A 9-Step Formula To Craft SaaS Content That Converts (No MQLs)

LimeCall Team

July 31, 2020
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Do you know that your SaaS business can sell better if you curate your content that well?

If you think that by just exhibiting your SaaS business is enough to woo your prospects off their feet, you might have to think again?

The SaaS industry is growing and unlike other brands and their products, your SaaS product is determined on how you make it easy for your prospect to use your product and how it can benefit them better.

For this, just creating a website and exhibiting it to your audience won’t be enough, you need something that can help you sell better while giving your prospects the necessary information required.

The only platform that can help you in conducting this action is content.

Content plays a huge role in SaaS and we guarantee you that crafting the best SaaS content can make a difference in your brand growth.

What to expect from this article?

Let’s get started.

What is ‘Saas’?

SaaS stands for software as a service. It requires no hardware to get started. As a user, all you need to do is sign up for a SaaS solution and get started with a good internet connection.

SaaS products are online-based and match the requirements needed for you to conduct any of your online activities.

Our brand Purplerain is the perfect example of a SaaS based business. We offer essential services to our clients which can help enhance their work such as a callback software and an efficient email marketing software.

All our users need to do is sign up for it and get started. With the software, they can keep a track of their actions and continue to perform better with the statistics mentioned in the softwares.

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To get a better understanding, you can reach out to us here.

Isn’t it easy?

This is exactly what the world of Saas is doing. It is creating solutions that are easy and helpful for users across the globe without having to worry about heavy installation or extra efforts. A good internet connection is all you need to get started. 

The SaaS industry will continue to grow rapidly. 

The next category will give you multiple reasons to trust in it.

Benefits of a SaaS investment 

1. Flexible payment option

In Saas, the payments are conducted on a monthly basis and the best thing is clients are fully aware of what they are receiving with the payments. 

For instance, at Purplerain, as stated earlier, we offer a callback software solution called Limecall. The pricing page looks like this:

As you can see for each pack, the clients will be aware of how much calls they can make and what benefits they are receiving, and accordingly, they can cater to their needs. They have a monthly or annually based payment structure so that they can learn and understand how the product is benefiting them. 

If they wish to upgrade further, they can do the same. No hassle for extra payments done.

2. Offers higher scalability usage

Another great reason to love Saas is that it gives clients the option to surf and invest in what they like. If you want to start with a few services, you can, if you want to try a feature with a demo, you can. Saas increases scalability and gives clients the option to conduct actions in their ways to get started with the product.

This is a great way to sell to prospects as with the efficiency of your product, chances are closing deals can take place better.

3. Conducts automatic updates

When you have to update the apps on your phone, do you purchase a new application? No right, the same way with SaaS updates are conducted automatically and your features are enhanced the same way. This is so easy because, in the SaaS business, frequent updates take place to enhance the value of the product being offered to you.

So, you are basically using one product which is getting refined and tuned in a better manner each time you use it. 

Imagine how well your efficiency and results will be impacted?

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4. Easy accessibility

As stated earlier, you don’t need any installations or equipment to get started. All you require is a good internet connection. So your clients could access your Saas solutions by just signing up and getting started. The process is simple, any queries to be resolved or any payments or upgrades can be conducted on your internet connection. 

5. Suits different types of businesses

You could be a small or medium-sized business or even big, the SaaS solutions or starting a SaaS business can be really easy and convenient. The monthly based payments and easy steps make it a hassle-free process for the business owner and the clients as well. 

For instance, you could be a small business and want to invest in a Saas solution, let’s say email marketing software to conduct efficient email marketing activities. With the monthly or annual packages, you can easily choose your budget and get started.

6. Easy to get started

To get started with any SaaS business or want to invest in a SaaS solution there are two things which matter here, an internet connection that has been stated earlier and a sign-up option that can help you keep a track of your work which only the authorized person will have access.

7. Can conduct customization

With SaaS solutions, you can easily customize the solutions according to your business needs. This makes you conduct your workflows better and according to how you are expecting it to be done. You can conduct your customization process accordingly without having to risk your common infrastructure.

8. Showcases a multitenant architecture 

Any of the users or applications activities are conducted under one frame. There is a common infrastructure and code which again is found in that one frame.

This is great because everything you need to do is conducted in one place instead of having too many frames to look at. Since everyone is in one frame, it becomes easier to conduct multiple innovations and enhance the experience of every user.

Now that you are reminded of the perks of investing in the Saas industry, as we told you that Saas content matters too and can help improve and enhance your brand for the best.

Why does SaaS content matter?

You know how the SaaS industry works.

It has more to do with the product.

For instance, our brand PurpleRain has different products under one roof, we offer multiple helpful products such as callback softwares, reliable proxies, and more. So our main agenda here is to sell our products in such a way where the prospects understand why our products are there in the first place.

Now understanding this, we need to exhibit huge information for our prospects to understand what their needs are and where our products come to help them cater to such needs which is why content comes in handy.

Right front the purpose of a product, to the features, to how it can help our prospects in multiple ways, a well-framed content be it a long-form content blog, SEO content blog, or more, it helps our brand go from zero to hundred lead captures sooner. 

Content matters and it isn’t as difficult as you think it is.

Luckily for you, we have curated the top 9 formulas to help you get started with the right Saas content which will make an impact on your conversions. 

How to craft the best SaaS content that can help convert better numbers?

1. Explain value proposition

You don’t just create content for the heck of it, you need to create content which explains and exhibits the value your offering to your prospects. Start with a story, explain why you’re the issue and the need for your product, how it is helping to solve a need or an issue, and finally what are the results of the aftermath of your product’s presence. Do take care of your title because seeing that your prospects are going to click on your content so ensure it showcases curiosity and value to what content you’re offering them.

2. Write concise SaaS content

Keep your content relevant and to the point, the prospects who are viewing your content are your exact target audience or they wouldn’t be clicking your article in the first place. Keep your content precise, come straight to the point which is if you’re explaining your prospects that your product can solve this need, explain it better and clearly. 

3. Showcase your product

Ensure that you’re exhibiting your product more in the content. You telling them that your product is helpful isn’t going to convince your prospects to give your brand a shot, instead use testimonials, examples, and reviews and feedback from your existing prospects to help your new prospects understand how your product is helpful. 

4. Use stats, quotes and opinions

Use more statistics, figures, quotes, share expert opinion because that is what will help add more value to your content. The information you will be sharing will have more trust developments from the prospect side which will compel them to try out your product. 

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5. Showcase how product solves customer problems

When writing your content, frame it, or rather craft in such a manner where your prospects are able to visualize how their needs are being solved with the help of your product. Doing this helps you capture more lead attention and your demos and free trial options can skyrocket quicker.

6. Add reviews and customer referrals

While you continue to interest your prospects in your content ensure you add more reviews and live stories of the prospects you have managed to convert as it adds more weightage to the blog content. When explaining your product, share screenshots or images so that your prospects can understand your features better.

7. Write compelling copy

Work on your copywriting skills, ensure that you are able to create better stories in your content, and compelling your prospects to engage and invest in your brand more. 

8. Utilize CTA boxes

When your prospects reach the end of the content, don’t ask them to become your lead immediately, take it slow, place CTA boxes so that your prospects can subscribe for your blogs, and more. 

9. Include customer testimonials

Lastly, ensure that you are exhibiting your existing leads testimonials as it can help convince your new prospects to give your brand an opportunity of investment. Testimonials are a great way to convince the prospects that your brand has what it takes to solve their needs. 

If you think you’re new to the Saas content process, don’t be because just like you there are multiple brands that started with Saas content and the results they are achieving are great. 

We got you covered for this as well.

Use cases of brands that made use of SaaS content marketing 

1. Uplead

Craft SaaS Content

Uplead is a SaaS company that helps B2B sales teams to identify and connect with the right audience. They started posting case studies and resource posts which are based on sales teams and lead generation. They share content that can help sales teams to enhance their performance better with leads as well as help prospects to understand how other brands conduct their lead generation activities with reference to tapping the attention of prospects. 

2. Ahrefs

Craft SaaS Content

This is such a well-known name. Ahrefs defines perfection in its content. It focuses more on adding quality content for its prospects to read. Every content is in long-form and valuable information is being shared right from the basics and with each step. 

You need to focus on Saas content because the Saas industry is here to stay for long.

Need proof?

We got you covered.

The Future of SaaS and SaaS Content

1. Increasing thought leadership via blogs

Blogs will not be created just for the purpose of selling, there are going to be more blogs that will help clients understand what the product is about, its purpose, and the industry information. Not many brands focus on blog content but that will change soon. The more thought leadership article is created the better are your chances to draw your clients towards approaching your brand for information on getting started. 

2. Growth of more SaaS companies

You have all the answers needed to understand well how the Saas world is growing and what is expected for it. It is not wrong to say that we can see more growth of such businesses high in numbers. There are going to be a variety of Saas solutions and brands which you can look forward to.

3. Better branding actions

The branding activities will change and it will change because now creative branding will be showcased. The agenda here is to let clients know what the product is all about and how it can help them better.  

The Bottom Line…

You have everything you need to get started with Saas content creation.

Before you head away to get started on, let’s quickly summarize what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:
  • SaaS stands for software as a service
  • Benefits of SaaS are easy to get started and more
  • SaaS content matters because it has a lot to do with exhibiting the band’s product
  • To craft the best SaaS content use more testimonials, write longer relevant stories and more
  • We covered the brands that are achieving success with good content use
  • Future of SaaS will have higher growth of blogs and more

So what did you think of this article? Do you wish to add more? We would like to hear from you.

Also, for more such helpful content, watch out for Limecall often.

, July 31, 2020, LimeCall Team

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