Top 5 Steps to Offer High-Quality Service Over-the-phone Provided by a Remote Team

Team LimeCall

June 17, 2021
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‘’57% of C-level buyers prefer that salespeople call them.’’

Phone calls might be considered as a traditional approach when engaging with leads, but it is still also considered to be one of the best mediums in the lead generation process, ‘’Phone calls stand out and can make a difference, considering the typical businessperson receives 115 emails daily.’’ 

This year has been difficult with the stop in businesses due to the COVID-19 virus. This issue put the entire business industry on a stop where capturing leads and engaging with them to convert them as a sales lead failed.

While the economy has started to pick up its pace, it’s time for your business to get into action.

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While you have the digital platform and the solutions such as live chat and more available, it is going to take an extra push for your prospects to decide confidently to invest in your brand and the product.

When you search online, there are multiple articles available that can help you conduct great cold calls, but you don’t need that, instead, you need to understand that since everyone is working remotely from your team, how will they offer great phone service to this remote team?

This is exactly what this article will guide you in:

1 . Create and set up exact working hours

2. Build dedicated channels to cater to multiple inquiries better

3. Focus on delivering quality service

4. Give your prospects the ability to schedule calls

5. Ensure data is not lost or missing

Let’s get started

Top 5 ways to offer phone service by a remote team that will guarantee work Right Now

Offer High-Quality Service

1. Create and set up exact working hours

Since the crisis, it has become difficult to get more of your staff on board. Because of this, multiple brands had to lay off due to money constraints. While this will affect your team availability it will also affect the way you cater to your prospects.

The simple solution to ensure that all your leads are being catered to is to set up a fixed timing of your business hours. It is always great to set a fixed time and display the same on your channels so that in case if you’re not available or no revert has been made to your prospects from your end, they will be aware of the reason and not walk away. 

2. Build dedicated channels to cater to multiple inquiries better

With the business soaring higher, there are chances that certain queries could be of one kind such as complaints or common questions with reference to pricing or features. In such cases, making your prospects wait is not a great option, instead, you could create multiple channels so that when such a query arises it can be routed in the right direction.

When this happens, it becomes easier to capture leads and provide a great customer experience. 

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3. Focus on delivering quality service

If you think that you will conduct 100 calls a day and that will be enough to increase your lead count, you might want to think again. If you want to grow your business better and have a better lead count, it is better if you do more quality processes. Even if you have 30 prospects each day and out of that 10 converts, it still makes an impact on your business. 

Let’s understand this better with an example:

You will have leads coming to your website, you need to cater to them because one of them will be your potential lead, now if you think that you need to cater to all of them, you need a different strategy because you will always skip one lead accidentally. Instead, you can focus on engaging with a certain goal each day so that the leads you receive will add value to your prospects.

4. Give your prospects the ability to schedule calls

You might not be able to cater to prospects all the time. Some brands do it for 24/7 while some don’t. In that case, you shouldn’t let your prospects have a bad impression of your brand. The best way to avoid this is to place your business timings visible on your website so that in case your prospects don’t receive the calls they are aware of.

In times like this, avoid skipping or missing out on your leads by letting your prospects schedule a call so that you can reach out to them as per their convenience. 

5. Ensure data is not lost or missing

Data is important and plays a huge role in any brand. When you work remotely you need to understand that data can be tracked or lost by online hackers. In order to avoid this, you need to understand that making use of secure online platforms such as cloud services can secure your information. Saving information in CRMs too is a great way to secure your crucial information. 

The Bottom Line…

‘’30% of marketers in the Dreamforce by Conversica study say salespeople don’t have success with their leads because they don’t reach out soon enough or try hard enough to connect with the prospects.’’

In such a situation where the market is at a low and everything is just getting back to normal slowly, your brand cannot afford to not take this seriously.

Your prospects are going to invest in your brand in such a situation, ensuring that you make it confident for them to conduct the action.

While you enhance how you offer quality engagements over a call, there are other ways as well to make an impact on your lead actions, such as investing in a callback solution.

A callback solution can increase your lead count, make engagements better, and offer much more that can profit your business during such a crisis environment as well. To learn more about it, you can head here

Also, we would love to hear your opinions on this topic as well such as which step would you start off with after reading this article? To reach out to us, just tweet

, June 17, 2021, Team LimeCall

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