Meeting Schedulers can make a difference in your lead conversion rates: Here’s how

LimeCall Team

November 16, 2020
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What is the number one factor that contributes to better lead conversions?

The ability to capture leads as and when you identify them or when they reach out to you.

The common issue which is being faced in lead generation activities are, when it comes to lead nurturing and engagement, the numbers are less because to capture a lead itself is slower in the process.

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The issues could be multiple, missing out on leads as you wouldn’t have been in office, not reaching out to prospects well on time, having to make prospects wait for longer hours to speak to you and the list can go on.

As you’re aware that with the growth of technology, there are unique solutions that have given rise to solve multiple issues. One such is automations. With automation, you can conduct tasks more efficiently and the expected results have more opportunities to be achieved.

This exact automation can help you to capture your leads better in the form of meeting schedulers. It can help you understand better how you can capture your leads anytime and never miss out on potential opportunities.

What will this article help you understand?

1 . Meaning of Meeting Schedulers

2. Benefits of investing in Meeting schedulers

3. Reasons for you to conduct scheduling actions for your business

4. What to look out for when investing in meeting schedulers?

5. Top Meeting schedulers to opt for in 2020

Let’s get started.

Meaning of Meeting Schedulers

Meeting schedulers is the process of letting your prospects book meetings with you.

There is an application where the prospects can book a meeting to connect with your sales team as per their convenience. When this happens, missing out on potential leads is lesser and capture and conversion of leads is higher. 

Meeting schedulers is a great solution for lead generation and we have all the reasons to prove you why.

Benefits of investing in Meeting schedulers

1. Better productivity actions

When you have prospects coming to schedule appointments, and the process is taking place smoothly, you need not worry about your productivity. When you have a continuous flow of lead captures being taken care of and lead nurturing taking place next, your productivity is bound to increase.

When this happens, the opportunity to increase your lead conversion count stands at a higher rise.

2. Provides the finest customer experience

A good customer experience is when a brand conducts an efficient lead process via the sales pipeline. A good customer experience defines how well your brand has the capability to grow. When this happens it becomes easier to identify your success rate. With a meeting scheduler this action stands at a larger rate.

Your eliminating your prospects waiting time, instead of making them wait for long hours to just engage with you, this is one of the key factors why your customer experience will be better when applying this solution. 

3. Lesser expenditure to capture potential leads

Capturing prospects isn’t an overnight process, it is going to take time and moreover it will take alot of your investment. The investment will be the expenditure to capture your leads such as via social media and more. But with a meeting scheduler that is one investment.

By getting your prospects to conduct more bookings, you are converting more leads quickly and with lesser cost. 

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4. More lead engagement taking place

With more bookings, the opportunity to engage with leads becomes better. This in turn will help you convert as many leads as possible. With a meeting scheduler this has become easy as you’re giving your prospects the opportunity to engage with you with convenience. When such an opportunity is given, why wont your prospects consider it? 

5. Easily integrates with your applications

Another great reason to use a meeting scheduler is that it integrates well with any of your applications. You can immediately use it on your website or when you want your prospects to engage with you. This will compel your prospects to engage with you at that same moment. 

Now that you have understood this, let’s move ahead to understand the purpose of investing in online scheduling. When you’re able to understand this, it becomes easier to conduct the automation action.

Reasons for you to conduct scheduling actions for your business

One major reason is it can help you conduct efficient lead actions. 

This is important because when you have a good lead bunch in your hand, your ability to grow successfully as a brand can help you here which is the main reason why conducting scheduling actions are important.

There are multiple ways to get this done.In one of the online articles, Alex Iskold, Managing director of Techstars shared his opinion on this topic:

 1. ‘’No matter what you are working on, create a routine. Block times for specific activities, and stick with the plan. Turn your calendar into a bunch of blocks, and put activities into those blocks. Whatever is not planned, you don’t do. If you want free time, plan it.Your routine may change through the year, but at any given time it’s better to have a plan. For example, if you are working on launching a company, and need to do customer discovery, coding and hiring, then prioritize and block specific times for each activity.’’

2. ‘’For example, if you need to have outside meetings, block two and a half days a week for those meetings, and go to the outside meetings only during those times. Do the same thing for in-office meetings. This way you are not only creating a chunk of time for meetings, you are also creating other blocks of time that you will be able to important work. Do the same thing with calls, and book them all back to back.’’

3. ‘’Personally, I am now a big fan of 30-minute meetings and 10-minute calls. I think 10-minute calls are a great way to initially connect with someone or give someone quick advice. You can do a Google Hangout or Skype if you prefer to see the person instead of just hearing them. The reason 10-minute calls work is because people skip BS and get to the point. Try it. Ten minutes is actually a lot of time, if you focus. I prefer to do these calls on Fridays, when I am usually working from home.

I am not a big fan of introductory coffee meetings, lunches and dinners. I am a huge fan of coffee and meals with people I already know. Those meetings are typically productive and fun, but the first time you are meeting someone, it’s more productive to do a call or an actual 30-minute meeting in the office. 

Here are the types of meetings you might want to book:

  • 30-minute meeting in the office to get to know someone or catch up
  • 45-minute meeting outside of the office. Allow 15 minutes for travel.
  • 10-minute call to help someone who needs advice
  • 15-minute daily standup — great for startups and engineering teams
  • 30-minute weekly staff meeting’’

4. ‘’There is a great feature in Google Calendar called Appointment Slots. It allows you to book a chunk of time, and then split it into pieces. For example, I can book three hours of outside meetings and then split it into three meetings — one hour each. Or I can book one hour of calls and split it into six calls at 10 minutes each. There is also a bunch of specific tools, such as doodle, that do that too. 

The next step is to create links for different blocks of time.You can have a link for your outside meetings, another link for 30-minute inside meetings and yet another one for 10-minute calls. You then share these links, and they can book the time with you. I’ve done this with Techstars candidate companies and it was amazingly effective. It minimized the back and forth on email and saved a ton of time for me and the companies. 

This won’t work with everyone, because some people may find this rude. In any case, if you are not comfortable sending the link to a someone, then you can use your own appointment slots, suggest a few meeting times, and then book the specific slot yourself.

If you are asking someone to meet, always propose several specific alternative times such as Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. or 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

5. ‘’This is the most important tip in the whole post. Email will own you unless you own it. To own your email you must avoid doing it all the time. To do that you need to schedule the time to do your email. It is absolutely a must.

6. ‘’Unless you put it on the calendar, it won’t get done. Well, that applies to your exercise and time with your family. Whether you go in the morning, afternoon or evening, do it three times a week or every day, put exercise time on the calendar. My friend and mentor Nicole Glaros makes it very clear that her mornings, until 10 a.m., belong to her. She hits the pavement or the gym, depending on the weather, and rarely deviates from her routine. 

The same applies to planning time with your family and significant others. If you are a workaholic like me, you will end up stealing time from your family unless you book it in advance and train yourself to promptly unplug. Many people in the industry have talked about planning family time. My favorite is Brad Feld, who talks about it a lot.’’

7. ‘’I think about my time a lot. I think about where it goes. I think about where can I get more of it, and how to optimize it. When I was running GetGlue, I had an assistant who was managing my time. She was awesome. But when I joined Techstars, I decided that I will manage my calendar myself. I have to confess that I am happy about this decision.

I find myself thinking about what I am doing, who am I meeting with and why a lot more. I meet with a lot of people every week. My schedule is particularly insane during the selection process. Yet, because I manage my calendar, follow a routine, plan meetings in blocks and use appointment slots, I find myself less overwhelmed and less stressed.

Taking ownership of my calendar and planning my days and weeks made me a happier and more productive human.’’

Now that you’re aware of how you can conduct scheduling actions, let’s learn better what you need to know when investing in a meeting scheduler solution.

What to look out for when investing in meeting schedulers?

1. Should provide updates

The meeting scheduler you invest in should do the major job of helping you receive all the updates such as meetings getting scheduled, reminders of the meeting and more. This is important because with the updates it becomes twice easier for you to never miss out on leads. 

2. Should provide timely reminders

When you miss out on leads, you need to understand that it is a huge loss of your business. For this reason alone, you need to invest in a meeting scheduler that can remind you of the bookings being made, the follow ups, reminders before the meeting takes place and more. 

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3. Option to reschedule if calls missed

There will be times where prospects miss your calls due to multiple reasons, in such cases you cannot miss out on such prospects as a few of them or all of them could be your potential prospect. Hence it is understandable that you need to capture such prospects, to do this, you need to give your prospects the ability to reschedule once again so that you can engage with them better. 

4. Integrating with almost all platform

Another reason to see when investing in a meeting scheduler is the integration factor. The meeting scheduler should integrate with your applications such as if you’re using a zoom link or anything else, it should be easy for the prospect to understand and book meetings then. 

5. Easy dashboard

Your dashboard for the meeting scheduler should be easy. This means that you should be able to identify when the bookings have been made, the reminders and follow ups need to be exact and more. The more easy it becomes, the better are your chances of catering to your leads better. 

6. To provide better security

Your lead bookings need to be great in terms of security. This means that lead details need to be saved, and not disclosed to anyone. The security feature is a must when investing in a meeting scheduler. 

Now that you’re aware of this, lets help you get started with the meeting scheduler solutions.

Top Meeting schedulers to opt for in 2020

1. Calendar

Calendar is another great online meeting scheduling solution that will work well for you in 2020. This is a great tool because apart from booking appointments it also shines light on where your productivity lacks and helps you to get on track immediately. The booking appointments take place well and it shows the availability or the meeting to take place well. 


Pro- $8/month, Pro Teams- $6/month

Trustpilot Ratings


2. Doodle

Meeting Schedulers

Doodle is another great online meeting scheduling solution that will next work for you in 2020. The free plan for Doodle has been used by multiple of the users, the paid plan offers more advantages which is why you need to opt it most for. The solution makes it easy for bookings to take place easily. 


Contact the sales teams for better information

G2 Ratings:


3. Rally

Meeting Schedulers

Rally is another great online meeting scheduling solution that will work well for you next in 2020. It uses the easy function of a poll where as per this data meetings can  be scheduled so that no  leads are being missed whatsoever. There is also a comment option provided below the poll where users can discuss the meeting and also understand more details about the meeting. 


Free application



4. NeedToMeet

Meeting Schedulers

NeedToMeet is another great online meeting scheduling solution that will work well in 2020. With this application you can easily block the meetings and if possible the meeting will be conducted accordingly to the convenient time. This application is easy to use and the free version offers a great solution for beginners. 


Free plan, Advanced- $12/year/user, Premium- $19/year/user

Capterra Ratings:


5. Calendly

Meeting Schedulers

Calendly is another great online meeting scheduling solution that will work better for you in 2020. It is a widely used tool that makes it easy for prospects to book meetings. It can be placed anywhere and prospects can just book a meeting and get it started with. Also, it is simple to use and also sends reminders before the meeting so that you don’t miss out on them. 


Free plan, Premium- $8/user/month, Pro- $12/user/month

Capterra Ratings:


The Bottom Line…

Your prospects are choosing you from your competitors. They will either be warm leads or in rare occasions will be hot leads. The warm leads are more in number which means if you manage to tap them at the right moment, your opportunity to convert them stands a higher chance.

Understanding this, solutions such as meeting schedulers can work well in your favour when it comes to conducting efficient lead actions, now that you have the list it has become easier for you to get started.

So tell us, what do you think of this article? What are your views on this topic? Did you find it insightful? 

We would love to hear from you, to reach out to us with your thoughts, tweet and tell us. 

, November 16, 2020, LimeCall Team

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