Lead Generation for Real Estate

Team LimeCall

December 6, 2023
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Embarking on a career as a real estate agent involves an ongoing quest for new clients. According to Tenant Planet, in the United States, a single-family rental tenancy lasts about 3 years, so having a steady stream of leads is crucial. In fact, lead generation for real estate is an imperative task all agents must undertake. However, the landscape of real estate lead generation is not without its challenges. Depending on your specialization, whether it be buyers, sellers, or investors, the need for a targeted approach is clear. While information capture enhances results, a shotgun marketing approach is cautioned against.

Essentially, securing leads from potential real estate buyers and sellers is not only crucial for sustaining your business but also impacts your financial performance directly tied to commissions. As the lifeblood of your real estate enterprise, increasing lead generation becomes paramount. In this article, we explore the intricacies of real estate lead generation, balancing strategies, and the allocation of time and financial resources. Beyond showcasing properties and negotiating deals, a comprehensive understanding of market trends and adept numerical skills must be complemented by savvy marketing. Recognizing that marketing and lead generation are continuous endeavors, top-tier agents leverage these efforts to build a distinctive personal brand, expand professional networks, and foster the growth of their real estate enterprises. So, where does one begin? Let’s delve into various strategies, identify prime sources, and explore tactics to convert leads into satisfied clients.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is like fishing for potential customers who might be interested in what you offer as a real estate agent. These could be folks looking to buy or sell a home, investors, or just curious about what you do.

A person becomes a lead when they start chatting with your company, either by filling out a form on your website or by reaching out through a call or email. It’s a friendlier way compared to cold calling or emailing, and you get to connect with people who are already a bit interested in your services.

The cool thing is, it’s not just about collecting contacts. Lead generation is part of a bigger plan to turn these leads into actual clients who pay for your services. So, when someone shares their info with you, it means they want to know more about your real estate business.

And the best part? Since these prospects willingly give you their info, you can ease up on the cold calling and skip those pushy sales tactics. It’s all about making connections with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Okay, let’s explore some lead generation strategies for real estate.

How to generate leads for real estate

Whether you’re a new real estate agent looking for clients or an experienced broker in need of some fresh ideas, here are 12 real estate lead generation ideas.

Improve your Instagram hashtag strategy

Instagram hashtags are like magic spells for reaching more folks, making a bigger impact, and joining cool conversations on the platform. If you’re dreaming of a bigger following and more leads, you gotta have an Instagram hashtag game plan.

So, what’s the deal with hashtags? They’re like the labels that help Instagram sort your stuff and show it to more people who might dig what you’re sharing. When your post gets love from your followers, Instagram’s smart algorithm says, “Hey, this is cool!” and shows it to others—especially if they’re searching for a hashtag you threw in.

Now, if you’re in the real estate game and want more leads, hashtags are your secret sauce. But here’s the trick: skip the mega-popular ones like #RealEstate (used in a gazillion posts). Instead, go for the hidden gems, like #RealEstateListings with a more manageable 215,000 posts.

You can even get fancier and create your own special hashtag. Something that’s like your own VIP club for clients to keep up with your latest listings and open houses.

Picking a more specific hashtag helps your post pop out and land in front of the right eyes, instead of playing hide and seek in a sea of millions of other posts. Time to hashtag like a pro!

Ask clients to leave a review on Facebook

Testimonials are like real estate agent treasure. When folks are on the hunt for an agent, awesome reviews from happy clients can make a real difference. So, here’s the deal: after you’ve nailed it with a client, just ask them to drop a review on Facebook for you.

Why Facebook? Well, it’s got a double whammy effect. First, they gotta use their personal account to spill the beans, and that makes the testimonial more real and trustworthy. It’s like putting a friendly face to the good words.

Second, your Facebook rating shows up when people Google your biz. Those shining reviews next to your name? Pure gold. They make you look like a superstar and tempt potential clients to hit you up. So, after a successful deal, just ask for that Facebook love—it’s a game-changer!

Create a useful lead magnet

Want more eyes on your website and a bunch of emails in your pocket? Cue the lead magnet—it’s a marketing trick that really works. This freebie is like a magnet for folks, drawing them to your site and turning them into potential clients.

Here’s the lowdown on how it rolls. Whip up a cool freebie, share the love on your socials and website, and here’s the catch—folks need to drop their email to get the full scoop, and bam, it lands in their inbox.

Need ideas? Easy peasy. Think home-buying checklists, local housing market guides, or even quirky neighborhood highlights. It’s the secret sauce to grab attention and turn visitors into potential clients. Ready to magnetize those leads?

Network with other home professionals

Alright, so you’re a real estate pro, and you probably know a bunch of other agents, right? But here’s the deal: your squad shouldn’t only be from the agent-broker gang.

Why? Well, tapping into people outside the agent bubble is like unlocking a secret door to referral gold.

Think about it—connect with folks around the home turf, like:

  • Mortgage lenders
  • Insurance pros
  • Builders
  • Interior designers

Hooking up with these home team players boosts your chances of getting referrals for new clients. Plus, you can throw some love back their way by recommending them to your clients. It’s like a win-win referral dance!

Engage with your past clients

Don’t let your connection with a client fizzle out once the papers are signed! In real estate, relationships are the secret sauce, so keeping in touch is key. Whether it’s pals or past clients, staying connected matters.

Stay in the loop with your previous clients—hit that social media follow button or grab coffee now and then. Celebrate their wins and keep them posted on any useful housing or industry news.

By keeping those connections alive, you stay on their radar for future needs, and they’re more likely to send good vibes your way when opportunities pop up. It’s like relationship magic for real estate!

Try traditional marketing tactics

Good news—old-school marketing still rocks, especially when you team it up with the digital game. Picture this: real estate wizards scoring big on billboards, benches, buses, and even local papers.

But here’s the cool twist—let your old-school moves tag along with the digital crew. Say you’re rocking an ad in a local mag, slap on a QR code. Why? ‘Cause that little code can zap prospects straight to your website, where they can dive into your world and maybe slide into your sales groove by filling out a form. It’s like traditional and digital high-fiving for success!

Support local businesses

Stick to your stomping grounds—be it a city or a cozy neighborhood—and flaunt your love and know-how by backing up local businesses.

Plug into your local chamber of commerce for the inside scoop on community buzz, jump into local initiatives, mingle with local movers and shakers, and give a thumbs up to small businesses around.

Spot a new kid on the block or a longtime player throwing a bash? Splash it across your social turf, get the word out, and rally up the support. It’s all about waving the local flag and being the neighborhood cheerleader!

Join the conversation online

Buying or selling a home can be a real puzzle, and folks out there have loads of questions. Where do they go for answers? Good ol’ Google. That’s where you need to step in with some wisdom.

To snag more online real estate leads, start typing up blog posts that tackle the usual questions buzzing in your clients’ heads.

Oh, and don’t forget the golden rule—stick a clear “Contact Me” button or an easy link to your email in there. That way, if your answers hit the sweet spot, visitors might just slide into your DMs for some real estate magic. Ready to blog your way to more leads?

Be seen as a real estate expert

Want to show off your real estate know-how and reel in some leads—become a guru in industry publications.

Check out tools like HARO or Qwoted—they’re like matchmaking for experts (that’s you) and journalists hunting for quotes or insights. Feeling wordy? You can even pen your own article for publications that welcome guest posts.

Getting your wisdom out there in trade mags or local news helps build your personal brand as the go-to real estate ace in your hood. Plus, it’s a slick way to hit up a fresh bunch of potential clients. Get ready to strut your expert stuff!

Go along to an open house

Skipping open houses for new leads? Big miss! Lots of potential buyers, or soon-to-be buyers, stroll in solo, no agent in tow. Perfect chance to say hey, introduce yourself, and be the guide through the real estate maze.

Quick tip: Keep it cool. No need to go all pushy or in-your-face. Shameless self-promo at someone else’s open house? Nah, not a good vibe. Keep it chill and friendly.

Target listings that are “For Sale by Owner”

According to the National Association of Realtors, only 3% of FSBO listings hit the jackpot in the desired time. And get this, a tiny 18% got the right price. Hunt down these listings on Craigslist or other spots and step in to lend a hand. Share a quick blog post or throw some key stats their way about how having an agent can be a seller’s secret weapon. Then, ask if they’re be interested in learning more.

Use a click-to-call widget like LimeCall

With all that increased traffic heading to your website, you’ll need a click-to-call widget like LimeCall to harness the power of that traffic and ensure you don’t miss out on any leads. LimeCall can help you boost your efficiency by never missing a call. With a simple bit of code added to your website and the ability to customize and personalize the button to make your site’s look and feel. And that’s it! Your leads will be able to contact you with just one click. Want to learn more? Request a demo and we’ll show you how it works and why it’s the one lead generation tool no real estate agent should be without.

Now that you’ve got a good grasp of what lead generation is, let’s explore search engine optimization tactics for real estate agents. SEO is like giving your website a good map so search engines understand what it’s all about. Think of it as making your site Google-friendly.

What is real estate SEO?

By following E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, trust), you boost the chances of Google picking your page as a helpful answer. Now, for real estate websites, these rules still work, but we tweak them to fit what home buyers are typing in the search bar—these are your “keywords.” Use these words on your pages, and boom, your site ranks higher in search results.

To make your SEO game strong, focus on local searches for better-targeted results. Also, spruce up the back end of your website, so search engines find all the good stuff. And hey, understand what folks are searching for—that’s the key to winning the SEO game. We can’t talk about SEO without also talking about content marketing, so let’s get into that now.

Content marketing for realtors

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate content creator or just dipping your toes in, having a content strategy—and giving it a refresh now and then—makes a big difference. It keeps those creative juices flowing and your clients hooked for the long haul.

Now, here’s the deal—you don’t need the perfect content strategy right out the gate. You can start a blog or fire off an email to your audience right now, see what clicks, and shape your strategy along the way. Crafting a strategy takes time and a bit of organization, but it’s worth it.

So, why bother? Because you want people to dig what you create, right? A content strategy ensures your stuff hits the right notes with your audience. Plus, it’s your secret weapon in the content marketing game, which can get pretty competitive. Seriously, it’s a jungle out there—77% of top content marketing companies are gearing up to boost their budgets in 2024, while only about 40% have a game plan, says the Content Marketing Institute.

Wanna get ahead? Thinking through the steps we’ve laid out here will put you a step ahead of the pack. And hey, if you’re itching to dive into content but need a little help, there are tools like rasa.io that make it a breeze for real estate peeps to jump in and start delivering content without the fuss. Check it out if email newsletters are your thing.

Now, if you’re in this for the long haul and aiming for content marketing greatness, including beefing up your email newsletter, take a sec to plot out your game plan. This post will walk you through the nitty-gritty of what a content strategy is, why it’s a big deal for real estate folks like us, and how you can whip up (and jot down) a killer strategy for your brand. Ready to rock the content world?

Why real estate agents need a content strategy

Content marketing is like a magic wand for your real estate hustle. It’s a budget-friendly way to pump up your website traffic, snag fresh leads, and drop some knowledge bombs on potential clients. Plus, it’s a sweet way to tighten those connections with the folks you’re already rocking with. All this for a bang-for-your-buck deal compared to other flashy marketing moves.

Get this—one killer blog post, all well-thought-out, can pull in search traffic for months, maybe even years. Talk about a long-lasting brand boost! Toss in a killer lead magnet—think guide or eBook—and boom, you’ve got yourself a slick system for raking in new leads over time. And guess what? A top-performing post opens the door to try out other cool moves, like flexing your muscles on social media.

Now, diving into content creation without a plan? Totally doable, and you might even score some wins. But, and it’s a big but, having a content strategy in your back pocket makes it way less of a guessing game. It keeps your eyes on the prize—tracking and measuring what works, figuring out what your audience loves, and dishing out more of that good stuff. Bottom line? Before you go all in on content, take a sec to plan your strategy. It’s the smart move.

Ready to go deeper into your real estate marketing? Read our guide to email marketing for more tips.


Lead generation is crucial for real estate agents, ensuring a steady flow of potential clients. This article explores various strategies and tactics to enhance lead generation, emphasizing the importance of targeted approaches and advising against a shotgun marketing approach. The focus is on turning leads into paying clients, highlighting the significance of marketing, understanding market trends, and building a distinctive personal brand. Don’t forget to answer the questions buzzing in your clients’ minds through blog posts and showcase your expertise in industry publications.

And hey, content is king! Whether it’s blog posts, lead magnets, or email newsletters, having a strategy makes a real difference. So, get your lead generation game strong, stand out in the crowded market, and let the clients roll in.

, December 6, 2023, Team LimeCall

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