Best 17 Ways On How To Prepare for a Demo Call That Wins

LimeCall Team

October 9, 2020
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You can ace your demo calls with confidence.

We are confident that in your next demo call, you will be able to close that sales deal without struggling much.

Demo calls matter and you are aware that the confirmation of demo call meetings opens the door of opportunity to tap that valuable lead for your business.

You can get this right an d we can show you how. 

We have covered the top tricks that can help you go from a nervous sales rep conducting a demo call to a confident sales rep conducting a demo call. 

In this article, you will learn the following:

Table of Contents:

1 . Why prepping for a demo call matters?

2. Top 17 ways to prepare for a demo call

We promise you that by the end of this article you will be conducting the following actions:

  • Transforming into a confident sales rep
  • Closing more sales deals with ease
  • Selling naturally and better during demo calls 

Let’s get you into action.

Why prepping for a demo call matters?

Your prospects are more informative than you can imagine.

Say for instance, that a prospect needs a product, they are aware that their products are available in the market, what they need right now is to choose which product will best cater to their needs, which is why you need to exhibit what you’re selling to them in such a manner.

Your prospects’ concern is how your brand can cater to their needs? Or rather what value your brand is offering the prospects?.

This is important because if your prospects see no value being invested then there is no point of them engaging with you. 

There is a reason why you need to conduct a demo call.

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Demo calls are a process where you will exhibit a presentation related to your brand, the products it offers, and everything related to understanding the product better. The main agenda here is to close a sales deal at that same spot.

Your demo call decides whether your prospect wants to invest in your words or not.

If you think you can ace it without practice, you will have to rethink it.

A great sales rep will always understand how important a fixed meeting or a demo call is and they go through multiple practices to get it right.

If you are one of them, our next category can help you get started.

Top 17 ways on how To Prepare for a Demo Call

1. Lean every minute detail and factor about the product you’re exhibiting

“You will attract way more buyers if you are offering to teach them something of value to them than you will ever attract by simply trying to sell them your product or service.” – Chet Holmes

Your product is the highlight of the demo call.

You cannot go wrong with it. You need to study your product so that tomorrow when your prospects question you about it, you are conveying the features, benefits of the products with ease. 

Your product is the real reason why your prospect wants to have a demo call in the first place. They want to hear why your product requires their attention, why they need to invest in your solution, how your product can add value and more related queries.

This is only possible to answer when you are aware of every minute information related to your product. 

2. Conduct your research

Before you start your demo call, it is important to conduct multiple kinds of research about your product such as how it can benefit your prospect’s business in the current market, how your product is better than your competitors, and more.

Also, learning about the person whom you are dealing with is also an added advantage to cater according to them. Researching more about who you are dealing with, the type of business, how your product fits well in the current market, and more gives you the opportunity to sell better to your prospects. 

To conduct researches you can conduct the following:

  • View Linkedin accounts of your prospects to understand them better
  • Follow your industry news and updates
  • Keep a closer tab on social media handles related to your prospects, their brand and more

3. Frame your demo call as per the prospects you deal with

Not all your prospects are the same which is why you need to personalize your demo call accordingly. For instance, if your prospects are looking for a solution that can meet their small business needs, you can sell your solution in such a manner where you could speak about how your product can increase their sales, give them more exposure, and more.

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Now if you are dealing with a large-sized business, your selling pattern should be how you can increase their existing profits higher and more. The more personalized you keep your demo calls, the better it conveys from your end. It will exhibit that you are genuinely conducting this demo call to cater to your prospect’s actual needs.

4. Capture more data

Displaying data can win your prospect’s trust towards you.

Now if you’re told that the industry your in will grow in the next two years, would you depend on it? You wouldn’t be as confident with this statement, but what if you were given stats saying that 80% of experts claimed that the industry will grow, you will stop to believe and ponder on it. 

This is exactly what you need to do in your demo call as well. When you give a statement saying that your product can do this, back it up with stats, figures, and more. Say, for instance, if you’re selling a callback software, tell your prospect that they should invest in one because according to xxx, callback softwares can increase sales up to 3x more. 

Doing this will keep your prospect’s attention more retained and they will be able to understand better how your product can help achieve their brand growth with good numbers.

5. Learn more about your prospects you will engage within the demo call

Another great way to sell to your prospects is to learn about them. Head to their Linkedin account, view their social media activities, see what blogs they share, what comments they place on Quora and other platforms. This will help you visualize what they are looking for.

For instance, say that your prospect is looking for an affordable solution that can help them to increase their sales better, you will be able to frame your demo call in such a manner where your prospects would find the ultimate answer to this question. This will help them trust you further because you went out of your way to learn what the prospect wants and this is a plus point.

6. Exhibit how your product helps prospects issues

“People don’t buy because what you do is awesome. People buy because it makes them feel awesome.” – Tara Gentile

The whole agenda of the prospect being present in your demo call session is because they have a need and they want a solution for it. The need has arrived because the prospect has an issue that needs to be resolved. While the point of the demo call is to close sales, don’t treat it like one. 

Instead, speaking more about your product can help the prospects. Have an interactive communication with your prospects, ask them what they think of this feature, and more, and when they address any doubts, you can resolve them by exhibiting how your product does it best.

As stated earlier, your prospect wants to hear why your product is worth the investment, so give them multiple reasons to understand.

7. Choose the right tool to connect your demo call session

When you connect with your prospect you need to do it with a tool that is efficient and gives you the opportunity to speak and execute your product better. There are multiple in the market such as :

  • Zoom– A video calling application where you can easily connect with your prospects via a link, share screen space so they can see your presentation better and more
  • GoToMeeting– GoToMeeting is another application where you can conduct audio and video calls and also share controls of your screen
  • Skype– Skype is another video calling software that helps you to connect with your prospects better.

8. Invest in a good microphone

This may sound as minor but if you have a microphone where the prospect can’t hear what you’re speaking, chances are your demo call will not continue well. You realize how difficult it is to get one demo call meeting and for small issues like this, you cannot cancel a demo call. Invest in a good and reliable microphone so that what you wish to convey is heard well by your prospect.

9. Prepare a structure of the demo call

This is a structure that you shouldn’t be following step by step instead this is a structure that will guide you throughout the process. You need to use it as a reference so that you are aware that you are completing all the factors and pointers checked. 

The structure of the demo call could include:

  • How will you start the demo call?
  • How will you cater to the prospects in step by step?
  • What will you speak about the product first and more

10. Rehearse your demo call

You may have done multiple demo calls before but that doesn’t mean you have become a pro yet, a great sales reps understand that being too confident to close sales isn’t a smart option, this is exactly why rehearsing your part is better.

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Did you know that when you rehearse how you will conduct your demo calls, there are times where you get new ideas which can help you to discuss in the demo call meeting? Try this and you’ll be surprised. Speak to your peers and exhibit to them how you would do in the actual demo call. You will have feedback which will help you improve better and you will be able to feel less nervous as well. 

11. Confirm the scheduled demo call again

There is no harm in sending an email or contacting the prospect to confirm your demo call. Demo call meetings happen with great effort and just confirming their availability once again helps you to feel relaxed and better as you are aware that the meeting is still on.

You can also enquire about the other members who might be joining the meeting so that you will know who you are catering to and conduct your demo call accordingly.

12. Recheck everything before you start your demo call

When you are ready to give your demo call ensure that everything is alright, your microphone should be working, your presentation is all intact, you have your note next to you, and more. This will help you ensure that everything is in the right place and if in case anything is missing you can arrange and do something about it. The best way to do this is by making a list so that you can tick off everything and feel relieved about it.

13. Keep relevant tabs open only

If you have to showcase a document or information, keep only those tabs open. Also keeping your desktop clean is another good way because at times a few prospects might frame the wrong impression about you. Ensure that only the required tabs are open and the information needed is displayed on the screen. Keep your screen neat and relevant to exhibit.

14. Have a backup plan always

Sometimes your plan might not work, maybe a question is asked and you don’t have an answer, or the client has to end the meeting in a short time, all of this shouldn’t back you down, instead manage it better by keeping a plan. For instance, say that your prospect has a short time in their hand, what you can do is, you can share the relevant points and then confirm another meeting with them. 

Or if you don’t know the answer to the question being asked, you can write it down and follow up with them soon. 

15. Communicate just like how your prospects are doing with you

Speak the tone and language of your prospects. If your prospects are speaking to you formally, conduct your demo call in such a way. For instance, if your prospect is having a casual conversation with you, asking about your product, and making you feel comfortable, you do the same. When you do this, you are making it easy for both ends of the parties and creates a good impression on you as well.

16. Don’t interrupt your prospects when speaking

Yes, your product is the right thing your prospect could have, but that doesn’t mean you don’t let your prospects speak or ask doubts. Your prospects will have doubts and want clarifications for their understanding and just because you know what they are saying which isn’t in most cases as we have mistaken ourselves to know what is the end statement, we tend to fall apart.

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Understand what your prospects are saying, hear them out, listen to what they are saying, let them complete, and then answer, it will help you cater to them better.

17. Don’t scream your solution, exhibit it wise

Don’t just say your solution, give your prospects an opportunity to understand it themselves. For instance, now say that your prospects aren’t working well with team management when it comes to leads and it goes for a huge loss for them. 

What you can do to them is address the problem, explain why it happens, mention what they are losing and then place your product like for example, your prospects would lose 30% of profits if lead management isn’t done well, you could say here is that your product can help them to get 45% of profits in the next few months with an easy lead management solution, now don’t you think your prospects would analyze all that?

The Bottom Line…

These tips are going to make you rock your next demo call efficiently.

Now that you have everything you need, as promised, let’s take a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:
  • Demo calls are a process where you will exhibit a presentation related to your brand, the products it offers, and everything related to understanding the product better. The main agenda here is to close a sales deal at that same spot.
  • You need to prep for a demo call because your demo call decides whether your prospect wants to invest in your words or not.
  • The top ways to prep for your demo calls are using a reliable microphone, never interrupting prospects, conducting research, learning about your product in detail, communicating the way your prospects are speaking, confirming your scheduled demo call, keeping relevant tabs open and more.

So tell us what you find interesting in this article? Which demo call trick caught your attention and which trick are you going to get started with? Tweet us, we would like to hear from you.

, October 9, 2020, LimeCall Team

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