Limecall Is More Than Just A Callback Solution

LimeCall Team

September 16, 2020
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Limecall is more than just a callback solution.

It’s the complete solution for brands that are looking for better lead engagement and higher sales figures.

Limecall is a great communication platform where connecting with prospects and your sales teams take place with one tap. 

An efficient and well-valued callback solutions that offers multiple advantages in its features which is the real reason why multiple brands have experienced better conversion rates with this tool.

Multiple brands have seen a significant difference in their lead rates. With the 24/7 support team of Limecall, doubts and issues are clarified spontaneously and the lead generation process never stops.

This is exactly why even you need to get a hold of such a solution that is created to eliminate the hardships of lead management and instead bring you closer to conducting a hassle-free lead activity, especially in 2020.

What to expect?

Let’s get started. 

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Top Limecall Features to prove why we are better than our competitors

1. Book meetings quicker using personal links

Limecall makes it easy for your prospects to book meetings with you. You have the option to send a link where on clicking it, the prospect will book the date and time of the meeting. That same will be confirmed to the team member via email.

2. Design your widget with the best options

Whether it is the design, colour or font or even the text, Limecall lets you go extra with your widget creation. You can choose the template you like and create the exact visualization you want your widget to reflect on behalf of your brand.

3. Integrate Limecall with your favourite tools

There are multiple integration tools that can help you get started with Limecall. Limecall has a list of the top tools such as Salesforce and more so that your work with Limecall is always working efficiently.

4. Record calls to enhance your call performance

Do you know how you can improve with every call you make? Limecall’s call recording feature can help you with that. Limecall’s call recording feature lets you analyze what went wrong and what you can do right in the call. This can help you learn better and make more result-oriented sales calls.

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5. Qualify your leads at the right moment

To ensure that your prospects are always on loop, ensure that all the calls being made are sent in the right route which is why Limecall’s lead qualification process can help. It takes care of all your qualified leads so that you can manage them better.

Let’s understand better how Limecall functions with such efficient features.

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Top Limecall Functions that exhibit easy management of Lead Generation

1. Let Visitors Pick Their TimeZone

Your leads will be across the globe so when they schedule a call with you they will do it according to their time zone. Limecall gives you the opportunity to view this information so that you always communicate with your prospects just when they wish to engage with you. This aspect ensures that no leads are being missed out and catering to your leads have become one step easier.

2. Capture clients even when your not working

You might have a limited time to work but your clients reaching out to you won’t have a fixed time to engage with you. This can happen mostly after your working hours. You can no longer miss out on such leads as Limecall lets you capture all their details so that when you come in the next day, you can get engaging with them sooner. 

3. Give clients the option to choose who they want to engage with 

Limecall has ensured that whoever the client wants to speak to is made easy for them. With the widget, the client has the option to either speak to sales or support so that they can receive assistance from the right person. This saves time to clarify any issues or learn more about the product.

4. Schedule automated call retries

At times calls don’t get connected for any reason either client misses it or wants to reschedule it later, Limecall ensures that clients can get connected with you immediately again. Clients can now reschedule their calls with you by heading to your website and clicking on the click to call option. This again will ensure no leads are being missed.

5. Checking widget activities before going live

Your widget is what your clients will see when they appear on your website. Hence it is important that you ensure your widget designs and texts in it are right. Sometimes we just make it go live and then find minor errors in them. Limecall eliminates that by giving you the option to preview your widget activities and then go live. This avoids mistakes and changes can be modified accordingly.

6. Keeping your prospects updated via SMS

If you need to remind your prospects about their scheduled call, or you want to give information to them about your brand or more, notifying them via SMS is a better option as it will be saved in their phone. Not many brands use the medium of SMS so when you do it, your prospects will realize that the SMS is important. 

7. Place widget triggers to capture prospect attention

Your prospects would be scrolling your website and when they start to explore a page, how would they react when you place your widget triggers then? Wouldn’t they be compelled to connect with you to engage and learn more about your product? This is exactly what Limecall aims to offer with this feature. This is a great process because you are tapping your leads at the moment they are considering to learn more from you. 

Let’s give you more reasons to invest your attention in Limecall further. 

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Top Reasons Why Limecall Is The Perfect Callback Solution

1. With campaign location, catering to different clients is easier

GEO targeting lets you offer different forms of content or other practices based on the prospect’s location. This is done because it is easier to tap your audience in particular geolocation and ensure that engaging and communicating with them becomes easy.

2. Connect with the right people without remembering contact numbers

With our Click to call feature, the traditional method of dialing a number to reach out to another person is eliminated here. All you need to do is add this feature on your widget which is on your website and calls can be made immediately. This is a convenient and quicker way to engage with your prospects.

3.  Never miss out on leads even after your working hours

Not in office and your lead wishes to connect with you? Never miss out on such leads with the schedule call option. Connecting with such prospects has been made easy with Limecall. With the option of automated dialing, you can now reach out to prospects at specific times.

4. Dashboard access can be provided for multi user accounts

Letting your peers or clients access your Limecall dashboard easily with the sub-account feature where you can create a multi-user account. It becomes easier to share information without any hassles. 

5. Use voice automation to engage better with leads

Voice automation is what your business needs to generate conversations from scratch and conduct efficient customer support via the AI system. Limecall with this method is making use of the simpler platform that can help you to engage with your prospects the ideal way as the market keeps fluctuating.

6. Lead qualification software manages qualified calls better

It is important that your qualified sales calls are managed better so with Limecall’s lead qualifications software, ensuring that all the calls are being sent to the right place, limecall does its job well. With this, your prospects are always in the loop and leads are qualified based on the criteria you choose.

7. Have control of your tasks to perform efficiently

Limecall ensures that all your tasks are completed efficiently and with accuracy which is why a dedicated task management category is created. From viewing and updating task status to assigning tasks to team members, every action is recorded to conduct efficient task actions.

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The Bottom Line…

Brands that have made use of Limecall are knowledgeable of how well their lead generation growth is taking place. Why don’t you too try it out yourself? Let us know how

To get started, you can head here

, September 16, 2020, LimeCall Team

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