Healthcare Marketing – Best Trends in 2024

Vincent Hawley

April 23, 2024
15 minutes to read

We all know rocking a stellar marketing strategy is key to building your brand and connecting with awesome patients. But with the industry constantly evolving, keeping up with the latest trends can feel like dodging dodgeballs while blindfolded (been there!). Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

The Patient Playbook for Healthcare Marketing Success

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into 14 fantastic trends that will help you skyrocket your healthcare marketing strategy:

Lights, Camera, Action!:  

Video content is hotter than ever.   Patients love engaging, informative videos that explain procedures or answer common questions.  Think explainer videos, patient testimonials, and even behind-the-scenes snippets to show your practice’s personality.

Schedule Like a Boss: 

Make appointments a breeze with online scheduling!  Patients can book their slots 24/7, saving them time and you a headache.  It’s a win-win!

Gamify Your Practice!  

Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?  Healthcare gamification can boost engagement with educational apps or reward programs that incentivize healthy habits.  Think points, badges, and leaderboards – it’s surprisingly effective!

Speak Up and Be Heard!  

Voice search is on the rise, so optimize your website and content for voice queries.  Think natural language keywords and questions patients might ask with their fancy voice assistants.

Social Butterfly Bliss: 

Don’t underestimate the power of social media!  Connect with patients on platforms they frequent, share valuable health information, and build a community.  Just remember, keep HIPAA in mind!

Healthcare Apps: Your Pocket-Sized Ally:  

Healthcare apps are booming, offering patients appointment reminders, medication tracking, and even virtual consultations.  Partner with relevant apps to reach patients where they already are.

Website Wow Factor:  

Your website is your digital storefront.  Make it user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing.  Don’t forget to include clear calls to action, like “Book an Appointment Now!”

Omnichannel Magic:  

Think of omnichannel marketing as creating a seamless experience for patients across all platforms – website, social media, email, etc.   A cohesive brand message everywhere strengthens trust and recognition.

Local SEO: Be the Neighbourhood Hero: 

Local SEO helps patients in your area find you easily. Optimize your website with local keywords, claim your Google My Business listing, and get those positive patient reviews rolling in!

AI Power Up!  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting smarter, and healthcare marketing is no exception.  Use AI to personalize patient communications, recommend relevant services, and streamline your marketing efforts.

Building Trust Like a Brick Wall:  

Building trust is essential in healthcare.  Focus on creating valuable content, addressing patient concerns, and showcasing your expertise.  Transparency is key!

Inclusivity for All:  

Make sure your marketing materials are inclusive and accessible to everyone.  This means using clear language, diverse visuals, and catering to different abilities.

Reputation Management Matters: 

Your online reputation can make or break you.  Actively manage your online reviews, address negative feedback professionally, and showcase the positive experiences you provide.

Boost Your Practice with These Top Trends!

Phew! That was a whirlwind of awesome healthcare marketing trends, wasn’t it?  Remember, you don’t have to implement everything at once.  Start with a few trends that resonate with your practice and your patients, and watch your marketing magic unfold!  And hey, if phone calls are still a big part of your patient interaction (we know they are!), LimeCall can help you streamline that process too.

Marketing Trends To Help in Patient Acquisition

Video Marketing for Patient Love in 2024!

Videos are like superheroes in the healthcare marketing world!  They can explain tricky medical stuff, show off your awesome practice, and even connect with patients on a human level.

Think about it: tours of your facilities, heartwarming patient testimonials, or super informative explainer videos – all way cooler than just plain text, right?   Plus, with everyone glued to their phones and tablets these days, videos are a slam dunk for reaching potential patients wherever they’re hangin’.

The Mayo Clinic, for example, totally crushes the video game with over a million YouTube followers.  They use vids to teach patients about everything from organ donation to battling cancer.  But it’s not just facts – they build real connections with viewers, making them feel like they can trust the Mayo Clinic if they ever need help.

So, even if you can only create a few educational videos for YouTube or social media, that’s a fantastic start!  Grow your audience over time, and watch the patient love roll in!

Online Scheduling: Making Appointments a Breeze for You & Patients!

Next up on the healthcare marketing must-haves list: online scheduling!  

This super convenient feature is quickly becoming the norm for patients who want to book appointments on their own time, no phone calls required.

Bigger healthcare organizations jumped on the online scheduling train first, but guess what? Smaller practices are totally catching on too.  Why? Because letting patients book appointments 24/7 is a win-win!  

Our blog on online scheduling “Why we love meeting schedulers and you should too” even dives into some eye-opening stats: 67% of patients prefer booking online, with a whopping 40% of those bookings happening outside of regular office hours!

So, why is online scheduling such a game-changer for your healthcare marketing and advertising? Here’s the lowdown: it’s efficient, it’s convenient, and it meets patients exactly where they are – online and ready to schedule that appointment!

Gamify Your Health Journey! Fun & Rewarding

Healthcare is getting a major upgrade, and it’s all thanks to something pretty awesome: gamification!  Imagine this: turning your health goals into a fun, interactive experience – that’s the magic of gamification in healthcare marketing.

Here’s the deal: with healthcare gamification, medical apps use game-like elements (think points, badges, or even leaderboards!) to reward patients for sticking to their medication schedules or making healthy choices.  This translates to a win-win!  Patients have a more engaging experience, and healthcare organizations see a boost in medication adherence and overall healthy behaviors.

But why exactly is gamification such a big deal for healthcare marketing?  

Well, it completely revamps the patient experience while helping healthcare providers achieve better health outcomes for everyone.  That’s a double thumbs up!  Plus, gamification uses interactive challenges and rewards to keep patients engaged – a major goal for many healthcare providers and marketers diving into the world of digital transformation.

Think of it as a brand new tool in your digital healthcare marketing toolbox.  Gamification is a fantastic way to build patient loyalty and keep them coming back for more.  For medical practices, it’s a golden opportunity to create stronger connections with your patient base and get them actively involved in their own healthcare journey.

Need an example of gamification in action?  

Look no further than Virtually Better!  This company’s healthcare marketing strategy is all about offering a suite of apps and VR programs that turn health challenges into interactive adventures.  For instance, they have an app that uses fun game elements to help parents and kids conquer bedtime battles.  Talk about a win for everyone!  Virtually Better even offers a VR program to help nurses build resilience and an app to support families managing childhood anxiety. Pretty cool, right?

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is exploding in popularity, especially with folks between 25 and 40 – a whopping 58% of them use it!  This means it’s time for your healthcare website to speak their language, literally.

How do we do this voice search magic?  By using long-tail keywords that sound like natural conversation.  Think about how people actually talk when they need healthcare info.  They might ask, “Hey doc, what’s the closest clinic open right now?” instead of typing “clinic near me” into a search bar.  So, by optimizing your website content with these real-life questions, you’re setting yourself up for voice search success!

Social Media Savvy for Healthcare Marketing

Social media isn’t just about funny cat videos anymore (although, those are pretty great too). It’s actually become a go-to spot for people searching for healthcare services and facilities.  So, listen up, because your social media presence needs to be rocking!

Here’s how healthcare marketing crushes it on social media:

Share the Love with Patient Stories: 

Showcase real patient experiences (with their permission, of course!), highlighting positive outcomes and the amazing care your practice provides.

Influencer Power! 

Team up with social media influencers who can spread the word about your practice and keep your content engaging for your target audience.

Platform Power: 

Use Instagram for those behind-the-scenes glimpses into your awesome practice. X (old Twitter) is fantastic for quick updates and news flashes. And TikTok? That’s your platform for fun, informative healthcare videos that will have people learning and laughing at the same time.

The ultimate goal here is to build connections and show the human side of your healthcare practice. After all, people connect with people!

Speaking of connections, let’s chat about a stellar social media campaign.  A few years back, Carilion Clinic in Virginia totally rocked it with their “Yes, Mamm” campaign on [platform formerly known as Twitter]. This innovative social media strategy aimed to boost breast cancer awareness and highlight the importance of early detection.  

They used the hashtag #YESMAMM to get people talking, hosting Twitter chats to answer common breast cancer questions and directing users to their website for more info.  This campaign is a shining example of how platforms like X can be powerful tools for connecting with the community and educating them on critical health issues.  Pretty impressive, right?

Healthcare Apps: Your Pocket-Sized Patient Powerhouse

Healthcare apps are having a major moment, and for good reason!  These handy tools make it super easy for patients to manage their health right from their phone or tablet.  Imagine booking appointments, getting health tips, or even checking your medical records – all with just a few taps.  That’s the magic of healthcare apps!

But it’s not just a win for patients.  Healthcare providers can also leverage these awesome apps to stay connected with their patients, send appointment reminders, and offer ongoing support.

Need an example of a healthcare app that rocks?  Look no further than Doctor On Demand!  This app makes getting medical care feel like a breeze.  With Doctor On Demand, you can chat with a psychiatrist about a concern, manage your medications to stay on track, or even get some relief for a cold – all from the comfort of your couch (or wherever you happen to be!).  Plus, Doctor On Demand is available 24/7, so you can get the care you need whenever you need it.  No wonder it gets such high ratings from users!

Website Wow Factor: Design & Content That Converts 

Let’s talk websites!  Did you know a whopping 38% of people bounce from a website if it looks blah or the content is, well, boring?  That’s a big yikes!  Your website needs to be eye-catching and keep visitors engaged – think of it as the digital front door to your amazing practice.

Here’s how to create a website that wows:

Regular SEO Check-Ups: 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like giving your website vitamins – it helps people find you online. Regular SEO check-ups make sure your website is healthy and ranking high in search results.

Navigation Nirvana: 

Imagine a website so easy to navigate, your grandma could find what she needs in two clicks. That’s the goal! A user-friendly website with clear menus and intuitive design keeps visitors happy and exploring.

Content is King (or Queen!): 

Filling your website with fantastic content is like adding sprinkles to your healthcare marketing sundae. Think blog posts, articles, and videos that are informative, engaging, and maybe even a little bit fun. Focus on what patients want to know and deliver the info in a clear, helpful way (with a dash of personality, of course!).

Speaking of stellar websites, let’s give a shoutout to Mountain Health. Their website is a shining example of how to make healthcare information easy to find and understand.  They offer their website in multiple languages, making it super accessible for a diverse patient base.  The design is clean, modern, and easy on the eyes, plus navigating the site is a breeze.  Finding services, locations, or booking appointments is a cinch – just what you want from a healthcare website!  See? Website magic is totally achievable!

Omnichannel Magic: A Seamless Patient Journey

Imagine this: a patient finds your website, follows you on social media, and even uses your healthcare app – all in one day!  Omnichannel marketing in healthcare makes sure all these touchpoints connect seamlessly.  Here’s the deal: it’s all about creating a smooth, consistent experience for patients no matter how they interact with your practice.  Website, social media, apps, even in-person interactions –  omnichannel marketing keeps things unified and avoids any confusing mixed messages.

Why is this important?  Because people bounce around!  One minute they’re browsing on their phone, the next they’re on their laptop.  A unified approach ensures your healthcare brand is easily recognizable and stands out, no matter which device a potential patient uses.  Think of it as a healthcare marketing orchestra – all the instruments (platforms) playing beautifully together to create a harmonious patient experience.  Pretty cool, right?

Local SEO Superpowers: Be the Neighbourhood Hero!

We’ve talked about spreading the word across multiple platforms – social media, emails, your website – all working together to get your message out there loud and clear.  But there’s another piece to the puzzle: local SEO.  Think of it as a beacon, guiding potential patients in your area right to your doorstep (or website!) when they’re searching for healthcare options.

Local SEO is all about making sure you show up high in search results for people looking for healthcare practices nearby.  This way, more people discover you exactly when and where they need to –  looking for a fantastic healthcare provider in their own neighbourhood!  That’s a win-win!

AI Marketing Magic: Personalized Care Goes Digital 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is like having a genius marketing assistant on your team, one who can predict your patients’ needs before they even know it!  By analyzing patient data (always following HIPAA regulations, of course!), AI helps you tailor your digital marketing strategies, campaigns, and messages to each individual.

Imagine sending out health tips that are like little nuggets of golden knowledge, perfectly suited for each patient.  Or think about sending appointment reminders that magically appear just when someone’s due for a check-up.  AI makes this personalized approach a reality, ensuring patients feel valued, understood, and truly cared for – even in the digital world.

Building Rock-Solid Trust with Patients

Building trust and value with patients is more important than ever in healthcare, especially for practices going independent from insurance plans.  So, how do you make patients feel confident and secure in choosing your practice?

The Trust & Value Recipe:

Personalized Care: Treat each patient like the unique individual they are. Tailor your approach to their specific needs and concerns.

Speak Their Language: Your messaging should be clear, consistent, and directly address patient needs. Speak to them, not at them!

Shine a Light on Your Strengths: Highlight what makes your practice special! Showcase the benefits of choosing your services and how you stand out from the crowd.

But it’s not just about information overload.  It’s about making patients feel truly seen and valued.

Cleveland Clinic: A Trust & Value Superstar!

Cleveland Clinic is a shining example of how to build trust and value with patients.  Their patient-centered care approach is evident right from their homepage.  They go the extra mile to ensure patients feel heard and respected.

Here’s how they rock it:

  • Easy Access: Finding doctors, booking appointments, and accessing health information is a breeze on their website. No more digital maze for their patients!
  • Expert Team: They showcase their team of highly qualified experts, highlighting their dedication and experience.
  • Active Listening: Cleveland Clinic emphasizes the importance of truly listening to patients’ needs before recommending treatment plans.
  • Trust & Recognition: High trust scores and national recognition go a long way in reassuring patients they’re in good hands.
  • Innovation Focus: Their commitment to research and innovation ensures patients have access to the latest cutting-edge treatments and clinical trials.

By focusing on this patient-centered approach, Cleveland Clinic sets a powerful example for building trust and value in healthcare.  After all, when patients feel seen, heard, and cared for – that’s a recipe for a successful healthcare experience!

Inclusive Healthcare Marketing: Making Your Website Shine for All

We all know the feeling: you visit a website, and it’s like navigating a digital jungle gym blindfolded. Not exactly user-friendly, right?  Well, making sure your healthcare website is accessible to everyone isn’t just a nice thing to do – it’s essential.

The latest updates from the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 3.0) set the bar high: all websites should work for everyone, regardless of ability.  This means considering how people with visual or hearing impairments, or any other disability, can access and navigate your website with ease.

The good news?  Even small changes can make a huge difference.  Think adding clear text descriptions to images, or making sure your text has enough contrast against the background colour.  These simple tweaks can completely transform your website’s accessibility.

Humana: A Website That Welcomes Everyone

Humana’s website is a textbook example of user-friendly and inclusive design.  They follow accessibility guidelines that specifically help users with vision impairments who rely on screen readers.  

The website uses clear, concise text and high-contrast images, ensuring everyone can find the information they need quickly and easily.  Pretty awesome, right?

By prioritizing inclusivity and accessibility, you’re making a statement: your healthcare practice welcomes everyone!  This doesn’t just feel good, it’s also smart marketing –  a website that’s easy to use for everyone means reaching a wider audience and building trust with potential patients.

Online Buzz: Reputation Management Matters

In today’s digital world, online word-of-mouth is king, especially in healthcare.  What people say about you online –  good or bad –  carries a lot of weight.  That’s why actively managing your online reviews and patient feedback is absolutely crucial for keeping your reputation sparkling clean.

Here’s why reputation management rocks:

  • Positive Reviews Attract New Patients: Think of glowing online reviews as neon signs, attracting new patients who are searching for a fantastic healthcare provider.
  • Negative Feedback Fixer: Even the best practices get the occasional negative review. The key here is to respond quickly and thoughtfully. Show patients you care about their experience and are committed to resolving any issues they might have. A thoughtful response can turn a negative situation into a positive one, demonstrating your commitment to excellent patient care.

By keeping an eye on what people are saying about you online, you stay in control of your practice’s narrative.  This proactive approach ensures you keep attracting the patients you want to serve and build a rock-solid reputation for your healthcare practice!

Healthcare Marketing Makeover: Trends That Wow! 

Feeling a little lost in the world of medical marketing?  Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone!  But fear not, fellow healthcare warriors – we’ve got you covered.  By incorporating these hot trends into your marketing mix, you can reach more patients and deliver the care they need in a way that resonates with them.

Here’s the secret sauce: being present on the platforms your patients use, and doing it in a way that feels natural and welcoming.  Think digital spaces, phone calls, or super-convenient apps – every touchpoint is an opportunity to connect.

The ultimate goal?  Making healthcare more accessible, personal, and responsive to patients’ needs.  By using the right approach, your healthcare organization can build rock-solid trust, amplify your reputation, and shine bright in a competitive market.

Ready to take your healthcare marketing to the next level?  

LimeCall is here to help!  Our suite of tools is like a magic kit for connecting with patients seamlessly.  We’ve got everything you need, from instant callbacks to online appointment scheduling, to make patient communication a breeze.  

So ditch the marketing stress and focus on what you do best – providing exceptional healthcare!  LimeCall: we’ve got your back (and your marketing)!

It’s Time to Shine!

Feeling fired up to transform your healthcare practice?  We are too!  By implementing these powerful healthcare marketing strategies, you’ll be well on your way to connecting with more patients and delivering the amazing care they deserve.

Here’s the exciting part: LimeCall is here to support you every step of the way on your journey to a more connected and patient-centered marketing strategy.  We have a treasure trove of resources waiting to be explored, packed with tips, tricks, and expert advice to help you conquer the world of healthcare marketing.

So ditch the marketing stress and focus on what you do best – providing incredible patient care!  LimeCall is your partner in healthcare marketing success – Let’s get this show on the road!

15, April 23, 2024, Vincent Hawley

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