Why Should You Say NO To Increasing Customer Service Calls In 2020?

LimeCall Team

September 25, 2020
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If you think that speaking to prospects over the phone is a great way to increase the prospect’s satisfaction rate, you need to know that you’re wrong.

Your living in 2020 and the one thing you need to learn or rather understand by now is that speaking to prospects over a call is not required or needed in this lead generation circle of 2020.

Technology has grown and with its growth emerged multiple brilliant solutions that can help your business grow better in 2020. Think of it this way when you indulge in modern communication mediums, you are doing yourself and your brand a favour that can cost you better success growth.

All of this growth can be yours if you focus on reducing customer service calls.

How can we help you?

By educating you and guiding you on how this can be done.

What will you read in this article?

1 . The need to reduce customer service calls

2. 6 Steps to reducing customer service calls that can earn your positive brand success results

3. What to do if your phone still rings despite reducing your customer service calls?

This information can shift your brand from good to best in seconds.

We promise you this information will give you all the reasons for you to dwell in this process without a doubt.

On this note, let’s get started.

The Need To Reduce Customer Service Calls

You’re a modern business and the number one rule you have always learned is that customer satisfaction is mandatory.

Now when this is one of your many aims, it is understood that you will start to apply measures that can help this process take place efficiently.

Understanding how the technology is evolving and changing, today multiple brands are making use of great callback softwares, live chat, emails, and more. The rise of callback softwares, emails, and live chat widgets are high because they are a convenient method of communication that can keep your prospects happy, retain their attention, and solve all their queries.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

Your customer A, now you want to engage with your brand, you go on to view the brand’s website and you see a callback software or a live chat window there. Now only when you’re interested in the brand will you converse using the platform. 

When you start to use such platforms you realize how easy it is to get in touch with the right person from the brand and get your queries resolved in seconds. So when you have such a platform, anytime you want to learn more from the brand, all you need to do is either get chatting with the brand or schedule or get on an immediate call with the right person.

To get one thing clear here, the medium of live chat or callback softwares is being used so that clients can be catered to better which means there is no need to pick up the phone and call the brand directly.

Let’s now move ahead to example 2:

The situations are the same above, but the only issue here is your concerns are not being prioritized. Though you had an interaction in the live chat window, you’re not satisfied. Even with the callback software, you had to wait for the brand to call you and this has caused a bad taste in your mind about the brand.

What do you do next?

You pick up the phone to call the brand directly.

Now if it’s just one person complaining, it is understandable but imagine the brand having to receive multiple customer service calls a day to resolve an issue. And also let’s include the fact that while the brand speaks to one prospect, the other callers will have to wait for a long time.

The result?

Bad taste of the brand and the proof displayed on social media.

When you have such efficient tools in the market such as callback softwares, live chat, and more, why should your phone still ring?

These are self-sufficient methods where your prospects can be catered to easily, these are the ultimate solutions where engaging with prospects, clearing their issues and more are conducted without having to place a call. 

Let’s take an example of our brand Limecall.

Before we dive into Limecall, let’s learn how keeping an ordinary number will cater to your prospects.

When you just keep your number for your prospects to engage with you, the phone is going to keep on ringing because there are multiple doubts needed to be clarified and this will cause a block and long waiting time for your other prospects resulting in bad service experience from your prospect end.

Now this can be avoided when you have well efficient tools like Limecall.

With Limecall, it is a callback solution so when you install this widget on your website, your prospects can immediately get on a call with you immediately to be precise in less than 28 seconds or schedule a call. When the engagement happens, you are able to cater to your prospects at the same time as per their interest and they are left satisfied.

To understand better how Limecall does, this short insightful video can help you get clarity.

In an era like what we are in, we need to find convenience when catering to prospects, you need to work out solutions that can help prospects engagement and queries be resolved and managed quicker and better.

Understanding this, we have certain solutions that can help you to reduce customer service calls efficiently.

6 Steps To Reducing Customer Service Calls That Can Earn You Positive Brand Success Results

1. Cater to prospects in the first communication itself

When your prospects come to you for the first time, do the trick of resolving their issue here itself. This is one great way to avoid the prospect of calling you on your phone support.

The reason why prospects pick up the call to contact you is because they are not satisfied with your service, and refrain from giving your prospects the chance to do this to you. Cater to them the minute they reach out to you. 

2. Identify which prospects require a call

Not all your prospects require a call, certain clarifications or doubts can be answered via live chat and more.

If there are prospects who want to get on a customer service call with you, there are a few observations you need to start noticing such as whether this prospect can add value to your business?, Does their requirement need a call?, Are they contributing more to your business? And multiple such related questions. 

3. Start filtering prospects calls accordingly

You need to start placing your calls only in targeted areas such as the pricing page or on new feature pages and more. When you conduct such calls it is more relevant.

If you’re just going to place a customer service call to clarify one feature which is already explained, it wastes your time. Instead, make targeted pages on your website and keep your phone support option there itself.

4. Make use of callback softwares

Callback softwares helps your prospects to connect with you in less than 28 seconds and also to schedule your calls accordingly. What happens is the calls that you receive are only from hot or warm leads which makes it easier to cater to them.

It is simple to understand that instead of you having to engage with cold leads, your phone support will only receive customer service calls from genuine leads hence the call rates will reduce for your business.

5. Train your team to cater to prospects well

When your team has answered a query of your prospects, do you think that the same prospect will ask again? But if the answer shared by your team still puts the prospect in a situation where they cannot understand the solution, chances are they will contact you via phone.

To avoid this from happening, ensure that your team is being trained on how they should answer the prospect, how-to guide them, and more so that your prospects have no reason to contact you.

6. Identify why prospects are calling you

If you’re receiving multiple calls, you need to identify why this is happening in the first place. Is it because you’re not catering to prospects better? there is no way for prospects to learn about your brand and more. When you start to identify such actions, it becomes easier for you to assist your prospects better.

For instance, say that a few of your prospect contact you for information about certain features, what you can do is, you can install a live chat window there, where the minute the prospect is on the featured page, the live chat pop up message can be visible and the prospect can interact with the agent and clarify their doubts. 

In the information above, you must have read that there would be instances where certain customer service calls from prospects need to be answered by you for multiple reasons, in this case, catering to them is also a crucial factor.

For this reason, we have also shared with you below the top tips you can make use of while catering to such clients.

What To Do If Your Phone Still Rings Despite Reducing Your Customer Service Calls?

The simple answer here is to pick it up.

If you plan to keep your prospects on hold during the call, ensure that the waiting time is lesser and that you could play a voice message.

Also understand that the prospects contacting you have issues or queries that need to be resolved, in such a case keep you calm and ensure that you’re addressing their problem, understanding it, and then suggesting how your brand can resolve it. This is a great way to cater to such prospects. 

Speak in a good tone, hear what your prospects are expecting from you, resolve their issue in this one call, so that there is no reason for them to contact you again. 

The Bottom Line…

Could you ever imagine that by reducing your customer service calls, the result would differ on a larger scale?

We believe it can make a good difference in your brand growth, which is why it’s time for you to get started.

But before you leave, tell us what did you think of this article? Would you like to add more on customer service calls, if you do, start tweeting us already.

We would love to hear from you. 

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, September 25, 2020, LimeCall Team

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