep, you realize that this sales rep can’t help so the transfer of the call to another sales rep makes you wait again a little longer?

If this process is taking place for a bigger issue clarification it is understandable, but if you want answers to a small question such as price quotations and more, do you think waiting for a minute longer is acceptable?

We are living in 2020 and also in an era where anything and everything is available with one click of a button, so when technology has made it this easy to get anything, why should waiting over a call still be traditional?

This is exactly what Lead distribution aims to eliminate.

With lead distribution, all you need to do is conduct the lead distribution process in such a manner where all the leads that are present are being routed immediately to the available sales rep.

lead distribution

This will help every lead to be catered better and the common issue of waiting hours is reduced or eliminated completely.

Let’s understand better the perks of having or rather investing in a lead distribution system.

Benefits of using Lead Distribution for your brand

1. Lead assigning is better

When a lead arrives at your website, that lead can be assigned to a sales rep who is available currently. Since your sales reps will have fixed schedules as per their work every day that makes it easy for them to cater to any leads that match their scheduled timings.

This process is great because the opportunity to increase lead conversions will be higher. 

All the leads that arrive at your website aren’t completely valuable leads for your brand, so sales reps cannot assume which leads are great and skip the rest.

With Lead distribution every lead is being catered to at the right time, hence ensuring that no potential leads are being missed out. 

2. Response time is reduced

Instead of making the prospects wait for hours together to just connect with a sales rep lead distribution ensures that the waiting is reduced to seconds. Just when a sales rep is available, the prospect is immediately connected to them without any delays. Hence the response time is reduced significantly. 

3. Better customer experience

What counts in offering a better customer experience?

A better customer experience means catering to the leads in the expectations they have from your brand. It could be solving their issues, catering to their needs, listening to them, guiding them well, not making them feel that this is a sales call, and more. There is another factor that contributes to a better customer experience, faster lead engagement.

When prospects are catered to quicker and the right solution is being offered to them, you’re already working your way to a better customer experience for them. 

4. Let’s you track and analyze for better performance

Your lead distribution can only be successful when you’re able to enhance your lead routing service to them better. For this to happen, you need to continuously track the performance and create strategies that can help you perform better in your lead catering process. 

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Let’s understand this with an example:

You can try to ensure that the leads are being routed to the right sales reps by making them list out their issues or questions better instead of them having to speak to one sales rep only to be directed to another. 

Lead distribution’s presence can cater to multiple industries and make an impact there also. Let’s understand how such industries can be enhanced better with the use of lead distribution.

How do different industries use lead distribution systems?

1. Real Estate industry

lead distribution

When you buy a home, you don’t just see a picture and invest, you ensure that you go on multiple calls in order to get an advisor on line in order to help them guide you to the right property. With multiple buyers ready to invest in a property, getting over a call can be tedious as one catering to one lead at a time can make other buyers wait, and secondly, the conversations are going to be longer hence missing out on leads who refuse to wait this long.

With the use of the lead distribution, multiple things can be conducted such as:

  • Based on the prospects queries, they can be routed to the specific sales reps that can help them
  • Guiding all types of leads to the sales reps based on the sales reps schedule so that no leads are being missed

2. Financial Industry

The finance industry is difficult to industry. The words being used can be understood by some prospects while for other prospects they could speak a feeling of being lost. Finance revolves around understanding the purpose of investment which means that your prospects would prefer communicating over call to make decisions.

So if you have just one person to cater to all your prospects, this technique will not work like that one person wouldn’t have much expertise on all the queries. Understanding this, using a lead distribution process here would be better. With lead distribution, based on the queries, the leads can be catered to the right sales reps, also feedback can be collected so that the advisor can be better in offering great advice during the engagement. 

3. Education Industry

Education plays a vital role in your career hence for any parent or student getting the right information about choosing their career path matters. To enroll in a college or high school or more, you cannot have just one phone call to cater to all. If the parents realize that it is difficult to get a minute query resolved from an education institution, they will move away to a one that can cater to them better.

In order to avoid this, making use of lead distribution systems matters. What a lead distribution system would do is it would ensure that all the queries are segregated so that based on the questions, the lead is directed to the right rep. Here, with queries being resolved quicker, there will be more leads investing in the institution. 

4. Travel and Hospitality Industry

What is the first thing you do when you decide to plan your next vacation?

You would head to the travel websites to check out any discounts on prices, accommodations, and more. There are multiple options in front of prospects, so if you even miss out on minute seconds to reply to prospects, they are going to go away to your competitors. In such cases, what can you do?

Your leads are going to want to explore and learn more about your hotel or how they can arrange to stay in your hotel, they will have such minute queries that need to be resolved in such cases if you cater to the via lead distribution, don’t you believe that it would make a difference in your lead count?

5. Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is another crucial industry that needs lead distribution as well. Despite the fact that everything can be accessed online, patients will always prefer a call any day. The whole agenda of the call is to have a more personal touch and get appointments and booking confirmed once again.

In such cases, if this task becomes tedious, it can cause a distaste in the minds and mouths of your patients. Hence it is advised that using lead distribution, catering to patients can become easier, and communicating to book appointments or speak to doctors falls on the right track always. 

6. Marketing teams

Your marketing strategies will help you capture leads. Previously the marketing teams would give the lead details to the sales rep so that the sales rep can cater to them better. What the sales reps would do is cater to the leads captured. In such cases, there were few instances where lead was missed out accidentally. This eliminates the chances of capturing the right leads.

If the lead distribution was being used, then the above mishaps wouldn’t happen as the leads would be directed to the right sales rep, and engaging with leads becomes a wholesome and efficient process. 

7. Sales teams

As a sales rep, waiting long hours to reply or revert to a lead is a bad sign that you could lose out on them. It would always be preferred if you had engaged with the leads on time. This can be conducted when you have a lead distribution with you. As stated earlier, the leads were given to the sales reps by the marketing team, and then sales reps manually reach out to leads.

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Lead distribution skips this step by ensuring that the leads are routed to the sales teams accordingly so that no leads are being missed and lead conversions are taking place quicker. 

8. Customer success teams

Your customer success deals with leads after the sales reps have taken care of them. There are instances where customer success teams do play an impact in closing deals. In such instances, wouldn’t it be great if you had lead distribution where the information provided by the feedback forms can help the customer success team cater to leads better?

This would contribute to better lead engagements and closing of leads much quicker. The lead distribution process has an option where you can collect vital information from feedback forms. This information can help the person managing the team which in this case is customer success, understand a little more in detail about the lead and customize the experience better for them. 

The Bottom Line…

‘’79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of nurture is the main cause for this.’’

And this issue has been eliminated with the rise in automation systems especially lead distribution systems that make lead engagement more actionable and better.

While you are now aware that automated systems such as lead distribution makes a good impact on sales deals, there are also other solutions that can make an impact on the lead generation process and do much more than just being a lead distribution solution.

If this caught your attention, you can head here to start exploring. 

Also, we would love to hear your inputs on this topic, to reach out to us, tweet us

, October 29, 2020, LimeCall Team

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