Push Your Lead Generation Higher In 2021: Here’s How

LimeCall Team

January 29, 2021
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‘’Leads are 9x more likely to convert when businesses follow-up within 5 minutes.’’

Yet, this still fails.

If you’re looking to up your lead generation game in 2021, you need to start buckling yourself up.

Lead generation is going to be different and now with the sudden hit of the COVID-19 crisis, your lead generation game needs to be 2x better.

We understand that conducting lead generation isn’t easy which is exactly what we want to help you in.

We assure you that by the end of this article you will be prepared to conduct stronger lead generation actions.

What to expect?

This article will not explain to you what lead generation is, instead we will direct your attention to the 4 major topics which we’ve covered here:

Let’s get started.

Top Lead Generation strategies to apply in 2021

1. Invest in the right communication channels

As stated at the beginning of the article, to tap leads quicker, you need to get it done in less than 5 minutes, but what happens is this falls behind for multiple brands because the communication channels being used is either too slow or fails to tap the leads attention for long.

This is one of the major reasons why you need to start investing your time and energy in the right communication channels. We advise you to make use of callback softwares.

Let’s help you understand this with an example:

Our callback solution is called Limecall

The callback solution does the simple role of ensuring that a lead and your team get in touch with each other with just one tap and in less than 28 seconds.

Limecall understands that retaining a lead’s attention isn’t easy and it can fade away sooner so having this solution can be helpful in pushing the leads closer to you.  

2. Make the journey of knowing your brand, easy

You have multiple peers or rather competitors  present in the market. They are the products that your prospects will compare before they decide to invest in your solution.

For this reason alone, you need to do something that can give them the extra thought to consider you.

Let’s understand this with an example:

No one likes to reveal their information at the earliest, for instance, say that your prospects are scrolling through your website and you ask them to enter their credit card details for a demo. They are not going to do that because they don’t feel as comfortable to share payment details with a company they are yet unsure of investing in.

Hence it is important that you make the journey better for your prospects and the best way to do it is to make it easy for them to learn about you.

Keep your blogs free to view, let your prospects sign up for free to get demos, and more. When you’re open to helping your prospects explore you better, that is when they will understand who you are and why you’re the right fit for them. 

3. Display more social proof, testimonials, reviews

If your friend tells you that your local store down the street is great and the products are amazing and that you need to try it out, you without any hesitation will do the same. You know if your friend suggested it, it will be good. This same applies to your new prospects. When you display proofs from your existing sales leads, you are making it easier for your new prospects to consider your brand and make the investment.

lead generation 8

When you make use of social proofs, testimonials, reviews, and more, you are showing your new prospects that you’re a brand that is being trusted upon and this is the factor that your new prospects will not ignore to consider. 

4. Curate content in the right manner

lead generation 7

‘’80% of B2B companies use content marketing for lead gen.’’ and they should because content can guide your prospects’ thoughts to learn more about you.

Have you ever noticed that when you read one content, you stumble upon to read just one more?

This happens when you’ve read something interesting and would like to enhance your knowledge further on it. This is exactly what should happen with your content when your prospects read them.

Your content will be the prime source where your prospects can understand the following:

  • What your brand is all about?
  • How can your product help cater to their needs?
  • What is your product all about?
  • Different scenarios your product can help in and more

To create effective content, you can conduct the following:

  • Write targeted blogs
  • Create content based on your ideal prospects patterns and activities
  • Share relevant content based on your audience
  • Create campaigns and more based on what content works

5. Create video and visuals to tap leads

‘’81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year. ‘’ Videos are a great way to retain the attention of your prospects which is exactly why you need to do it more often.

lead generation 6

Have you found yourself watching more videos instead of reading long texts?

This has happened because the video’s visuals, colour, content tapped your attention better and with the visuals, it became easier to understand and visualize better what the video message is all about. 

To create successful video content ensure that the following are done:

  • Create content topics to cover in the videos
  • Make use of visuals and pleasing colors and fonts for better readability
  • Make use of short content to explain the topics better
  • Create short-form videos that explain the topics better
  • Use only high-quality images for the video

6. Make use of podcasts, seminars, and more

Another form of lead generation that is trending and is being used by multiple brands is via podcasts, events, seminars, and more. These are a great way to engage with top experts in your fields and share valuable insights with your prospects. 

In podcasts, you could talk about your brand and explain better with another expert how your product is well suited for the audience, why your product is a good investment, and more. When your audience here’s this, there is a possibility for you to capture leads better from this source. 

You can even go on to conduct seminars and give your audience the ability to explore your brand better and the advantages it holds. This will help the engagement between your audience and you to be better and insightful striking more lead opportunities your way. 

7. Conduct frequent follow-ups

lead generation 5

Follow-ups are important. You can have leads that are your ideal audience but won’t convert at the moment for multiple reasons such as budget issues or still unsure and more.

In such cases you shouldn’t let go of them, you can continue to follow up with them till they are ready to invest in you. 

8. Ignore any email list purchases or anything similar

If you think that when sending emails to tap your prospects, buying the email lists will help you generate leads quicker, then you’re wrong. When it comes to a successful and result oriented lead generation action, all your activities need to be organic even when it comes to capturing your email lists. 

To conduct this action:

  • You can capture prospects details via forms, or when they engage with you
  • You can make use of tools such as Skrapp and more so that you can capture the prospects details such as contacts and more

You now have a good strategy planned to help you get started with lead generation.

However there are several actions that you can conduct for efficient lead generation activities, but not all of them will help which is why we have curated the top tips that will guarantee work in your favor especially in 2021. 

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Top tips to help you get started with lead generation in 2021

1. Keep working on your ideal audience profile

When you create an ideal audience profile, you’re making it easier for you to identify them and sell to them better.

But as you’re aware that each of your prospects is different, their needs are different and with time they will evolve hence it is important that you continue to tweak your ideal audience profile so that you’re always on track to serve them better.

lead generation 3

To create or enhance your ideal audience profile you can conduct the following:

  • Keep a check on your prospects activities
  • Understand their changing needs better

2. Ensure your content is always targeted

As stated earlier in the article, content matters and that is what will help you succeed in your lead generation. Content can play a huge role in helping your prospects understand what your product can do and help them visualize how it can help cater to their needs.

The better you frame your content, the more leads can be converted or at least be pushed to becoming a qualified lead that can add value to your brand. 

3. Focus on capturing good leads

There will be multiple leads that will come to your website but not all of them will match the ideal audience profile which you’ve created. They will be the ones that will add value to your business. 

The best ways to focus on the right leads are:

  • Understanding which prospects are showing more interest to invest in your solution
  • Understanding which prospects are interested to explore more about your brand
  • Understanding which prospects are most likely to take a demo or a free trial
  • Understanding your prospects action in learning more about you

4. Increase prospects engagement actions

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that your prospects have visited your website and have signed up for your e-books. Each day or weekly they receive the e-book copy and along with that they also receive valuable tutorials, blogs, and more. This goes on for a good number of days until your prospect decides to speak to you about your product.

lead generation 4

This became possible because you were successful in keeping your prospects engaged with your brand. It wasn’t just an engagement of the e-books, you were winning your prospects trust during the process. When you make it easy for your prospects to learn about you, they will be happy to explore more about you. 

5. Make use of a sales funnel

A sales funnel is the process where you understand where the prospects lie in your sales actions. 

lead generation 1

There are 5 stages to a sales funnel which are awareness, interest/consideration, decision, action, and re-engagement. In the sales funnel, you will be able to understand how you can push your leads towards the end and make a sale.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

  • In the first stage which is the awareness stage, you will help your prospects understand who you are, what your product is about. Here your prospects will learn that you too are present in the market and that they can consider you as well.
  • In the second stage which is the interest/consideration, you push your prospect to learn more about you. That is when blogs, case studies, e-books, and other forms of content will come into the picture. Here you’re working towards helping your prospect understand what your product is about, how it can help to cater to their needs, why your product is better than your competitors, and more.
  • In the third stage which is the decision stage, your prospects will take the call whether they wish to continue further. You will still continue to nurture your leads and you will go on to clarify any doubts if they have.
  • In the fourth stage which is the action stage, your prospects will get in touch with the sales team for any clarification and go on to make that investment in your brand and the product
  • In the last stage which is the re-engagement stage, you still need to work here. You need to make the prospect feel that their investment in your product is a wise choice and this is done when you continue to help them get started with your product via tutorials, send them regular product updates, and more. 

6. Conduct A/B testing regularly

lead generation

A/B testing is a great way to ensure that your actions are on the right track. When sending emails, conducting A/B testing can help ensure that your subject lines and more are right and if any changes are required. When you do this you make it easy for your lead generation game to be conducted well. 

7. Communicate where your prospects prefer

If your prospects prefer speaking to you on social media or email or over call, choose that communication medium to engage with them. When you do this you’re taking care of your prospect’s convenience and at the same time creating a good impression for them to consider you. 

8. Indulge with online influencers

The online world is growing and with that so is the online presence. To achieve more leads, getting partnered with social media influencers can play a huge role in your lead generation.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

You’re dealing with a social media influencer that has more than 10 million followers (name a platform to make it more relatable), imagine what would happen if that social media influencer states that they are using your product and it’s great?

The audience will be intrigued to look at your product at the least. . They might even invest in your product and that is exactly what you need to get on board with them asap. 

Just like you, you do have your peers that are walking next to you on the journey of increasing their leads as well for their brand. Being experts in this field, they do have something to share that can help you be successful in conducting lead generation actions like them.

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Expert opinion on Lead generation needs to be conducted

An online article shared the top insights. 

1. Joanna Weibe, Copywriter expert at CRO 

‘’Guest post! Or write an original post on Medium or Inbound. Or do both. The point is that you need to get your expertise + personality out there stat if you wanna start attracting people to your site (or, better, your lead-gen page).

A common rookie mistake is to fill one’s new blog up with great blog posts-but newbies should actually publish incredible stuff in places their prospects already are. Build your authority on blogs that already have authority, and drive leads to your site. This works on so many levels- as long as the content you share is truly amazing.’’

2. Chris Hexton, Co Founder of Vero

‘’We focused on some really concentrated content marketing and tried to find audiences we could share with: Hacker News, Reddit – places that genuinely read and respect good ideas (if you put in the effort). These places had a built-in audience that would listen, and that was powerful for us.’’

3. Benji Hyam, Director of Growth for Everwise

‘’Content marketing is where I always turn to generate high quality leads and gain awareness from my target market. The trick is you have to understand your audience really well and deliver compelling stories that cater to the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.

While building a blog audience is a longer term strategy, results can pay off in anywhere from one month to a year. ‘’

4. Nicole Elizabeth DeMere, Saas consultant

‘’Use Lincoln Murphy’s Ideal Customer Profile Framework to determine who your Ideal Customers are and then get in front of them. Leverage trusted sources that already have your Ideal Customers as their audience. And once you’re in front of them, ensure that you’re doing lead generation and not lead capture. ‘’

Lead Generation is important and it will continue to evolve which is why you need to be prepared for it. To help you get a glance, we have covered the top expert opinions on what the future of lead generation would look like in 2021. 

What does the Future of Lead Generation look like in 2021?

An online article shared the insights regarding this topic

1. Kevin Micheal Geary, DigitalAmbitionCo.

‘’It’s become clear over the past few years that obtaining qualified leads is becoming more difficult. Users are getting savvier and won’t simply give up their email address just because you ask for it. Users won’t share just because you tell them to. Companies need to provide something of real value as an incentive if they expect to be successful in their lead generation.

I can only see this trend continuing. Users have become tired of receiving an inbox full of spam, and are increasingly looking to protect their email address from it. I expect that to see real success in your lead generation campaigns you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Come across as a credible organization that the user is willing to trust with their contact details.
  • Provide an incentive of genuine value in return. Don’t trick users into divulging their contact information.
  • Be able to predict what the user’s next question or requirement is – and fulfill it.

Putting in this extra effort into your campaigns will require extra time and investment, but you’ll I am certain that you’ll reap the rewards.’’

2. Sam Orchard, Edge of the Web

‘’I believe that customer satisfaction and user experience are the future of lead generation because they drive the most effective marketing tactic of all: word-of-mouth.

Businesses need to become hyper-focused not just on innovation and the quality of their product, but on the satisfaction of their customers. This involves consistent and genuine conversations with consumers about their experiences and encouraging them to provide testimonials and leave reviews.

It is also important to listen to the bad feedback to identify issues and nip them in the bud. Word-of-mouth is so effective because people love getting recommendations before they purchase something, and these leads are more likely to convert than other types.’’

3. Binu Francis, Shoppr.ai

‘’Personalization and data-driven decision making is the future of lead generation. Whether it’s hyper-focused ads that target specific customer segments or account-based marketing, tailoring messaging that speaks specifically to potential customers is pivotal in creating engagement and interest n. A lot of work goes into being able to market effectively this way, including building audience personas based on research and competitor analysis.

Personalizing your content also means speaking to your potential customers in a voice and tone that resonates. Developing a voice that carries across all of your content–from blogs and social media to longer-form content like eBooks and case studies–helps your prospects understand who you are as a brand.

Using data like buyer history, earned media value, keyword searches or customer feedback from surveys can help you personalize your content and make your marketing more effective on the whole.’’

4. Samantha Kohn, Mobials

‘’Future lead generation efforts will need to adapt to fit the new platforms that are increasing in popularity.

Relatively new and popular mediums such as podcasting and video have long been difficult to generate leads from, but those who use those platforms to create deep connections with their viewers will be able to convert them into valuable leads.

The days of putting together a detailed PDF of ebook in exchange for a large volume of leads are coming to an end, albeit at a slow pace. Instead, applying the same principles to audio, video, and even imagery can engage the developing and changing marketplace, and thus result in a new type of lead generation.’’

The Bottom Line…

‘’61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge.’’

But now that isn’t the concern anymore because you have everything you need to start establishing yourself from a good to a great sales rep who knows how to conduct the lead generation actions well.

Lead generation isn’t going to be easy, but with the trends evolving, tips and strategies shared, you are well prepared to get started on this successful journey.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Was it helpful? Which lead generation tactic will you start to apply first? We would love to hear from you.

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, January 29, 2021, LimeCall Team

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